LA schools remove vandalized Korans

Reuters Feb. 07, 2002 12:32:00

LOS ANGELES – Some 300 translations of the Koran, donated to Los Angeles schools by a local Muslim foundation to promote religious understanding after Sept. 11, have been removed because of an accompanying anti-Semitic commentary, school board officials said on Thursday.

Let’s see if I have this straight? Anti-Semitic content equals vandalism?

The comments were printed in the Korans by the publishers.

Who Is Clueless?

New York Times reporter Frank Bruni “describes the 43rd President of the United States as affable and good-natured, but shallow and largely clueless about many aspects of the culture of the nation he heads”

Bush viewed the musical “Cats” as modern theater at its finest, Bruni writes, and openly admitted that martial artist Chuck Norris was his favorite film actor. The candidate had never heard of actor Leonardo DiCaprio or television newscaster Stone Phillips–despite the enormous nationwide exposure of both, Bruni writes. Asked about HBO’s smash hit “Sex and the City,” Bush thought it was “an inquiry into his erotic and geographic whereabouts,” Bruni writes.

A Dollar Short

The Detroit Free Press reports on the dispute between Gov. John Engler and Michigan Democrats. “Sen. Alma Wheeler Smith, D-Salem Township, handed out mock $2 bills with Engler’s face in the middle. She said the fake bills represent a budget that’s ‘phony as a $2 bill

No one knows if Mr. Bruni considers Sen Smith shallow and largely clueless

A JSPS Rant That Proves That I am Not As Smart As Most People

While at a local restaurant having breakfast with my wife this past Sunday, I happened to glance out the window at a nearby overpass over Interstate 5. On the overpass there are those cyclone fence barriers to keep people from throwing things onto the freeway. This set me to thinking, (between grunts signifying agreement with my wife’s comments on her trials and travails as a morning manager at McDonald’s), about what the reason was for them (the barriers, not McDonald’s) being there.

I was about nine or 10 when I-5 was built. This is in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, very rural, there were no barriers on the overpasses then, I won’t say no one ever threw stuff off the overpass, because it did happen, and was taken very seriously when it did. But there are now. How did they come to be there?

Somewhere in here is a lesson about the law. There has always been a law against dropping things off of high places and causing harm to people or property. In years past, this was considered sufficient. If you broke the law you were punished. In later years, the powers that be had decided that it was not enough to punish people for breaking the law, it was now their mission to prevent people from breaking the law. That is when the barriers were put up.

The important lesson in this is that the law itself did not prevent people from dropping things off overpasses, but the barriers did. This is something that should be uppermost in a legislator’s mind when proposing or approving new laws. Laws in and of themselves do not prevent anything!!!

This leads to questioning of hate-crime laws, gun control laws, or any of the myriad of new laws and regulation that is debated endlessly in the media. How would these laws prevent these things from happening? There are already laws on the books covering these crimes. It is illegal in every jurisdiction to shoot someone without a damn good reason (like your life is in danger). How many drive-by shootings has this prevented? It is illegal in every jurisdiction to assault someone for any reason other than self defense. How many gay bashings has this law prevented? It is illegal in every jurisdiction to intentionally attempt to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury (Menacing). How many cross burnings has this prevented? The answer is, of course, none. The laws prevent nothing. They prescribe sanctions (fine, imprisonment or execution) for violating their provisions.

So, if laws do not prevent people from violating them, what effect will new ‘hate crime’, anti-gay bashing, anti-racist, laws have? The answer is, none. They only effect they will have is to allow their proponents to feel good about themselves. (Thomas Sowell said it better that I ever could.)

The danger for the rest of us is the ‘Committee for Public Safety” groups that are sure to be formed.

Inappropriate Response

Peace love dove to you too, Star-shine.

Now, could you turn down the volume on “Free Bird”?

Thank you.

A word here. Society really doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your satisfaction or mine one way or the other. What it wants you and me to do is turn the demon spawn our pursuit of satisfaction may produce into reasonably non-criminal members of society.

Due to the dreadful fact that the universe does not exist to make us happy, and that strict fealty to the dictates of desire has a tendency to result in improperly cared for children, society will weigh in against our desires – sometimes with draconian measures, like stoning to death for adultery. I hope that puts things into perspective.

Really, a passionate, right-thinking seeker of satisfaction like Kipnis ought to be able to stare down shaming and insinuations of personal failure with perfect nonchalance.

European Minister Patten lays into Bush’s America

Mr Patten’s broadside came as the French prime minister, Lionel Jospin, warned the US yesterday not to give in to “the strong temptation of unilateralism”.

Like France, Mr Patten singled out Mr Bush’s branding of Iraq, Iran and North Korea as “an axis of evil”.

I wonder if he asked these guys? Oh, Maybe he did.

N. Korea Defectors Claim Aid Sham

The defectors, who now live in South Korea, gave a detailed picture of misery in the North: rivers flowing with the bodies of those who starved to death, labor camps where live burials and flayings are common, an atmosphere of paranoia in which relatives denounce each other to the authorities.

Despite their brutal experiences, the defectors had mixed feelings about President Bush’s appraisal of Pyongyang as forming part of an “axis of evil.”

Mixed feelings about President Bush’s appraisal of Pyongyang as forming part of an “axis of evil.”? They apparently were tortured. They’re not making any sense.