Those Racist Republicans XXXIV

Translating code words

I get suspicious whenever a white politician denounces an unpopular black person before a white audience.
Racism requires differential treatment. Frist reached for every villain he could hang on Sasser. Black or white, he didnt care.

Therein lies the difference, While Frist was willing to name villains whatever their color, Liberals will never take the side of a white male over a “person of color” no matter what the facts .

NYT: Maybe The North Koreans Will Play Nice This Time

The Korean Crisis

Even though Kim Jong Il’s autocratic regime has a history of negotiating in bad faith, as shown by its breach of a 1994 agreement, diplomacy still looks more promising than the Bush administration’s wishful policy of trying to prevail by simply isolating Pyongyang.

Why I would rather be ruled by the first hundred names in the phone book, than by the New York Times editorial board.
Fool Me Once, Shame On You
Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.
Isn’t one definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results?
Who has the “wishful policy”?

Democrats Dig For Dirt

TheAmericanProwler Article

Democrats won’t be caught flat-footed with new Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, several days after the Republican victory in the November elections, Democratic National Committee chairman Terry McAuliffe and others in the party authorized an intensive opposition research report on Frist. “It was obvious then that he was going to be a national political figure for the party,” says a DNC staffer. “No one could have anticipated what has just happened, but we’re certain there is stuff in his past we’ll be able to dig up.”

Lobbyist Group Gets Donation From One Of “The Rich”.

Arts Advocacy Group Ponders Its Good Fortune

A low-profile arts advocacy group is pondering the delightful question of what to do with a sudden windfall of $120 million.
Americans for the Arts has a lobbyist on its staff in Washington. It also trains arts advocates around the country, gives them the tools they need to press their case and prepares public relations campaigns to support their efforts.

This group is going to use its money from one of the people who profited at the expense of sick people to try to get tax money from the middle class to support well to do artists.
Of course the New York Times agrees with this type to tax expenditure. It allows taxpayer money to go to artists that invite NYT reporters to their exhibitions and allows them to mingle with the “beautiful people”>

Better A Slow Economy Than Tax Breaks For The Rich

White House Aides Push for 50% Cut in Dividend Taxes

White House officials are urging President Bush to propose cutting taxes on corporate dividends for shareholders by about half, according to administration officials and Republicans close to the White House

Of course the highly paid staff is against anything that the Bush White House is in favor of.

While many economists think it would do little to bolster the economy quickly, they say the proposal would give a boost to the stock market

“Many” economists? Whoozat. Can’t name your sources, huh? OMG. Boost the stock market? What a perfectly awful idea. The only people who have investments in the stock market are “rich” people. You know, the ones that lost all that money when the market went down. Whaddaya mean, ya have an IRA. That makes you a wealthy plutocrat and your days are numbered. There’s no room for you in America, these days.

The 50 percent cut would cost the Treasury more than $100 billion over 10 years, and the tax benefits would overwhelmingly flow to the nation’s very wealthiest taxpayers

OOO. Anything but that! It would be better to have 50% unemployment, factories and offices closing operations all over the country, bread lines, anything would be better than allowing “the rich” to make any more money

Many economists are skeptical that a cut in dividend taxes would provide much immediate stimulus to the economy, which has been Mr. Bush’s most important justification for new tax cuts. It would be at least a year before shareholders see any extra money, and the measure would not leave extra money in corporate coffers

Oh Ho, There’s those unnamed “many economists” again. Why don’t you tell us who they are? Are these the same “many economists” that trumpeted the success of Clinton’s policies and told us that Greenspan had killed the business cycle dragon?

“One wouldn’t think of this as the first or second or even third measure to stimulate consumption or investment,” said Alan Auerbach, an economist at the University of California at Berkeley who has studied the issue for years.

Hey! Here’s one of the “many economists” He’s with UC-Berkeley? Couldn’t you find someone at a school with a top notch economic faculty like, say Chicago? OK, Berkeley’s alright, he’s certainly not going to say anything that could be mistaken for praise for the Bush Administration. He’s got a wife and kids to support and wants to keep his job and his office intact.

Robert S. McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice, a research group backed by labor unions, said the entire complaint about “double taxation” was dubious because corporations make such heavy use of legal tax shelters and loopholes.

Wow! Here’s a real nonpartisan outfit. Supported by Unions, huh. I expect they toe the party line pretty well.
It’s so nice to know that Labor Unions don’t use legal tax shelters and loopholes.

Read It And Weep : Iraq Says Foreigners Will Shield It from U.S.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq said on Monday it would soon receive the first batch of Arab and European volunteers ready to act as human shields in case the United States launches a military attack.
“We are in the process of receiving the first group of volunteers who like to act as human shields,” the secretary-general of the Iraq-based Arab Popular Forces Conference, Saad Qasim Hammoudi, told Reuters.
“These people will be distributed to vital and strategic installations in all Iraqi governorates,” said Hammoudi, who is also a senior member of the ruling Baath Party.

Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

Article 28
The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations.

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Yea For Mae

Mae Yih: No on Measure 28

First, raising taxes will not solve the budget problem. This does not mean that raising taxes is not part of the solution, but we have come to rely on an unsustainable growth trend in tax revenues. While all of the money was flowing in, new programs were started and there was little concern for setting priorities or improving efficiency. These issues must be addressed before asking taxpayers for more money.
Agencies respond to proposed budget cuts by targeting the most visible and useful programs. It is very difficult to cut or eliminate any program, much less make changes that improve efficiency; but this must be the first step.

She was my State Senator, but is now term limited out. Too bad, She was a pre-1972 Democrat that reflected what the party used to be.