How Long Before We Hear About This In The ‘Mainstream’ Press. Like Never, I Think.

DNC chief profited from bankrupt firm

Los Angeles businessman and Democratic donor Gary Winnick gave Mr. McAuliffe in 1997 the early opportunity to invest $100,000 in Mr. Winnick’s new company, Global Crossing. The stock grew in value to $18 million during the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s, and Mr. McAuliffe cashed in his stock. “Two years later, McAuliffe arranged for Winnick to play golf with President Clinton, and Winnick then gave a million dollars to help build Clinton’s presidential library,” writes reporter Richard Blow in the January-February issue of Worth magazine. In the Dec. 12, 1999, New York Times profile, Jeff Gerth reported that Mr. McAuliffe “made millions more trading Global’s stock and options after it went public last year.” Now, Global Crossing shareholders are left with worthless stock.

Waddaya Mean, MY Back Yard?

Fish protection plan spills into city limits

Since the federal government put Portland-area steelhead runs on the endangered species list in 1998, city officials have had widespread support for their efforts to improve conditions for fish. Until now. Now it is the Portland property owners, especially in the swanky West Hills, that are going to have their property rights infringed upon. Needless to say, they are not so supportive of environmental restrictions when it affects them personally.

The Not So Healthy Health Plan

In Salem, the Governor and Legislature are in special session to try to close a $830 million dollar shortfall. In order to help, Governor Kitzhaber is proposing tax increases, the legislature, at least part of it, wants to cut spending. So far, nothing surprising.

The Governor is a Democrat (cheers, applause), with all the free spending ways that go with that and the legislature is controlled by Republicans (boo, hiss). One problem is that the Governor, when he was in the legislature, came up with a little number called the Oregon Health Plan. This nifty program pays for medical care for low income (poor) people by ‘rationing’ care. If you are in the Health Plan you are only authorized procedures which are on the list. The number of things covered on the list was supposed to be more or less depending on the money available. This sounded sensible and compassionate. Who would object? After all, when the money dried up, the number of treatments on the list would be shortened to compensate and poor people would have basic health coverage.

Since the inception of the plan, the list has only gotten longer, not shorter. Now with a budget shortfall the Governor wants to put more people on the health plan. Exactly how this is supposed to help the budget is not clear. In order to help the legislators understand his position, he has fed the story to the newspapers that the Republicans (boo, hiss) have reneged on a promise to expand the program.

Evidently the Governor thinks that his baby ought to have first call on available funds even when there is a shortage. Poor people should not have to sacrifice the coverage they have not been getting in the past when the taxpayers have money left. Just in case you thought that this was another case of the (good guy) Democrat taking money from greedy people (you know, the ones that work) for the good of the virtuous poor and the resistance by those misguided fools that think that people ought to be able to enjoy the money they work for; guess again.

Add to that a report that came out a short time ago that detailed how state workers signed people up for the health plan that were not eligible, and that the state workers knew they were not eligible.The story does not mention any reprimands or whether or not the ineligible people were taken off the program. Wow, Salem, We have a problem.

The story was reported and died quickly. Any ‘legs’ it had were chopped off in Salem. Can’t have inconvenient news stories just wandering around without supervision. I think this could be a partial solution to the budget shortfall. I don’t know how many workers were involved but I do think they should be introduced to how the other half, that is the unemployed half, lives.

When you hand out coverage under state programs to those who don’t qualify, you are stealing. In the private sector, if you hand out the product without
getting the money, it is, and is called, stealing. This is nothing different. They should be fired for cause. That not only would save money on salaries, it
would not increase the burden on the unemployment funds. Then there should be a criminal investigation and charges brought. If for some arcane legalistic
reason criminal charges (which is likely given the way things are done in Salem) are not brought, then the Attorney General should sue them for recovery of whatever state money was spent. If the Attorney General will not (see previous statement), then a group of citizens should get together and do it.

If you want to be compassionate, use your own money. Using mine is theft. So we have the Governor wanting to raise taxes on working people and giving more goodies to non-working people. You have the evil Republicans trying to keep the working people from paying for freeloaders and we have state workers being compassionate with other peoples money.

Is this any way to run a state?.

I Beg Your Pardon.

The City of Portland is considering a new law that would make it illegal to park yourself on a bus stop bench for hours at a time or sit on the sidewalk. This is not in response to lazy commuters or hoards of children clogging the side walks but beggars; or to be more politically correct the ‘homeless’.

The ‘homeless’ spend hours a day, every day, sitting at bus stops or on sidewalks panhandling. The city wants to free up these areas for use by people for the purposes intended. Namely waiting for the bus and walking. Of course, the ‘homeless’ and their enablers are against this law. They cite the freedom of assembly and the unfairness of loitering laws.

They want to continue to congregate at these places because it is profitable. People give them money in some ill considered belief that the people are just ‘down on their luck’. This is not so and has been shown to be false countless times. For the most part the ‘homeless’ are substance abusers. Alcoholics and druggies.Giving them money only pays for their habit. For today.

Tomorrow will find them back at the same place asking for money again. Be that as it may. I do not entirely disapprove of the ‘panhandlers’. First I think they should be referred to by their actual name. That would be ‘Beggars’. That is what they are doing at the bus stops and on the sidewalks. They are asking people to pity them and give them money. They are laying a ‘guilt trip’ on passers by. That they are having success (in laying the guilt trip) is evident from the number of supporters they have. What I would like to see is a little more pride and professionalism.

If you go to third world countries you will see beggars everywhere. No one refers to them as ‘homeless’. They are beggars pure and simple. The best ones have horrible deformities, missing limbs, eyes, hands or open weeping sores. Some others have crippled children or babies with them. (They rent the children and babies by the day. Good income for their parents)

Now look at the ‘homeless’, no deformities;. All limbs still attached. Seem to have all their fingers and toes. Most do not have children, because the authorities would take them. A great number do have dogs. The current thing is
signs that say the lump of human waste on the curb ‘will work for food’. I would think twice about taking these people anywhere around my house to do chores. They are notoriously light-fingered.

Not that you actually have to worry about that. Countless people have made job offers only to hear excuses or outright refusal. Offering to take the person who has ‘run out of gas’ to a gas station and buy them some gas will elicit the same. The City should continue with it’s war against bums. They should quit trying to help people who don’t want help. Maintain the shelters and soup kitchens for those who need it. But insist on standards of conduct. Enforce rules. Kick people out of shelters that will not abide by them. No one ever helped an alcoholic or druggie by ‘helping’ him. They are only helped by facing the cold, cruel world. By discovering that no one will make excuses, cover for them, keep them from living on the street, or take care of them. They must deal with the world. The same world where those of us who get up and go to work when we’d rather stay home live in. If not, at least show a little professionalism. I want to see missing eyes, hands feet, deformities of all kinds. If you want me to pity you, look pitiful. This is the United States. Our beggars should be at least as professional as those in the rest of the world.