A Great Loss To The Legal Community

Monterey County Herald | 12/27/2002 | ‘Hanging judge’ dies at 73

Ellen James Morphonios, the colorful Florida judge who signed her decrees in lavender ink, kept a toy electric chair in her chambers right next to the stuffed animals and very real diapered chimp named Toto, and once from the bench congratulated a rape victim for shooting her attacker in the groin by saying, “nice shot,” has died. She was 73
[S]he became best known as the “hanging judge” and the “time machine” for the long sentences she dispensed – 60 years for a robber for whom state law recommended nine to 12, then 420 years for another, 1,197 years for another and for one a whopping 1,678. She sentenced at least 15 culprits to death.

I’m sure her passing will give relief to lawyers and felons alike.

What A Bunch Of Losers

Sometimes when I’m bored I like to go to Indymedia sites to see what the Lithium deprived think about things. I live in Oregon so I prefer to read the site closest to home which would be Portland and Eugene.
There is usually some interesting articles. But today I went the the Eugene site and cannot get past the first page. None of their links work. How are you supposed to spread your word of Peace, Love and Socialism if your damned links won’t work?
Oh well, at least they’re Socialists. It’s not like they’re getting paid or anything. At least I hope so for their sake. If their getting paid that makes them Capitalists.

What’s The Connection Here?

F.C.C. Lets Convicted Hacker Go Back on Net

A hacker once labeled by the federal government as “the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history” has won a long fight to renew his ham radio license, and next month may resume surfing the Internet.
Mr. Mitnick was freed in January 2000. [H]is probation…expires on Jan. 20.
Christopher Painter, deputy chief of the Justice Department’s computer crime section and the former assistant United States attorney who prosecuted Mr. Mitnick, said that once Mr. Mitnick’s probation is over, he will not be subject to any special surveillance

OK, I know that it is standard for people completing probation not to be subject to any surveillance. They completed their sentence and have all the rights and privileges of normal citizens except voting and owning firearms.
What I do not understand is the link seen by the FCC and evidently the New York Times between the internet and ham radio. What is the connection?

Thanks Bill; Thanks Jimmy

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NOW WHAT? Recently, conservatives gave Bill Clinton a lot of guff for having tried to avoid war with North Korea over the issue of nuclear weapons during the early 1990s. Now that North Korea has decided to regain access to its stockpile of plutonium, George W. Bush is in the exact same position Clinton was eight years ago. Let’s see what the hawks do next.

Not exactly the same position. In 1994 no one thought that North Korean had any actual nuclear weapons, Now in 2002, they are sure they have at least one and maybe as many as five. What a difference eight years make.
Thanks Bill; Thanks Jimmy