Stupid Bono Tricks.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences MusicCares dinner honored U2 singer.

…There was also a huge gathering of the most important people in the music business.

You mean…fans?

Bono told the crowd, among other things: “The war against terrorism is bound up in the war on poverty.”

Has anyone told Bono that the “War On Poverty” was LBJ’s porkbarrel scheme in 1965? He’s about 38 years too late.

At one point he declared: “I don’t want to die stupid.”

You better do something quick, you’re not getting any younger.

He also announced he was a “fan” of America and wasn’t leaving anytime soon.

That’s surely going to be a relief to people in other countries.

He said that Clinton was “more of a rock star than any in this room”

That shows what low standards entertainers have for themselves.

Governor’s Plan To Help Economy; A New Bureaucracy!

Gov. Kulongoski stresses need to create more jobs

Kulongoski said he would use executive orders to create a state Office of Regulatory Streamlining and increase the amount of industrial land slated for development. The governor said the changes were long overdue and necessary to get Oregon growing again.

But he evidently forgot about the Environmental Lobby.

“I’m sure it’s not his intention to shortchange environmental laws,” said Bob Stacy, executive director of 1000 Friends of Oregon, a land use watchdog group. “Making sure we don’t sprawl to get jobs will be important.”

Translation: “We have the money that we got in California, we don’t need no stinking jobs. You just better keep the development away from any area where we might see, hear or smell it on the way to or from our palatial country estates.”

Leftist Hero Defends Genocide. – Pastor guilty of aiding genocide – Feb. 19, 2003

A Rwandan pastor and his son were found guilty of aiding and abetting genocide by a U.N. tribunal on Wednesday, and sentenced to 10 and 25 years respectively for helping to massacre ethnic Tutsis
Both suspects had pleaded not guilty. At the start of their trial in 2001, defence counsel and former U.S. attorney general Ramsay Clarke said the pastor had “always been involved in saving souls, just as Gerard…was involved in saving lives.”

Slaughtering people is just fine if you’re not American.
Link from OpinionJournal – Best of the Web Today

Why The Greens Are AntiCapitalist.

Government says poor economy yields lower levels of greenhouse gases

The government says there’s an upside to the poor economy and high electricity costs — lower levels of greenhouse gases.
In 2001, emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases went down for the first time in a decade. The Energy Information Administration says pollution linked to climate change went down by more than one percent that year.

What do you know? Isn’t that what those evil Republicans have been saying all along?
But there’s many on the left that continue to assure us that complying with Kyoto would be painless. That no one would lose their job, at least no one they know. They know this because they believe. Sincerely believe. They can’t seem to express why they believe, but believe they do. They have the kind of belief that children have in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, the primary difference being that when children discover that there is no Santa Claus, no one has been harmed.
And when the left learns that they were wrong, nothing happens either. To them. Others have lost their homes and families. Many have had their lives shattered by the twin demons that accompany unemployment, drugs and alcohol. This means very little to the left. It does give them an excuse to call for more taxes from those still working to as support the caring (and very well paid) workers that are provided to help “the poor” with their ailments, but other than that, nothing.
When it is shown that they have destroyed many people’s live they blithely insist that it was the evil rich, not them, ignoring the fact that they started and supported the process.
It would be nice, although probably illegal to hold these people and groups responsible for the harm they cause. This about how satisfying it would be to have the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club pay damages to people that lose their jobs due to them advancing their cause.
There could be others too, but it won’t happen. In the 1970’s the great hero of todays anti-war movement Noam Chomsky vigorously defended the Khmer Rouge, who were busily murdering their fellow Cambodians. Today, it is forgotten. He is now the hero of a new cause. One that is busy defending yet another bloody regime.
Somehow it seems that when the politically correct do harm, they just walk away and join another cause.

Is Bob Herbert Being Disingenuous? Or Just Stupid.

A Strange Budget Cut

Say it ain’t so, Mr. President.
You might think that with the country gearing up for war this would be the wrong time absolutely the worst time to cut federal school aid for the children of men and women in the armed forces.
Nobody would do that, right? Right?

Well, no one did.

Under Mr. Bush’s budget proposal, Impact Aid would continue for youngsters whose parents live on a military base, but not for those whose families live off base.

Those families live in houses that pay property tax, they shop in stores that pay sales tax, and in many cases pay income tax to the state in which they are stationed.

This is a specious distinction that does not take into account the overall deficit in tax revenues and the special needs of military youngsters.

There is no “deficit” in tax structures, as I have noted. I guess Mr. Herbert considers children whose parents are in the military as belonging in “special” classes. Is that a slam at the kids or just Mr. Herbert showing his superiority? In my town the largest employers are metallurgical plants, paper plants and a Hewlett-Packard plant. None of those pay any special school aid for their employees children. Why should the military?
This is just another in a long line of complaints about Bush which can be boiled down to one main point. “Bush is a Poo-Poohead.” It’s kind of disconcerting to realize that is what is put forward in most of the attacks on him.