See Where The Big Money Goes.

OpenSecrets | Investment Manager Stanford Was Big-Time Campaign Contributor – Capital Eye

Money manager Robert Allen Stanford now has two things in common with embattled investment manager Bernard Madoff: both have come under scrutiny for allegedly defrauding their investors, and both have given significant funds to politicians. The Securities and Exchange Commission today accused Stanford, chief of Stanford Financial Group, of “fraud in the sale of about $8 billion of high-yielding certificates of deposit held in the firm’s bank in Antigua,” according to the New York Times.

Between its PAC and its employees, Stanford Financial Group has given $2.4 million to federal candidates (including both candidate committees and leadership PACs), parties and committees since 2000, with 65 percent of that going to Democrats. Stanford and his wife, Susan, have given $931,100 out of their own pockets, with 78 percent going to Democrats. The top recipients of cash in the current Congress include Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), who received $45,900; Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), who collected $41,375; and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who brought in $28,150. (For a full list of recipients, see below.) The company gave the most during the 2002 election cycle, when Congress was debating the Financial Services Antifraud Network Act, a bill that would have created a computer network linking the databases of state and federal banking, securities and insurance regulators to curb financial fraud. Lobbying reports indicate that Stanford Financial Group lobbied on the bill, which the House passed but the Senate did not. Nelson was vice chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee during the ’02 cycle, when the DSCC collected more than $800,000 from the company. (UPDATE 2/18/09: A spokesman for Nelson pointed out to Capital Eye that Nelson was not a member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, where the antifraud act appears to have stalled in 2001. Nelson’s spokesman said the senator supported the bill, which Stanford presumably opposed.)

The entire list is at the link. The list of recipients in the article stopped just short of Senator Chris Dodd, who has been a member of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee for 26 years and is now its Chairman.

I guess he has been connected with too much of the problems in the financial industry to warrant a mention. He received $1000 less than Senator John McCain, the Democrats favorite Republican.


On the KGW Channel 8 in Portland’s website there is a comment who recently started showing up in the comments section to various news stories. He is very good.

He writes in the style of the extreme left commenter but if you read his comments closely they resemble Frank J’s “In My World” series which is one of the great satirical series of the Internet.

For example, here is the comment he left on a story regarding the protests againsst Prop 8 in Portland.

Once again this site is overloaded with the Reich-Wing hate from the Judaic/Christian playbook sponsored by the RepubliKKKan monsters who were thankfully cashiered by the enlightened electorate on November 4th.

But then the joyous celebration stopped.

With the exception of Massachusetts and Connecticut, the rest of the country continues to elect the right people, but then does a 180 degree turn and rolls back the clock to the dark days of Jim Crow, Poll taxes, separate toilets and water fountains, and jingoistic patriotic Irving Berlin songs.

What will it take for these homophobic parasites to realize that marriage, as well as morality, is an individual choice fully recognized in our once beloved Constitution?

Only when we can stand proudly before the bar of United Nations approval,and realize that the institution of marriage,like every other racist and deluded idea held so highly by the Neo-Cons who regulate Christianity,is meant to be defined and shared among any person or group that wishes to partake,

If a transgendered person wants to marry him/herself- then who are these brutal Bush/Reagan plutocrats who dare attempt to force their bestial pious will on such a lovely person?

If three, four or eleven people regardless of sexual orientation, want to collectively marry each other, then the Newt Gingrich/Sean Hannity warped view of monogamy must stand aside and make room for the peaceful and beautiful future designed to be shared under the large and colorful rainbow tent of tolerance and diversity.

As I previously stated in other similar posts on this subject, the Courts of California once addressed this travesty by invalidating the RepubliKKKan forced ballot of 2000 where these myopic, merciless and bigoted citizens shamelessly voted 3-1 to cruelly define marriage as between one man and one woman.

I personally would think that such archaic and totalitarian ideas would have disappeared from our culture at the same time that JFK freed the slaves.

Now, covering itself again with disgrace, California, like their progressive brothers and sisters in Florida, pulled the lever once again to ban gay marriage and totally overturn what the Courts had once deemed unconstitutional.

Are we somehow to think that because the majority of voters choose something as immoral as banning gay marriage,that our courts are now rendered prostate and impotent?

It is the duty of the courts to legislate from the bench when the majority has clearly taken a pigheaded path that the members of the minority community don’t agree.

I can only continue to offer my daily chants to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his retreat in far away Dharamsala, that he will provide the wisdom to President Obama to issue an Executive Order on January 20, 2009 which immediately terminates these notorious and discriminatory ballot measure such as we saw with California’s Measure 8.

What is really hilarious is how many other commenters take him at face value. It’s hard to satirze a bunch of nuts.

Here’s a link to his comments. I think Frank J ought to get him to write a column.

How Do You Determine If Untracable Credit Card Donations Are Legal?

Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations

Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is allowing donors to use largely untraceable prepaid credit cards that could potentially be used to evade limits on how much an individual is legally allowed to give or to mask a contributor’s identity, campaign officials confirmed.

Faced with a huge influx of donations over the Internet, the campaign has also chosen not to use basic security measures to prevent potentially illegal or anonymous contributions from flowing into its accounts, aides acknowledged. Instead, the campaign is scrutinizing its books for improper donations after the money has been deposited.

This doesn’t make sense to me.

If you disable the security on your credit card operations. How exactly do you determine later whether or not someone using an untraceable credit card and possibly a false name, is a legal donor? They say they’re examining the books, but what are the books going to tell them if the info is false?

And what is going to happen to the money that they can’t return because they don’t know who donated it?

Do you thing anyone’s going to ask those questions?

Me neither.

It’s Sewed Up For McCain


WASHINGTON, DC – In a shocking reversal with major implications for the U.S. presidential election, political kingmaker, the Alien has switched his endorsement from Barack Obama to John McCain amid furor. Both political camps are buzzing about the implications, as the Alien has correctly predicted the winning president in every election for the past 28 years.

Sorry Obama, Acorn can’t help you here.

I Would Not Be Surprised To Find Out This Is A Hoax. (Update: Yep)

Woman Attacked, Letter Scratched Into Her Face

I’m a McCain supporter but this story is just a little thin. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen, but I would not be at all surprised to learn that this is a hoax.

More: Man scratched ‘B’ into McCain worker’s face – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Police planned to administer a polygraph test to Ashley Todd, 20, because her statements about the attack conflict with evidence from the Citizens Bank ATM where she claims the incident occurred, police said.

General News – Police: McCain volunteer made up robbery story

PITTSBURGH — A McCain campaign volunteer made up a story of being robbed, pinned to the ground and having the letter “B” scratched on her face in what she had said was a politically inspired attack, police said Friday.

Letter To The Public Relations Machine Of The Democrat Party

Orson Scott Card: Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?

If you had any personal honor, each reporter and editor would be insisting on telling the truth — even if it hurts the election chances of your favorite candidate.

Because that’s what honorable people do. Honest people tell the truth even when they don’t like the probable consequences. That’s what honesty means . That’s how trust is earned.

Barack Obama is just another politician, and not a very wise one. He has revealed his ignorance and naivete time after time — and you have swept it under the rug, treated it as nothing.

Meanwhile, you have participated in the borking of Sarah Palin, reporting savage attacks on her for the pregnancy of her unmarried daughter — while you ignored the story of John Edwards’s own adultery for many months.

So I ask you now: Do you have any standards at all? Do you even know what honesty means?

Is getting people to vote for Barack Obama so important that you will throw away everything that journalism is supposed to stand for?

You might want to remember the way the National Organization of Women threw away their integrity by supporting Bill Clinton despite his well-known pattern of sexual exploitation of powerless women. Who listens to NOW anymore? We know they stand for nothing; they have no principles.

That’s where you are right now.

It’s not too late. You know that if the situation were reversed, and the truth would damage McCain and help Obama, you would be moving heaven and earth to get the true story out there.

If you want to redeem your honor, you will swallow hard and make a list of all the stories you would print if it were McCain who had been getting money from Fannie Mae, McCain whose campaign had consulted with its discredited former CEO, McCain who had voted against tightening its lending practices.

Then you will print them, even though every one of those true stories will point the finger of blame at the reckless Democratic Party, which put our nation’s prosperity at risk so they could feel good about helping the poor, and lay a fair share of the blame at Obama’s door.

You will also tell the truth about John McCain: that he tried, as a Senator, to do what it took to prevent this crisis. You will tell the truth about President Bush: that his administration tried more than once to get Congress to regulate lending in a responsible way.

This was a Congress-caused crisis, beginning during the Clinton administration, with Democrats leading the way into the crisis and blocking every effort to get out of it in a timely fashion.

If you at our local daily newspaper continue to let Americans believe — and vote as if — President Bush and the Republicans caused the crisis, then you are joining in that lie.

If you do not tell the truth about the Democrats — including Barack Obama — and do so with the same energy you would use if the miscreants were Republicans — then you are not journalists by any standard.

You’re just the public relations machine of the Democratic Party, and it’s time you were all fired and real journalists brought in, so that we can actually have a news paper in our city.

This Would Not Be Allowed At A Public University. Too “Divisive”

Freedom of speech or pizza? Lesson gives students a choice

Free pizza won out over free speech Tuesday afternoon, but lunch in the Republic of Parkland included lessons in the loss of freedoms.

A portion of the Pacific Lutheran University campus called Red Square was taped off for the second annual First Amendment Free Food Festival sponsored by the student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Anyone who wanted a free lunch of pizza and soda could get a passport to visit the Republic of Parkland and eat their fill.

The one catch was that students had to sign away their First Amendment freedoms of speech, assembly, petition and religion. They had to carry a stamped passport and show it any time they were asked.

They’re going to a private university because they don’t want to be treated like that.

Of course, a demonstration like this would never be allowed at a public university. I’m sure that it would have been shut down in the name of “diversity” or something.

Notice that it was the actor playing John McCain that tried to talk about freedom, not someone playing Barack Obama.

What Kind Of Jobs Don’t Depend On Energy?

Clinton’s rejoinder: Jobs, baby, jobs

PHILADELPHIA – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton offered a Democratic rejoinder to the Republican chant of “drill, baby, drill.” Said the one-time presidential candidate: “Jobs, baby, jobs.”

Government patronage jobs.

Those jobs, unlike the ones that the Republicans are talking about, don’t require that you do anything, achieve anything, or, in some cases, even show up.

Where do they think the money for these government “welfare” jobs is going to come from?

It doesn’t matter. To Washington, the deficit and the national debt (different things) are meaningless. Any amount over a trillion (our unfunded Soical Security, Medicare and government pension systems is estimated at 53 Trillion) has no real chance of ever getting paid.

Are some companies too big to fail? Maybe not, but the national debt, the REAL national debt is too big to worry about.

What we really need to worry about is the government printing too much money in order to keep their political promises. That would result in inflation, which would lessen the value of everyone’s money.

But if Hillary really wants to provide jobs to everyone she could just put us all on her household staff. Then we would all have a “living wage” guaranteed housing and medical care.