When The Nanny State Is Just Not Big Enough!

H.R. 4601: To amend the Public Health Service Act to establish the Office of the National Nurse (GovTrack.us)

Text is not available, but this just sounds like a pretty bad idea. I know there is a nurse shortage, but I doubt whether a Federal bureaucracy is going to take care of that.

It just seem to Nanny Stateish  to me.

Unless, of course, they’re going to be ‘naughty’ nurses. In that case I’m for it.

Control The Texts, Control The Learning.

What a great idea from David Wu (D-Authoritarian) Eliminate the jobs in the textbook publishing field; and insure government control of the information in the text. It’s a win-win for Democrats. Allow politically connected ‘non-profits’ to insure the right ideas are included; achieve absolute conformity of thought and eliminate jobs in the private sector. (I’m sure that some of the workers will make the transition to government bureaucrat.)

To authorize grants for the creation, update, or adaption of open textbooks, and for other purposes

(a) Grants Authorized- From the amounts appropriated under subsection (i), the Secretary is authorized to award grants, on a competitive basis, to eligible entities to carry out the activities described in this section, including creating, updating, or adapting open textbooks. The Secretary shall award grants in a manner that will result in the creation of a comprehensive slate of high quality course materials for introductory courses in a variety of subject areas.

(b) Eligible Entity- In this section, the term ‘eligible entity’ means–

(1) an institution of higher education;

(2) a professor or group of professors at an institution of higher education; or

(3) a nonprofit or for-profit organization that produces open textbooks.

Oh Boy!

Just what we need! Textbooks controlled by the government.

What will be included? What will be left out?

One thing is for sure; anything that support “Global Warming” will be in ‘inconvenient’ information will be out. Politically correct ‘information’ will be in.

And it will all be decided by those friendly bureaucrats in Washington DC; with the input from politically connected ‘non-profits’ like ACORN.

Control the texts, impose conformity and control is easy.

Quotas In The Name of “Diversity”?

Conyers wants Haiti relief official demoted over diversity deficit – TheHill.com

Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) has called on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to demote the official coordinating Haiti relief efforts for not having enough minority staffers.

As if we needed any reminder that Conyers (and the rest of the CBC) are nothing but race pimps.

Let’s see what Hillary does.

America’s Softer Foreign Policy Pays Off

China’s strident tone raises concerns among Western governments, analysts – washingtonpost.com

China’s indignant reaction to the announcement of U.S. plans to sell weapons to Taiwan appears to be in keeping with a new triumphalist attitude from Beijing that is worrying governments and analysts across the globe.

China has found that there’s no down side to ignoring America.

Obama’s new, less bellicose foreign policy has let China and others know that the worst they can expect from the United States when they misbehave is a diplomatic protest backed up by…another diplomatic protest.

The world is like Kindergarten, without the teacher. The bigger kids grab what they want and if other big kids don’t stop them, they grab more.

The U.S. has announced that they will no longer try to be the biggest kid in the playpen. But there’s always got to be someone that is dominant, and the Chinese think that it should be them.

Who’s going to tell them different? Hillary?

You Knew This Was Coming. Didn’t You?

CNSNews.com – Charges Against Gitmo Terror Suspect Should Be Thrown Out, Lawyer Argues

New York (AP) – A lawyer asked a judge Monday to toss out charges against the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be brought to civilian courts, saying he was tortured for 14 hours over five days and denied trial for nearly five years.

Attorney Peter Enrique Quijano told U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan that Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani’s right to a speedy trial was violated when he was sent after his July 2004 arrest to a secret CIA-run interrogation camp abroad rather than to the U.S. for a civilian trial.

Next Up; The Human Side of Heinrich Himmler.

Documentary peeks at Fidel Castro’s human side

A longtime island resident married to a Cuban, Bravo made the 91-minute-long, sympathetic documentary “Fidel: The Untold Story” in 2001. For that film, she interviewed Hollywood stars, American authors and political leaders who had met Castro, as well as Cuban government and military leaders and those who knew Castro as a child.

Why I Don’t Bother To Watch ABC News.

I usually limit my TV news intake to local news stations. They cover the news I care about and can usually be trusted to be reasonably accurate. Just as long a the news doesn’t concern Public Employees, Union, Illegal Immigrants or other subjects where reporting is circumscribed  by Political Correctness.

Today I was on the treadmill and my wife had the flipper. She left to do something and I was presented with ABC News and the shocking story of an innocent Muslim who was driven to gun down 13 people at Ft Hood because he thought some of those soldiers should be prosecuted for War Crimes, and they weren’t.

Hasan Wanted Soldiers Prosecuted, Officials Said – ABC News

Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s military superiors repeatedly ignored or rebuffed his efforts to open criminal prosecutions of soldiers he claimed had confessed to “war crimes” during psychiatric counseling, according to investigative reports circulated among federal law enforcement officials.

His supervisor in the Department of Psychiatry, Captain Naomi Surman, told investigators that Hasan raised similar issues with her in conversations in October, according to documents reviewed by ABC News.

Captain Surman told investigators that Hasan had formally contacted military prosecutors to report patients he was evaluating, according to people briefed on the exchange. She said Hasan signed his e-mails with “Praise Be to Allah.” Legal analysts say psychiatrists are strictly bound by the rules of patient confidentiality except in cases where they might become aware of crimes about to be committed.

Captain Surman, who was scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan with Hasan on Nov. 2 told investigators that Hasan had both social and academic issues in his medical training. She said that on one occasion, Hasan told her she was an infidel who would be “ripped to shreds” and “burn in hell” because she was not Muslim.

So you see, those shooting were not the fault of one man, it especially not due to his Muslim faith. It was entirely the fault of the Bush War Machine, and the uncaring attitudes of the American Public. And there were no red flags, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing suspicious.

No one could have see this coming.

(ABC did not make that the theme of their story, but it ran right under the surface.)

The only logical explanation, after examining all the availalbe evidence, is that this was a one-of-a-kind incident. Probably brought on by the constant harassment by Dr. Hasan’s colleagues, who insisted on not being Muslim, Carrie Prejean’s videoes, and his mental anguish over the failure of Sarah Pailin to admit her unworthiness for political office and fade away, allowing the News Media to once again turn their attention to the Greatness of Barrack Obama and the earthly paradise that he will lead us too. A future where no one will insult Muslims by not becoming one or refusing to pay the “jizya” of the dhimmi.