Looks Like The Kind Of Relationship That Politicians and Lobbyists Have

Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A. – NYTimes.com

WASHINGTON — Private security guards from Blackwater Worldwide participated in some of the C.I.A.’s most sensitive activities — clandestine raids with agency officers against people suspected of being insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and the transporting of detainees, according to former company employees and intelligence officials.


Several former Blackwater guards said that their involvement in the operations became so routine that the lines supposedly dividing the Central Intelligence Agency, the military and Blackwater became blurred. Instead of simply providing security for C.I.A. officers, they say, Blackwater personnel at times became partners in missions to capture or kill militants in Iraq and Afghanistan, a practice that raises questions about the use of guns for hire on the battlefield.

Is this another attempt to delegitimatize Blackwater yet again, another attempt to conjure up reasons to prosecute CIA as enemies of the State, or is it just another smokescreen to keep from reporting that ACORN has been caught with their pants down again?

Probably some of each. Blackwater staff is mostly retired U.S. Military personnel, including Special Ops people and the NYT editorial board hates military people. They often complain about the close relationship between Blackwater and the CIA on the weekend around the pool at their Hamptons estates.

They also hate the CIA. Not the Valerie Plame, Leon Panetta CIA, but the part that goes out and does the risky business of gathering info and running up covert ops. They have hated Covert Op people since the CIA exploding cigar failed to kill Castro for JFK. (That was before they discovered that Fidel was one on the great humanitarians of the century.)

And they need to come up with stories that take up space and draw attention to the fact that, not only were they caught suppressing the ACORN under-aged illegal immigrant prostitute story, but they are determinedly trying not to report that fact that ACORN illegally dumped the private financial records of thousands of people after being tipped off by the California AG that they were going to be raided the next day.

ACORN is one of the groups that seems to have the same relationship with the Democrat Party that Blackwater has with the CIA.

2009 Corruption Perceptions Index: Who’s Corrupt, and Who’s Not So Corrupt

CPI 2009 Table/2009/cpi/surveys_indices/policy_research

According to the Index, New Zealand and Denmark and numbers 1 and 2 as the least corrupt. followed closely by Singapore and Sweden tied for number 3.

The United States comes in at number 19. We would probably do better except for Congress. But Puerto Rico is counted separately, coming in at number 35.

Russia is tied at number 146, tied with Cameroon, Ecuador, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Timor-Leste, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe? That’s not a neighborhood I would want to be included in.

Brother Hugo’s Venezuela, the lodestone for all American leftists, comes in at number 162.

And the two most corrupt states are… Afghanistan and Somalia.

Remember though, this is just a measure of perception, not an actual measurement of corruption, which would surely be…corrupt.

Most people in Oregon perceive their State government to be be honest. Even though the Governor and most of the legislature are firmly in the pockets of Labor Unions and Lobbyists.

Why I Don’t Bother To Watch ABC News.

I usually limit my TV news intake to local news stations. They cover the news I care about and can usually be trusted to be reasonably accurate. Just as long a the news doesn’t concern Public Employees, Union, Illegal Immigrants or other subjects where reporting is circumscribed  by Political Correctness.

Today I was on the treadmill and my wife had the flipper. She left to do something and I was presented with ABC News and the shocking story of an innocent Muslim who was driven to gun down 13 people at Ft Hood because he thought some of those soldiers should be prosecuted for War Crimes, and they weren’t.

Hasan Wanted Soldiers Prosecuted, Officials Said – ABC News

Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s military superiors repeatedly ignored or rebuffed his efforts to open criminal prosecutions of soldiers he claimed had confessed to “war crimes” during psychiatric counseling, according to investigative reports circulated among federal law enforcement officials.

His supervisor in the Department of Psychiatry, Captain Naomi Surman, told investigators that Hasan raised similar issues with her in conversations in October, according to documents reviewed by ABC News.

Captain Surman told investigators that Hasan had formally contacted military prosecutors to report patients he was evaluating, according to people briefed on the exchange. She said Hasan signed his e-mails with “Praise Be to Allah.” Legal analysts say psychiatrists are strictly bound by the rules of patient confidentiality except in cases where they might become aware of crimes about to be committed.

Captain Surman, who was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan with Hasan on Nov. 2 told investigators that Hasan had both social and academic issues in his medical training. She said that on one occasion, Hasan told her she was an infidel who would be “ripped to shreds” and “burn in hell” because she was not Muslim.

So you see, those shooting were not the fault of one man, it especially not due to his Muslim faith. It was entirely the fault of the Bush War Machine, and the uncaring attitudes of the American Public. And there were no red flags, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing suspicious.

No one could have see this coming.

(ABC did not make that the theme of their story, but it ran right under the surface.)

The only logical explanation, after examining all the availalbe evidence, is that this was a one-of-a-kind incident. Probably brought on by the constant harassment by Dr. Hasan’s colleagues, who insisted on not being Muslim, Carrie Prejean’s videoes, and his mental anguish over the failure of Sarah Pailin to admit her unworthiness for political office and fade away, allowing the News Media to once again turn their attention to the Greatness of Barrack Obama and the earthly paradise that he will lead us too. A future where no one will insult Muslims by not becoming one or refusing to pay the “jizya” of the dhimmi.

NYT Embraces The “Domino Theory.”

South Asia’s Deadly Dominoes – NYTimes.com

WASHINGTON — The Mumbai attacks may have begun with Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistani guerrilla group known in the West mostly for its preoccupation with Kashmir. But by the time the crisis finally ends, foreign policy experts say, the fallout may have expanded to include the United States, NATO, Afghanistan and Iran.

Last time I heard the NYT mention the “domino theory” it was to ridicule anyone that believed in it.

That “domino theory” supposed that if South Vietnam fell to the Communists neighboring countries would follow. But with the fall of South Vietnam only Cambodia and Laos, coincidentally, the only countries that neighbor South Vietnam, fell to the Communists. In Cambodia with disasterous results.

But now, with the attacks in Mumbai, the NYT has discovered a new “domino theory.” One that sees danger to the entire South Asian area from Islamic terrorists. (Though they will not term them as such)

How long do you think it will take for them to realize their error and start backpedalling?

NYT Revises Saddam Death Toll By 90%

35 Iraq Officials Held in Raids on Key Ministry – NYTimes.com

Tens of thousands of Iraqis died or were persecuted, including Mr. Maliki, a Shiite Muslim, by the Baath Party.

Over 300,000 in mass graves from 1991 alone but the NYT thinks only “tens of thousands” were killed by Saddam?

I guess that in order to make President Bush look bad they have to make Saddam look better.

‘Shoedenfreude’ and Shame: Reaction From Around Iraq – Baghdad Bureau Blog – NYTimes.com

‘Shoedenfreude’ and Shame: Reaction From Around Iraq – Baghdad Bureau Blog – NYTimes.com

In Tikrit, journalists demonstrated in support of the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush during a news conference yesterday. And across Iraq, everyone seemed to have an opinion of the flying footwear incident.

Ali Hassan Zweyid, a 30-year-old day laborer, said: “They say that Iraq is a democratic state. Morally speaking, he would have better asking Bush some provocative questions to provoke him and despise him.”

Abu Ali, 48, said: “I congratulate this brave man who expressed the opinion of most of the Iraqis.”

Dhyaa Mahdi Salih, a 56-year-old lawyer, said: “What this brave journalist did is nothing but rejecting the tyrants in our country. And this journalist deserves to have a statue as he was throwing his shoe at the American president.”

Nawal Jaafer, 30, said: “Yes, we all hate America because it destroyed Iraq and distributed sectarianism among its people. I think what al-Zaidi did is a real expression on what’s hidden in the hearts of the Iraqis.”

And so it goes. The NYT actually hit a balance between those who thought the insult was deserved and others that thought that it was a disgrace. None of those quoted expressed the opinion that it was undeserved. They all said that it reflected badly on Iraq because they are a civilized democracy. No mention of how they achieved that status or the part President Bush played in it.

But all the stories I have read missed the point. The point is not that the shoes were thrown, it’s what happened next and how that compares with the past practices in Iraq.

I left the following comment on the NYT story.

I must have missed the part where this journalist was riddled by bullets after having his hands chopped off and watching his wife, daughter and other female relative raped and murdered. I’m sure that he and his extended family, including the children and infants, will be killed and buried in mass graves.

Oh. My bad. That was the good old days of Saddam. I’m sorry. I’m sure that many long for the good old days when an Iraqi could get rid of a rival by whispering to the Secret Police.

But all the people in the world can rest assured that the United States will never again spend our blood and treasure to save you. You’re on your own from now on.

Oh, I’m sure there will be various candlelight vigils, maybe some marches with people waving signs in sympathy with you. After the marches they will go to dinner and then home to sleep the sleep of the righteous knowing that they “care.”

It won’t make any difference. You and your family will still be starved, beaten and murdered. But you can watch your children die knowing that the Americans will show enough forebearance not to interfere. But they “care.”

Freedom Reigns In Baghdad!

In a real world demonstration of how successful the U.S. has been at building the foundation of freedom in Iraq, a Man threw his shoes at President Bush and was not immediatedly riddled by bullets or had his hands chopped off.

President Bush took no action at all against him. President Bush’s host, Prime Minister Malaki did have the man arrested but there has been no report of his family being imprisoned, his wife and daughters raped, or executions of any kind.

This is in stark contrast to the previous regime in Iraq and most of the governments in the area.

Truth Is No Defense Against The New York Times.

“All the news that’s fit to print.’ I guess mottoes hang on long after the truth of them has faded into distant memory.

You don’t expect the NYT to do any favors for people that embarrassed them. But you would think they would either stick to the truth or at least not revisit the embarrassment

But they choose to revisit the Plame/Wilson affair in a movie review. But they had to genuflect at one of the stations of the Liberal canon.

Film – ‘Nothing but the Truth’ – Fictional Reporter in Real-Life Mess – NYTimes.com

ROD LURIE knew from the start that his new film, about a newspaper reporter who goes to jail to protect a source, might be a tough sell in an age in which the press is held in widespread and casual disdain. But it took a throttling from a fellow director, Oliver Stone, to really drive the point home.

Mr. Stone was working with Josh Brolin on a California soundstage this spring, testing the makeup Mr. Brolin would use to portray President Bush in “W.” Mr. Lurie was nearby, reshooting a scene in “Nothing but the Truth,” which stars Kate Beckinsale and will remind some viewers of the real-life travails of Judith Miller, the former reporter for The New York Times who spent 85 days in jail in 2005.

Mr. Stone spotted Mr. Lurie and stormed over. “He puts his beefy fingers around my neck,” Mr. Lurie recalled, “and said, ‘Don’t turn Judy Miller into a hero.’ ”

It was at that moment, Mr. Lurie said, that he realized just how tough it would be to separate his film from its real-life roots.
Hostility among media critics toward Ms. Miller’s Iraq reporting spilled over into skepticism about her motives in another matter, her protection of the source who told her that Valerie Wilson (often referred to by her maiden name, Valerie Plame) was an undercover operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. It surfaced yet again when the source, I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, told her she was free to talk, effectively freeing her from the jail where she had spent almost three months after a federal judge held her in contempt of court.

Actually the person that ‘outed’ le femme Valerie was Richard Armitage, one of Colin Powell’s assistants at State.

But there was an independent counsel, and by golly, if there’s a counsel, there had better be a prosecution.

Scooter Libby was never convicted of leaking her name, he was never charged with leaking her name. Libby ran into that prosecutor’s trick of charging someone for perjury when their memory of events differs from other witnesses.

As for Plame’s status as an “undercover” operative, she wasn’t working as an undercover agent, hadn’t worked as an undercover agent in quite a while and was not considered someone who would be sent to work undercover in the future.

When the question of the “sixteen words” in President Bush’s State of the Union address came up, she did suggest her husband for the job. Somehow that phrase “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa” morphed into Saddam Hussein has recently received yellowcake uranium from Niger. Someone is going to have to walking me through the transition of that phrase someday.

When her husband returned he submitted a verbal report saying that he found that the story was most likely true.

Wilson’s report bolstered suspicions that Iraq was indeed seeking uranium in Africa. The Senate report cited an intelligence officer who reviewed Wilson’s report upon his return from Niger:

Committee Report: He (the intelligence officer) said he judged that the most important fact in the report was that the Nigerian officials admitted that the Iraqi delegation had traveled there in 1999, and that the Nigerian Prime Minister believed the Iraqis were interested in purchasing uranium, because this provided some confirmation of foreign government service reporting.

I don’t doubt for a minute that Libby and probably others in the Bush administration did leak the fact that Wilson’s husband worked at the CIA. Politics ain’t beanball. Ask anyone who got sideways with the Clinton administration during the 1990s.

Liberals can’t stand to look the fool. So they will go to any lengths to destroy anyone who allows people to see they are. Even years later and even if they have to ignore facts.


On the KGW Channel 8 in Portland’s website there is a comment who recently started showing up in the comments section to various news stories. He is very good.

He writes in the style of the extreme left commenter but if you read his comments closely they resemble Frank J’s “In My World” series which is one of the great satirical series of the Internet.

For example, here is the comment he left on a story regarding the protests againsst Prop 8 in Portland.

Once again this site is overloaded with the Reich-Wing hate from the Judaic/Christian playbook sponsored by the RepubliKKKan monsters who were thankfully cashiered by the enlightened electorate on November 4th.

But then the joyous celebration stopped.

With the exception of Massachusetts and Connecticut, the rest of the country continues to elect the right people, but then does a 180 degree turn and rolls back the clock to the dark days of Jim Crow, Poll taxes, separate toilets and water fountains, and jingoistic patriotic Irving Berlin songs.

What will it take for these homophobic parasites to realize that marriage, as well as morality, is an individual choice fully recognized in our once beloved Constitution?

Only when we can stand proudly before the bar of United Nations approval,and realize that the institution of marriage,like every other racist and deluded idea held so highly by the Neo-Cons who regulate Christianity,is meant to be defined and shared among any person or group that wishes to partake,

If a transgendered person wants to marry him/herself- then who are these brutal Bush/Reagan plutocrats who dare attempt to force their bestial pious will on such a lovely person?

If three, four or eleven people regardless of sexual orientation, want to collectively marry each other, then the Newt Gingrich/Sean Hannity warped view of monogamy must stand aside and make room for the peaceful and beautiful future designed to be shared under the large and colorful rainbow tent of tolerance and diversity.

As I previously stated in other similar posts on this subject, the Courts of California once addressed this travesty by invalidating the RepubliKKKan forced ballot of 2000 where these myopic, merciless and bigoted citizens shamelessly voted 3-1 to cruelly define marriage as between one man and one woman.

I personally would think that such archaic and totalitarian ideas would have disappeared from our culture at the same time that JFK freed the slaves.

Now, covering itself again with disgrace, California, like their progressive brothers and sisters in Florida, pulled the lever once again to ban gay marriage and totally overturn what the Courts had once deemed unconstitutional.

Are we somehow to think that because the majority of voters choose something as immoral as banning gay marriage,that our courts are now rendered prostate and impotent?

It is the duty of the courts to legislate from the bench when the majority has clearly taken a pigheaded path that the members of the minority community don’t agree.

I can only continue to offer my daily chants to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his retreat in far away Dharamsala, that he will provide the wisdom to President Obama to issue an Executive Order on January 20, 2009 which immediately terminates these notorious and discriminatory ballot measure such as we saw with California’s Measure 8.

What is really hilarious is how many other commenters take him at face value. It’s hard to satirze a bunch of nuts.

Here’s a link to his comments. I think Frank J ought to get him to write a column.

I Guess They’ll Believe Anything

A Gen X response to Barack Obama | Salon Life

Al Gore had the election stolen right out of his hands in Florida, and then the twin towers collapsed before our eyes.

Someone said that the danger isn’t people that don’t beleive anything; it’s people that will believe anything.

About two-thirds through this somewhat juvenile paean to Obama are two of the most egregious examples of misconstrued reality that have become common in the last eight years.

Gore did not win the election, George W. Bush did.

 Bush won under the rules in effect at the time of the election. Gore (who had already conceded then retracted his concession) parachuted hoards of lawyers into Florida and started a campaign to delegitimize ballots of people who had voted for anyone other than Gore. His team did not follow the already-in-effect rules which would have triggered a state-wide recount. His team demanded that the only ballots from Democrat heavy areas be recounted and that any ruined or unclear ballots be counted for Gore. His lawyers also did their best to find technicalities to disqualify ballots from the military. (Still a sore point with many veterans.)

The Gore campaign got a judgement from the Florida Supreme Court that would have given them everything they wanted. At this point the Bush lawyers appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. So much for the myth of Bush stealing the election in the courts. All he did was prevent Gore lawyers from counting and recounting until they came up with a number they liked. They were more successful at this in Washington State.

The Supremes decided seven to two that the Florida Supreme Court’s decision what a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. They decided 5-4 that no fair alternative method of counting the vote was possible under the statutory time limits. The time limits were one of the laws that Gore wanted set aside so they could count until they won.

If Gore has not thrown everything into the courts there would have been the statewide recount that was provided for in the election laws in force at the time of the election. A later recount funded by news agencies found that Bush had in fact won.

So much for “stolen.”

The second is even more egregious. I understand that most of the Gen-Xers were small children in 2001. But Geez! “the collapse of the Twin Towers?”

I think there was a little more to that than a collapse of a couple of buildings. There was something about airplanes and hijackers and “Allah Akbar!.” OK they were young then, but they’re not now. Why act like the attack on the WTC was just some kind of tragedy like a storm or not getting tickets to the latest grunge band concert?

Since the 2000 election there has been a marked slant in the news coverage about the Bush administration. They have been presented in the worst possible way at every chance. The only time it died down was just after 9/11 when people were thanking their lucky stars that Al Gore was not President.

That was a temporary thing. The propaganda war against Bush reignited as soon as enough time had passed to allow them to safely come out of hiding. It took a long time, and admittedly Bush did some things which should be held against him. Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantomano are not among them. Unless you think that the correct response to an attack like that is to go out and hold candles in dixie cups while weeping.

Both the boomers and the GenXers need to get over themselves.