Democrats Want To Save Country From “The Far-Right Agenda”

Democrats see specter of all-GOP government

Gephardt cited a recent Washington Post story which said that Republicans “are so optimistic about winning control of both chambers of Congress in next month’s elections that they have begun mapping how they would use their new power…”
Adding his voice to Gephardt’s, Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut warned that “if both houses of Congress go Republican, there will be no balance left, nothing to protect us from the far-right agenda.”

Bwahaa haa haa! The Far-Right Agenda. That could spell doom for us all! Thousands arrested, Democrats shipped to concentration camps, mass executions of “people of color” and “Peace protestors. Oh, the Humanity!
Oh, Wait. MSNBC has located the Far-Right Agenda and will expose it to all. Take that, Republicans! Your deepest, most secret plots written up on the MSNBC web site for all to see. Ha! No way you’ll win now.

The GOP agenda seems quite small, unless and until Bush and his aides unveil some new ideas after the election. What most congressional Republicans agree on is
Accelerating the phased-in income tax cuts that were OK’d last year. As it now stands, workers won’t get the full benefit of the tax cuts until 2006. Some Republicans want to make those rate cuts fully effective by 2004
. Letting people keep their own money. Is there no perfidies that the Republican won’t stoop to. Letting people keep their money may doom any expansion of the all important research that the government is funding in such critical fields as “The Incidence of Suicide Amongst Infertile Octogenarians” or “Under-aged Teen Girls and the Mollusk”. Even worse, it could result in the people of West Virginia being deprived of another building with Robert Byrd’s name on it. The damage could be incalculable.

Allowing more federal money to go to faith-based social charities, such as storefront missions that minister to homeless people. The House passed such a measure this year, the Senate didn’t.

Ohhh, churches helping people. Ohh bad churches.
Churches think some things are wrong. Worse still, they think they are right. They degrade people by making help dependant on doing things to make yourself a useful member of society. Pretty bad.
They might even convince some people that their religion is worth joining. Still worse, churches do not hire government workers with full benefits that are insured a job no matter what they do. Churches actually fire people for not working. And the Republicans want to approve them to use our money to help people?

Expanding domestic energy supplies by permitting wider oil and gas drilling on federal lands and in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), where the Department of Energy estimates there are crude oil reserves equivalent to approximately 22 months of U.S. imports.

Reducing our dependance on foreigners for the source of our energy needs? What are they thinking. It is much better to cozy up to various crack-brained dictators that use our own energy sources.
Not only that, it would greatly increase the amount of time before we develop usable alternative energy sources such as wind, (No, kills birds and spoils views), tides (not practical for another 20-30 years and would kill fish.)..oh, hydro then? (kills fish), hmm..oh, yes.. Solar…(Are you crazy? Do you want to see all of Arizona covered with solar panels? Think of the turtles.)..oh, then..Nuclear? (Do you want to destroy the entire world? Nuclear is dangerous, some people have died from radiation. Think about the children).
Well it would do bad things then. OK? Just believe me.

For now Bush and his advisors seem to have put on the back burner one contentious issue: allowing younger workers to use some of their payroll taxes to set up personal retirement accounts.

That is the topper, the absolute pits.
Allowing young people to divert part of their Social Security payments into personal funds.
That is not fair. Some could end up with more than others
The money wouldn’t be properly funneled to Democratic supporters.
Private ownership? That would be exactly the wrong way to go.
Don’t you read the papers? Don’t you watch TV?
The stock market tanked! Corporate executive have been found to be dishonest. And you want to entrust them with your retirement?
Better to give it to the government. They won’t spend it on something else. Oh well, maybe they will, but they’ll just take the money from someone else when it comes time to give it to you.
Besides, you’ve never heard of a dishonest politician have you?
Oh, well forget Trafficante and Toricelli, I mean besides that.
I mean lately, within the past week or so.

It Had To Happen.

Clinton Declares Minnesota His Legal Residence

(2002-10-28) — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton today declared that he is now a resident of Minnesota, and is “available for any type of public service the people of this fine state may need, even short-term temp projects.”

From his “home” at the KOA Kampground just off the interstate, Mr. Clinton said nothing in recent events sparked the move.

“I’ve just always admired Minnesota’s fine Public Radio programs and that St. Pauli Girl beer,” said Mr. Clinton. “It just seemed like a good time to move, before the cold weather strikes in my home state of New York.”

Mr. Clinton also mentioned that he was a big fan of professional wrestling and hoped to get to meet Governor Jesse Ventura soon. Last month, ScrappleFace reported that Mr. Clinton had declared New Jersey is his home state.

“I have no specific recollection about New Jersey,” Mr. Clinton said today. “And it really would depend on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

The Legacy Of The Vietnam Peace Protestors

Andrew Stuttaford at NRO reflects on the legacy of the Vietnam protests.
The Corner: October 27, 2002 – November 02, 2002 Archives

NPR ran a story this morning on this weekend’s ‘peace’ demonstrations in the US. The reporter noted that many of those demonstrating were veterans of Vietnam war era protest. In a revealing slip of the tongue, one woman recalled how those protests had “ended Vietnam”. Indeed they did. Within two years of the US withdrawal, South Vietnam had fallen to communist rule. Thousands were murdered by the new regime, an estimated 500,000-1,000,000 people (out of a population of twenty million) were incarcerated in concentration (oh sorry, ‘re-education’ ) camps for periods of up to ten years, and hundreds of thousands of boat people took the dangerous and often fatal route into exile. Quarter of a century later Vietnam remains a communist dictatorship. Doubtless the Vietnamese are most grateful to the peace campaigners of yesteryear.

Islamist Group Plans Asian Superstate

ABC (the Australian one) has discovered that the group who is believed to have bombed the Bali nightclub is planning a campaign to create an Asian Islamic superstate.

ABC’s Four Corners program has obtained a secret intelligence report which claims JI plans to create an Asian Islamic superstate, including northern Australia.
Four Corners’ investigation also uncovers evidence of alleged Muslim extremist leaders Hambali and Mr Bashir’s roles as the architects of a campaign of terror in South-East Asia over the past three years.
Four Corners reporter Sally Neighbour travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia investigating links between south-east Asia and Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network, Al Qaeda.
The program says Al Qaeda chose the Philippines as its first first home in south-east Asia as early as 1998, when bin Laden sent his brother there to gather support.
The Philippines’ national security adviser, Roilo Golez, has told Four Corners his intelligence indicates Australia is part of Al Qaeda’s plan for a wider Asian Islamic state.
“Jemaah Islamiah’s vision of a pan-Islamic state includes parts of northern Australia,” Mr Golez said.
Four Corners has also been told by Philippines police chief Colonel Rodolfo Mendoza that more attacks from terrorist groups can be expected

This , of course, is too much for university professors and other Muslim apologists

An academic from the Australian National University has rejected the claim that northern Australia is included in a planned superstate.
The director of terrorism studies at the ANU, Clive Williams, says he has not seen any evidence indicating Australia would be included.
“The superstate they’re talking about takes in southern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the southern Philippines,” he said.
“It doesn’t take in northern Australia and maps I’ve seen which are sort of coloured in with the megastate don’t include Australia.
“I’d have to be a bit cynical about that.”

Mr Williams (who has not yet changed his name to Muhammed in sympathy with the US sniper) evidently feels that Islamists waging bloody separatist wars are just fine as long as they are attacking brown people. He believes that this will not include Australia because…why? Because Australians are majority whites and Muslim extremists would never attack white people in their own countries. (even though they stole them from people of color).

Jimmy Speaks!

Jimmy Carter, our Sainted 38th President, has a column in (where else?) the New York Times. In his column, titled “Engaging North Korea”, Mr. Carter shares his accumulated wisdom gained from years of experience. A master of diplomacy, he gives the poor, failed, ignorant George W. Bush directions in how to deal with the crisis in Korea .
Mr. Carter, having been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his diplomatic efforts which led to the triumph of democracy in Iran, the solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the peaceful separation of the former Yugoslavia, the saving thousand of Rwandans from slaughter, the quiet transfer of power in Haiti, and the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, now turns his attention to the Korean peninsula. As he has shown previously, “Peace” can be achieved by diplomatic solutions without resorting to force, even when one party does not negotiate in good faith.

In June 1994, the North Koreans had expelled inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency and were threatening to process spent fuel — from a graphite-moderated nuclear reactor in Yongbyon — into plutonium

As Mr. Carter says in his column

I went to Pyongyang and helped to secure an agreement that North Korea would cease its nuclear program at Yongbyon and permit I.A.E.A. inspectors to return to the site to assure that the spent fuel was not reprocessed. In return, the United States and our allies subsequently assured the North Koreans that there would be no nuclear threat to them, that a supply of fuel oil would be provided to replace the power lost by terminating the Yongbyon nuclear program and that two modern nuclear plants would also be provided, with their fuel supplies to be monitored by international inspectors.

However, now the North Koreans say they have not stopped their nuclear development and will no longer abide (as if they had) by the 1994 agreement. Indeed according to the IAEA the 1994 agreement has hampered the ability of inspectors to monitor the nuclear program of the North Koreans.
The International Atomic Energy Agency says

Since 1993, however, IAEA inspectors operating in the DPRK have not been permitted to conduct important activities which would allow them to draw conclusions about the state of the DPRK’s nuclear programme. Indeed, since 1994 the IAEA activities have been largely limited to monitoring the “freeze” of the DPRK’s graphite-moderated reactors and related facilities as requested by the United Nations Security Council and as foreseen in the “Agreed Framework” of October 1994 between the DPRK and the United States. Accordingly Dr. ElBaradei made it clear that the IAEA does not have a complete picture of the nuclear activities in the DPRK.

Now with all his victories to his credit and his Peace Prize on the mantle, Mr Carter has a bold, new plan; more negotiations! At first glance this might seem a little naive, but a second glance it is revealed to be in concordance with the rest of Mr. Carter’s work, amazingly naive. President Carter now proposes that, although the North Koreans ignored their part of the 1994 agreements, we must immediately reward them by starting talks aimed at full normalization of relations with them
North Korea is one of the most brutal, backwards, tyrannical, regimes in the world. They cheat on their agreements, starve their people, are developing ICBMs, are or have developed Nuclear weapons, have admitted kidnapping foreign nationals and are run by some Jim Jones wannabe, but we must trust them. Just because they have lied and cheated before, is no sign that they are this time.
This is in keeping with what seems to be the basic foundation of International relations among the left. Other countries, no matter what type of government and no matter what their policies, are to be considered honorable and “authentic”. The U.S. is always to be considered as greedy and bullying. Facts are no defense.
In the immortal words (almost) of Bugs Bunny, “Jimmy Carter, What a maroon.”

Bloomberg Reverts To Democrat

Once Anti-Tax, a Mayor Changes His Thinking

Michael R. Bloomberg, the candidate, was firmly opposed to raising taxes, arguing they would “destroy this city.” Mr. Bloomberg, the mayor, changed his tune only slightly after he was sworn in, saying tax increases were still anathema, largely because they could never get approved in an election year.
But now, the mayor has all but conceded that new taxes — whether property, personal income or commuter — are coming.

How is it surprising is it, that a man that changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican for the sole purpose of being elected Mayor of New York, is reverting back to Democrat? That’s O.K. with the New York Times.

The Most Important Right!

Oregon Ponders Universal Care (

The voters here have the chance to create the first universal health care system in the nation — where everybody would receive medical coverage for everything, from massage therapy and marriage counseling to brain surgery and long-term care.

Free Health Care! What a deal. Single payer, a board with 15 members (10 elected) run the system which covers everything including massage and aroma therapy. What could be better?
I’m not going to go into the list of things wrong with this, newspapers all over the state are doing a fine job of that. I’m just going to focus (not like a laser beam, maybe more like a candle.) on one thing.
A couple of years ago, there was this debate in Congress about a “Patient’s Bill of Rights”. At least that was what the PR people decided it should be called. The “Patient Bill of Rights” was a whole laundry list of various things that a patient should expect from their health care providers and most importantly provided the means for taking action against the health care provider if the patient thought they had not lived up to their side of the agreement. We know this was the most important item because it was debated endlessly. According to supporters, without this item, there were no rights for patients.You all remember this. The Democrats trumpeted it far and wide, that the most important patient right was to be able to sue your HMO.
This was passed and you are able to sue your HMO if they don’t provide the treatment that you think you need. That’ll teach those greedy companies.
But somehow, in all the chest beating and harrumphing, the “Patient Bill of Rights” with the most important right of being able to sue your health care provider wasn’t applied to government supplied health care. If you are on Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, or the Oregon Health Plan, you cannot sue the government if they fail to provide you with the treatment that you think you need. Even if a doctor says you need it.
I assumed, of course, this was an oversight by the politicians and would be remedied soon.
Nope, nothing in sight.
Now comes this “Healthcare For All” with all it’s promises of a paradise of free medical care and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of maintaining the most important right to sue.
I guess they forgot. Maybe they’ll add it later. (don’t bet the farm on that one.)

The Axis of Dumb Lives!

A couple of days ago I labeled Carter and Clinton’s 1994 agreement with North Korea as the “Axis of Dumb” due to the revelation that North Korea had continued their nuclear weapons program in spite of the agreement not to.
Yesterday I tried to make the case that the knotheads that made this agreement as well as those who want to negotiate yet again with Iraq as suffering from Battered Woman’s Syndrome.
Today the PR firm for the Axis of Dumb, the New York Times, ran the following opinion piece.
New Rules of Engagement With North Korea

The Bush administration is in a comparatively weak position because it has not demonstrated a serious interest in dialogue. Also, Pyongyang’s recent initiatives to improve relations with South Korea and Japan may make both hesitant to confront the North.

Notice that it is now the Bush administration that is at fault for not continuing the dialogue even though the North Koreans were not living up to the 1994 agreements.
Indeed the column makes the following comparison,

The Clinton administration succeeded in negotiating access to a suspected nuclear production site in 1999 because it had an ongoing dialogue for putting that arrangement in place. Such a dialogue does not exist today

Notice there is no mention that the access was to a Potemkien production site where I am sure everything was just what NK’s wanted the visitors to see. No naivete here.
But now that the North Koreans have shown once again that they cannot be trusted, that every agreement must “Trust, but verify”, in the words of President Reagan. Having lived up to exactly none of their agreements since the ceasefire that froze the Korean War at the 38th parallel, the final paragraph of the New York Times column is more talk, more diplomacy, allowing the North Koreans to further their programs for WMD. The final paragraph of the column is:

In the end, diplomacy may fail. But it must be seen by our allies and the international community as failing because of North Korean, not American, intransigence. Only then will the United States be on a firm footing to seek international action and, if necessary, to use force.

Let’s talk again. This time, maybe, just maybe, they will live to their agreements. I know they never have before, but they’ve changed this time. We need to try one more time and if that doesn’t work, one more time after that.
Kind of reminds you of a battered woman, doesn’t it? You know what happens to women that refuse to see the truth about their abusers, don’t you? They die!