Government Scientists Falsify Data

The mysterious missing lynx — The Washington Times

This story doesn’t get much play in the ‘mainstream’ press. As far as I know it has not yet been reported by the Portland (OR) Oregonian.

This actually puts into question the entire scientific basis for restrictions during the Clinton administration. What is factual and what is faked? This involved members of 3 different State and Federal agencies. The deception had been detected and dealt with as a minor offense. The people involved were only removed from working on the Lynx program but otherwise unrestricted. I still am unsure of when it happened.

Is this a recent thing or has it been covered up for some time. These restrictions hurt people, real people. The past eight years have shown that there is a lot of political clout to be gained on the backs of the residents of rural areas. They don’t have nearly as many votes as urban areas. Urban residents seem to see rural areas as some type of park for their enjoyment instead of a place where people live and work. Vast areas of the west are now off limits if you are not a yuppie backpacker.

More and more areas are being restricted. Special permits are required in others. If you are elderly or just out of shape, you cannot go to some areas. Motor vehicles are prohibited. Hunting is prohibited. Camping is prohibited. The Forest service will let you know where you are allowed to go and what you are allowed to take.

This is going no where. I’m just blowing off steam.

Weblogs- The new Reformation?

[M]uch of academia and the media throughout the Anglosphere has come to resemble, in a way, the Church in Europe immediately before the Reformation. They have grown intellectually lazy, out of touch with the people they believe they exist to enlighten, and irrelevant to the needs they exist to serve. They have come to see their position, incomes and the respect of the public as entitlements due to them for their virtue, rather than earned by achievement.