You Knew This Was Coming. Didn’t You? – Charges Against Gitmo Terror Suspect Should Be Thrown Out, Lawyer Argues

New York (AP) – A lawyer asked a judge Monday to toss out charges against the first Guantanamo Bay detainee to be brought to civilian courts, saying he was tortured for 14 hours over five days and denied trial for nearly five years.

Attorney Peter Enrique Quijano told U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan that Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani’s right to a speedy trial was violated when he was sent after his July 2004 arrest to a secret CIA-run interrogation camp abroad rather than to the U.S. for a civilian trial.

“Clueless” Describes Our Entire Intelligence Apparatus.

RealClearPolitics – Video – Napolitano Most Surprised By “Determination Of al-Qaeda”

Question: What was the most shocking, stunning thing that you found out of the review? And, Secretary, to you, as well.SECRETARY NAPOLITANO: I think, following up on that, not just the determination of al Qaeda and al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula, but the tactic of using an individual to foment an attack, as opposed to a large conspiracy or a multi-person conspiracy such as we saw in 9/11, that is something that affects intelligence.

You mean that the tactic of the “suicide bomber” surprised them?

I guess that’s not too surpising when you consider that our inteeligence agencies were taken by surprise by the the Iranian Revolution, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of Hugo Chavez, pretty much anything the North Koreans do, the first WTC bombing, the embassy bombings, the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, 9/11, the lack of WMD in Iraq, the Iraqi resistance,…..pretty much any important development in the world in the past 50 years.

So, they didn’t see this coming? It probably would have been more surprising if they had.

Isn’t That What They Said After 911?

Levin: May be more troubling emails from Hasan

Sen. Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said it appears there was enough information available to law enforcement, the military and intelligence agencies to raise alarm bells about Hasan but no one connected the dots.“Had it been gathered on one desk, someone might have said ‘Nidal Malik Hasan is dangerous,'” Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, told reporters after the briefing.

That resulted in the Patriot Act, which Democrats have been working to weaken ever since.

I have always wondered what the Liberal would say after the next terrorist attack. I guess we’re going to find out.

Iowahawk Gathers The (Barely) Rejected Stories About The Ft Hood Shootings

Big Hollywood Headline Roundup: Troubled American Psychiatrist Allegedly Turns Gun on Warmongers at Ft. Hood

Iowahawk had gathered the first submissions of various newspaper stories in different markets. Most were heavily changed before publication, others not so much.

As usual, Iowahawk provides the answers to questions we never asked, but wish we had.

(Danger! Satire being used on site. May be harmful to those who take themselves much too seriously)

Never Forget?

Betraying our dead

We’ve dishonored our dead and whitewashed our enemies. A distinctly unholy alliance between fanatical Islamists abroad and a politically correct “elite” in the US has reduced 9/11 to the status of a non-event, a day for politicians to preen about how little they’ve done.

We’ve forgotten the shock and the patriotic fury Americans felt on that bright September morning eight years ago. We’ve forgotten our identification with fellow citizens leaping from doomed skyscrapers. We’ve forgotten the courage of airline passengers who would not surrender to terror.

We’ve forgotten the men and women who burned to death or suffocated in the Pentagon. We’ve forgotten our promises, our vows, our commitments.

We’ve forgotten what we owe our dead and what we owe our children. We’ve even forgotten who attacked us.

We have betrayed the memory of our dead. In doing so, we betrayed ourselves and our country. Our troops continue to fight — when they’re allowed to do so — but our politicians have surrendered.

Are we willing to let the terrorists win?

Ralph Peters looks at how we have wiped 911 from our memories. We have posters, plaques, pictures and bumperstickers recalling 911 but our attitudes are back to Sep 10.

We now apologize for our actions since 911 and the government is actually planning to investigate and prosecute those who worked on the sharp end of preventing another attack.

How Will They Handle This Without Admiting That Bush Was Right?

U.S. May Revive Guantánamo Military Courts –

[I]n recent days a variety of officials involved in the deliberations say that after administration lawyers examined many of the cases, the mood shifted toward using military commissions to prosecute some detainees, perhaps including those charged with coordinating the Sept. 11 attacks.

“The more they look at it,” said one official, “the more commissions don’t look as bad as they did on Jan. 20.”

No doubt they will spin it as a difficult choice forced on them by Bush’s mishandling of the orignal prosecutions. And the media will accept that.

This REALLY Pisses Me Off

Wikileaks Posts Secret Bomb-Stopper Report

Wikileaks posted documents telling how some of the technology of the bomb disrupting units work. Wikileaks refers to the leaker as a “whistleblower”. He’s not a ‘whistleblower.”

Whistleblowers don’t leak information that will get soldiers and civilians killed.

What this guy is, is a puffed up self-important narcissist that wants everyone to know how smart and caring he is without facing any consequences for his actions. That’s not the action of someone who is doing something they’re proud of. It’s someone who is doing something that he thinks will impress someone. Usually a stripper at the local dive.

He has decided for himself to give out information that will result in deaths. There are a lot of people in the comments making excuses for him and what he did. They say that the technology used in those devices was outdated. But do you know what happens to outdated technology? It’s not sold on e-bay. It’s sold to our allies.

They use it to protect their troops and places where civilians gather, like schools and markets. So he just made it easier to blow up civilians in places like India, Pakistan or Southern Thailand.

So this terrorist accomplice has given out the way to make blowing up civilians easier. Maybe that will impress his stripper girlfriend as much as his twenty for the lapdance. But I doubt it.

He’s probably not bothered at all by the thought. All those people have dark skin and if there’s something American liberals care less about than dark skinned civilians I haven’t found it yet. He probably gets off on the thought of decapitated and maimed dark skinned children.

He’s not a hero, he’s a goat, and the sooner that the military hunt him down and charge him with every crime they can make fit, the better. I always feel better when the no balls, inflated egoes go down. They always whine so well.

But if he is proud of what he has done he will come out of the shadows. He will stand up and let everyone know how right he was to make the decision to give terrorists the means to kill more people.

But he won’t. Because he hasn’t got the guts and never will. And if they do locate him and put him on trial they ought to release the true names of all those who are supporting him. Just so we know who not to associate with.

You Know This Is Going To Be Blamed On The 911 Dispatcher, Don’t You?

SoCal Woman Stuck on Tracks Called 911 Before Death – NBCBAYAREA-

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A Lake Forest woman who died from injuries suffered when her car was struck by a freight train in Anaheim dialed 911 to report her predicament and was being urged by a dispatcher to get out of the car when the phone went dead, police said Tuesday.

Linda Kruger-Small, 68, was in a 2005 Honda Civic that got stuck on Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks just south of Lakeview Street and Orangethorpe Avenue Monday. The car was struck by a freight train traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez said police received a 911 call from a woman asking for help because she was stuck on railroad tracks.

A dispatcher who was advising her to get out of the car was able to hear a man trying to help the woman — but then the line went dead, Martinez said.

Because 911 always saves people on TV?


On the KGW Channel 8 in Portland’s website there is a comment who recently started showing up in the comments section to various news stories. He is very good.

He writes in the style of the extreme left commenter but if you read his comments closely they resemble Frank J’s “In My World” series which is one of the great satirical series of the Internet.

For example, here is the comment he left on a story regarding the protests againsst Prop 8 in Portland.

Once again this site is overloaded with the Reich-Wing hate from the Judaic/Christian playbook sponsored by the RepubliKKKan monsters who were thankfully cashiered by the enlightened electorate on November 4th.

But then the joyous celebration stopped.

With the exception of Massachusetts and Connecticut, the rest of the country continues to elect the right people, but then does a 180 degree turn and rolls back the clock to the dark days of Jim Crow, Poll taxes, separate toilets and water fountains, and jingoistic patriotic Irving Berlin songs.

What will it take for these homophobic parasites to realize that marriage, as well as morality, is an individual choice fully recognized in our once beloved Constitution?

Only when we can stand proudly before the bar of United Nations approval,and realize that the institution of marriage,like every other racist and deluded idea held so highly by the Neo-Cons who regulate Christianity,is meant to be defined and shared among any person or group that wishes to partake,

If a transgendered person wants to marry him/herself- then who are these brutal Bush/Reagan plutocrats who dare attempt to force their bestial pious will on such a lovely person?

If three, four or eleven people regardless of sexual orientation, want to collectively marry each other, then the Newt Gingrich/Sean Hannity warped view of monogamy must stand aside and make room for the peaceful and beautiful future designed to be shared under the large and colorful rainbow tent of tolerance and diversity.

As I previously stated in other similar posts on this subject, the Courts of California once addressed this travesty by invalidating the RepubliKKKan forced ballot of 2000 where these myopic, merciless and bigoted citizens shamelessly voted 3-1 to cruelly define marriage as between one man and one woman.

I personally would think that such archaic and totalitarian ideas would have disappeared from our culture at the same time that JFK freed the slaves.

Now, covering itself again with disgrace, California, like their progressive brothers and sisters in Florida, pulled the lever once again to ban gay marriage and totally overturn what the Courts had once deemed unconstitutional.

Are we somehow to think that because the majority of voters choose something as immoral as banning gay marriage,that our courts are now rendered prostate and impotent?

It is the duty of the courts to legislate from the bench when the majority has clearly taken a pigheaded path that the members of the minority community don’t agree.

I can only continue to offer my daily chants to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his retreat in far away Dharamsala, that he will provide the wisdom to President Obama to issue an Executive Order on January 20, 2009 which immediately terminates these notorious and discriminatory ballot measure such as we saw with California’s Measure 8.

What is really hilarious is how many other commenters take him at face value. It’s hard to satirze a bunch of nuts.

Here’s a link to his comments. I think Frank J ought to get him to write a column.

I Guess They’ll Believe Anything

A Gen X response to Barack Obama | Salon Life

Al Gore had the election stolen right out of his hands in Florida, and then the twin towers collapsed before our eyes.

Someone said that the danger isn’t people that don’t beleive anything; it’s people that will believe anything.

About two-thirds through this somewhat juvenile paean to Obama are two of the most egregious examples of misconstrued reality that have become common in the last eight years.

Gore did not win the election, George W. Bush did.

 Bush won under the rules in effect at the time of the election. Gore (who had already conceded then retracted his concession) parachuted hoards of lawyers into Florida and started a campaign to delegitimize ballots of people who had voted for anyone other than Gore. His team did not follow the already-in-effect rules which would have triggered a state-wide recount. His team demanded that the only ballots from Democrat heavy areas be recounted and that any ruined or unclear ballots be counted for Gore. His lawyers also did their best to find technicalities to disqualify ballots from the military. (Still a sore point with many veterans.)

The Gore campaign got a judgement from the Florida Supreme Court that would have given them everything they wanted. At this point the Bush lawyers appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. So much for the myth of Bush stealing the election in the courts. All he did was prevent Gore lawyers from counting and recounting until they came up with a number they liked. They were more successful at this in Washington State.

The Supremes decided seven to two that the Florida Supreme Court’s decision what a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. They decided 5-4 that no fair alternative method of counting the vote was possible under the statutory time limits. The time limits were one of the laws that Gore wanted set aside so they could count until they won.

If Gore has not thrown everything into the courts there would have been the statewide recount that was provided for in the election laws in force at the time of the election. A later recount funded by news agencies found that Bush had in fact won.

So much for “stolen.”

The second is even more egregious. I understand that most of the Gen-Xers were small children in 2001. But Geez! “the collapse of the Twin Towers?”

I think there was a little more to that than a collapse of a couple of buildings. There was something about airplanes and hijackers and “Allah Akbar!.” OK they were young then, but they’re not now. Why act like the attack on the WTC was just some kind of tragedy like a storm or not getting tickets to the latest grunge band concert?

Since the 2000 election there has been a marked slant in the news coverage about the Bush administration. They have been presented in the worst possible way at every chance. The only time it died down was just after 9/11 when people were thanking their lucky stars that Al Gore was not President.

That was a temporary thing. The propaganda war against Bush reignited as soon as enough time had passed to allow them to safely come out of hiding. It took a long time, and admittedly Bush did some things which should be held against him. Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantomano are not among them. Unless you think that the correct response to an attack like that is to go out and hold candles in dixie cups while weeping.

Both the boomers and the GenXers need to get over themselves.