Looks Like Human Rights Violations; Where’s Amnesty International?

CNN.com – U.S.: Iraq not letting Red Cross visit POWs – Mar. 30, 2003

Iraq still has not let the International Committee of the Red Cross visit U.S. prisoners of war, Gen. Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Sunday.
“We would hope that the Iraqi regime would do the honorable and the right thing and allow the International Committee of the Red Cross in to visit these prisoners of war,” Myers said on CNN’s “Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer.”
“That’s their obligation. They said they were going to do it, and we just hope they follow through.”
The United States has agreed to let the Red Cross visit more than 4,000 Iraqi POWs, Myers said. He said the Red Cross wanted to wait until conditions are more secure. He said he did not know whether the visits had taken place yet.
“I think they have probably been inside,” he said.
Before the war started, Iraq said the Red Cross would be allowed to visit any POWs, he said. He said the Red Cross has a long history of visiting POWs in Iraq.

Another “Baby Milk Factory”?

Activists Confirm Iraqi Hospital Bombed

The American peace activists’ account was the first confirmation of a report last week that a hospital in Rutbah was bombed Wednesday, with dead and injured. The travelers said they saw no significant Iraqi military presence near the hospital or elsewhere in Rutbah. The doctor did not discuss casualties, the Americans said.

“”Peace Activists” have about the same credibility as the Iraqi Information Minister.

I Suppose The Antiwar Protesters Will Believe This.

Gulf Daily News

Iraq said yesterday that its military had killed hundreds of enemy soldiers in the 10-day-old war and shot down five fighter planes and four helicopter gunships, one of which was captured almost intact.
A military spokesman speaking on television also said six unmanned drones and 143 cruise missiles had been shot down.
Iraqi forces had also destroyed 74 tanks, five tank transporters and 35 armoured personnel carriers, he said, adding that thousands of enemy soldiers had been wounded.

Of course, the other Arabs actually believe this stuff too.

Jim Treacher Exposes The Left’s Plan For Dealing With Saddam Nonviolently.

Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?

Good idea! First we’ll coax Saddam out of his bunker with a trail of delicious candy. Then, once his belly is full and he’s all sleepy and happy, we’ll calmly explain that we don’t approve of what he’s been doing and it’s not very nice and we wish he’d stop. And he’ll be like, “Whoa, I never thought of it that way. You guys are my friends! I like you!” And then everybody will hug and cry, and then get a little embarrassed about crying, and then make some jokes to cover up being embarrassed. And then a beautiful rainbow will appear, and a shy unicorn will walk down it, and Saddam will ride it to the North Pole, and he’ll spend the rest of his life helping Santa make wonderful toys for all the good little girls and boys, and there’ll be hot chocolate, and, and, and nobody will ever ever die again for any reason ever. THE END

Link from Tim Blair

Mark Morford Is Self-Fisking.

Sad Spouts Of Ignorance / Where humpback whales meet the snarling void of war, and human progress takes a bullet

They are a reminder. No matter how much we think we know, no matter how many die as a result of Shrub’s vicious war, no matter what sort of self-righteous good we think we’re ramming down everyone’s throat, we are, quite simply, raging deeper into ignorance. We know nothing. And the worst part is, we seem to be learning less with every warhead, every Rummy press conference, every dust-choked reporter and dead soldier. The whales know this. Maybe they’re just waving goodbye.

At last, a columnist that sees himself honestly. He admits that his self-righteous scribbling come from deep ignorance. Such honesty is refreshing. It raises the question; Why if he admittedly writes from ignorance, anyone takes him seriously?
And why is he shoving his vacation in peoples faces. There are thousands of people who can’t take vacations, can’t commune with a bunch of whales at a luxury resort in Hawaii. Are we supposed to swoon in awe of his talent? He already admitted that his self-righteous prattle comes mostly from ignorance. Are we supposed be impressed that he is able to con the editors of the SF Chronicle in actually paying for his drivel? Morford needs help. I think a month or so of counseling with the 101st Airmobile Division would be helpful. Their caring and insightful sergeants would do wonders with his ignorance

Diplomatic Failure Or French Sabotage?

Missteps With Turkey Prove Costly (washingtonpost.com)

Under the original Pentagon war plan, a powerful force of Army tanks and tens of thousands of troops now would be bearing down on Baghdad from northern Iraq as other heavily armored troops converged on the capital from the south.
Neither is happening.The reason is that Turkey, a close NATO ally that shares a 218-mile border with Iraq, earlier this month refused a Bush administration request to permit the armored troop deployment from its soil.
One week into the war, the administration’s inability to win Turkey’s approval has emerged as an important turning point in the U.S. confrontation with Iraq that senior U.S. officials now acknowledge may ultimately prolong the length of the conflict. It is a story of clumsy diplomacy and mutual misunderstanding, U.S. and Turkish officials said. It also illustrates how the administration undercut its own efforts to broaden international support for war by allowing its war plan to dictate the pace of its diplomacy, diplomats and other experts in U.S.-Turkish relations said.

Is that the story? Or is it this?

How France Blocked U.S. In Ankara

Everybody knows that Turkey did not permit America to stage operations from Turkish bases, but hardly anybody realizes that, contrary to the conventional wisdom, the vote was not an Islamic protest against the American-led coalition,but an act of anti-American intimidation by France and Germany.
The leaders insisted on a disciplined “no” vote because of pressure some would call it blackmail from France and Germany.
The French and German governments informed the Turkish opposition parties that if they voted to help the Coalition war effort, Turkey would be locked out of Europe for a generation. As one Turkish leader put it, “there were no promises, only threats.”

One take is critical of the Bush administration and the other is critical of those sophisticated Europeans. Guess which story most of the press is going with.

Reader Comment on Instapundit.

An interesting and insightful comment from a reader of InstaPundit.Com

On the one hand, the Anti-American Class has been saying all along that Iraq is no threat to anyone; on the other, they are now crowing with trembling, barely-suppressed glee, that Iraq is far more formidable than anyone had supposed.

Things that make you go, Hmmm.

Oooooh Kay, Whatever You Say

Saudi envoy’s mystery death

The ambassador, Muhammad Bin Ahmad Rasheed, was found dead on Friday morning in the stairwell of his apartment building in Ivory Coast’s commercial capital, Abidjan.
The diplomat was found naked, with a head wound, lying in a pool of blood, two floors below his 17th floor flat.

“According to initial information by authorities in Abidjan … no sign of violence could be found on the victim’s body, which makes one think Mohammed bin Ahmed al-Rasheed died of natural causes,” said a foreign ministry spokesman, quoted by the official Saudi Press Agency.

France don’t allow no violent deaths in the Ivory Coast.

Brain Dead Yuppie Scum


SOME things, I guess, are not worth dying for.

As dozens of protesters plopped themselves down in the middle of Fifth Avenue, pretending to be dead, I noticed a small claque of pretty yuppies – each as angular and edgy as a Benetton ad – lying, safely, over on the sidewalk.
The purpose of this exercise in civil obnoxiousness, I thought, was to paint oneself with artificial blood, block traffic, and get arrested in the name of peace. So why aren’t you in the street with your comrades? I asked one woman.
“Because I don’t have time to get arrested today,” the woman, 45, said without embarrassment.
“I have a job.”
Oh, brother.

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