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BlameBush!: Dec. 10 is National Gay the Day Away Day

Dec. 10 is National Gay the Day Away Day

In an organized protest against California’s Proposition 8 (i.e. The Gay Holocaust), gays and lesbians across the world will walk off their jobs tomorrow. So if you need your hair done or your condo redecorated, do it tonight.

I was planning on taking the day off, too, but my bigot of a boss informed me that since I’m not gay, but merely metrosexual, I would have to come in to work. Suddenly, I know how the Jews in Nazi Germany must have felt.

So to show solidarity with my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, I am refusing to whine, whimper, sashay, simper, nance or prance for the remainder of the week. I’d ask to all to join in, but I’ve vowed not to stage any organized hissy fits, either.

That’ll show those breeding bastards!!

It’s So Because They Said It’s So

It’s really amazing what the MSM can do with very little work.

We’ve been hearing that the passage of Prop 8 in California was due to, not the evil white people, always looking for a way to keep a minority down. But the Black and Hispanic minorities.

It’s the old conundrum. What do you do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant. This is one of those questions that Capt Kirk used to confound world killing robots on Star Trek and probably still has some of our greener citizens sitting in a corner talking to themselves. Or at least, talking to them selves more than normal.

In this case, it is how to absolve the minority of being tarred with helping to defeat a Prop that had the support of all the right liberals? In the case of Hispanics, we just ignore them. There’s a lot of them but the illegals don’t vote in large numbers and the rest do not have a big TV presence.

The Blacks though, are a problem. They are a loyal voting block for the Democrat Party. Lining up faithfully every election day to vote for whichever Democrat promises that they will force the rest of the country to support them as payback for slavery. Slavery is kind of “the gift that keeps on giving.” Nothing that has been done is enough and will never be enough

But it wouldn’t do to have two Democrat interest groups at war with each other. That risks having Democrat politicians having to take sides and you know they will never take sides. Not even between the U.S. and France or anyone else.

So the MSM rides to the rescue. The have a plan to keep both interest groups on the plantation, so to speak.

They will just say it isn’t true. The NYT runs a column by Charles M. Blow that says it isn’t so.

Op-Ed Columnist – Gay Marriage and a Moral Minority –

We now know that blacks probably didn’t tip the balance for Proposition 8. Myth busted. However, the fact remains that a strikingly high percentage of blacks said they voted to ban same-sex marriage in California. Why?

Why indeed. Why would he be able to say such a thing? What does he have to support that contention? He has a link in the original column that leads to;
Eight Is Enough: Comment: The New Yorker

If exit polling is to be believed, seventy per cent of California’s African-American voters did indeed vote yes on Prop. 8, as did upward of eighty per cent of Republicans, conservatives, white evangelicals, and weekly churchgoers. But the initiative would have passed, barely, even if not a single African-American had shown up at the polls.

And how does he know this? He doesn’t say. Maybe he had a source? Maybe he is playing junior statistician? Maybe someone at the NAACP gave him that line, or maybe it was from one of the LGBT groups.

But, by having been printed in the New York Times, it will now become gospel. “The blacks didn’t make a difference in Prop 8” will now be the official line of the MSM and soon, the TV news.

Problem solved.