Time For Harsh Action

U.N. Agency Demands North Korea End Atomic Program
Obviously there is no point in playing around. North Korea made an agreement on Nuclear proliferation in 1991. When they were found to be violating that agreement, President Clinton sent former President Carter to negotiate a new agreement in 1994. Now that they have admitted to violating that agreement President Bush should immediately send both Presidents Clinton and Carter to Korea to negotiate another agreement for them to violate.
It might get Clinton the Peace Prize too.

Why We Can’t Catch Osama

I was at the supermarket this afternoon and saw the latest issue of Time magazine on the rack there. The cover is white with a picture of Osama Bin Laden and the caption “Why can’t we catch him?” I think Time’s question is wrong and serves no purpose as far as the War on Terrorism goes. It is a handy question for Bush haters to breat the Administration about, but it is actually quite irrelevant.

Why should we catch Osama? What would it possibly do for us?

Well it might cut off some of the funding for Al-Queda and give us a trophy prisoner to display, but the funding would find other routes and displaying him raises its own problems. No, capturing Osama is useless. It could even be counterproductive.

If Osama were to be captured alive, the U.S. would have to give him a trial. A trial that would entail lawyers and the media. Even if he were to be tried by a military tribunal he would still get a lawyer and media coverage. What an opportunity for Osama, he gets a fair trial and gets his message out courtesy of CNN, Fox and the networks. What a deal.

What do we do with him then? It is kind of a hot potato issue. If we find him guilty and execute him, the “Arab Street” erupts and the EUnuchs huff and puff and glare in out direction. His supporters use his execution as a pretext for more violence. The countries of Europe, though secretly relieved, condemn the U.S. action so as to mollify their Muslim population and what have we solved? We still have the network, probably with some new recruits. We still have the EUnuchs glaring at us. And we still have a war.

Finding him “Not Guilty” is not even a consideration. The outcry over that in the U.S. would be overwhelming. It would be political suicide for any politician to support and possibly real suicide for the Judge and panel members, even in America.

I think the best thing that should happen if Osama were to be captured would be to interrogate him, “robustly” if need be, and summarily execute him. Of course we are going to be accused of executing him anyway if it is known he is in U.S. custody and he dies, regardless of whether it is natural or not. So just do it, maintain that it was natural, and ride it out. Put it in Oliver Stone, black helicopter fringe territory and ignore it. It may come back years later, but passions cool with time. There might be an uproar in thirty years when it comes out, but it will be as timely as the news of JFK’s affairs and will die quickly.

If it can be kept quiet, do all the above, keep some DNA samples and cremate the rest. Announce to the world that the remains were found in a tunnel in Tora Bora or somewhere.

Under no circumstances allow the body to be returned to his family. Just look at the funeral of the Pakistani who was executed for killing the two CIA employees. Osama’s would be a thousand times larger.

I think the answer to Time’s question “Why can’t we catch him?” should be “because we don’t really want to.”

Racist Whites Close Down Jobs Program.

Polokwane, South Africa – It is a sex show with a difference: no charge with lawyers, senior policemen and other professionals taking part in all styles of sex with teenagers all night long in front of 150 people or more.
The patrons of the Polokwane night club at which it all happens pay only R5 at the door. If a “dancer” is a white girl they pay double – R10.
The club, cheekily named “The Blunt”, is situated in the town’s central business district and is run by Jacob “Jacky” Mogashoa (37), a well-known attorney in the area.
Mogashoa told City Press he was doing his bit for “job creation”, for the unemployed, and should not be arrested for it. Police have videotapes of what happens inside.
Area police spokesperson Inspector Ntobeng Phala said they raided the club at about 04:00 last Sunday.
They found five young girls stripping on the stage while others were offering sex.
The attorney said he did not understand why his club was closed down.
“I know racist whites are behind this. Many of them lodged complaints to the police about the noise, public drinking and crime.

Yeah, only racists care about things like that.

Listen, You Can Hear The Black Helicopters Coming!

JFK Jr may have been targeted by the Israelis

Many Americans and others around the world have different reasons to mourn John F. Kennedy Jr. For one Israeli mother, it was the chance he offered her to fight to clear the name of her son, convicted of the most shocking crime in Israel’s modern history.
There is a world of difference between Kennedy and Guela Amir, but each is closely and painfully linked to an assassination of two of the century’s leading political figures.
With Kennedy’s death at the weekend, Amir lost arguably the most prominent and influential believer in the possibility there was a conspiracy behind the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, an act for which her son, Yigal, has been jailed for life.

Wind Farms Or Wind Follies?

Here in Oregon as elsewhere the greens are pushing “renewable” energy sources. They make a lot of noise about alternative energy, but never seem to really compare it to other sources. I have often wondered about wind power in particular.
How does a “wind farm” compare to a regular coal or natural gas fired power generation plant on a cost per MW basis?
How much area per MW does a wind farm take as compared to regular power plants?
What are the expected annual maintenance costs for wind compared to a coal or gas power plant?
In other words I would like to see a “Tale of the Tape” with apples compared to apples and oranges to oranges. I haven’t seen it yet although this page explains a lot.
Anyone know where I could find a comparison?
Link Via Bizarre Science