More Democrat Whining

Which Companies Will Put Iraq Back Together?

{G]overnment contract officers, …plan to give American companies the first contracts to rebuild Iraq, a task that experts say could eventually cost $25 billion to $100 billion. It would be the largest postwar rebuilding since the Marshall Plan in Europe after World War II.

That comparison is being made at every opportunity by Bush administration officials, who emphasize American generosity and farsightedness. But the government’s decision to invite only American corporations to bid on these contracts has added to the profound international divisions that already surround the war.

Democrats are upset because this would unfairly benefit “the rich”. It would also prevent contracts from going tocompanies favored by the Democrats, such as state owned Cuban construction companies and the Bin Laden Group.

High Democratic Party officials also decried the contracts, saying that it would help the economy while Bush is President, unfairly robbing the Democrats of a campaign issue. “It’s bad enough that under the campaign finance law we passed, the Republicans are receiving four times as much in contributions, but with a successful war in Iraq and recovering economy, he would become unbeatable.”

How About Affirmative Action For Whites?

Democrats Assail GOP on Child Tax Credit (

Congressional Democrats, sensing a political opportunity in an otherwise dry season, have launched a furious assault on Republican lawmakers and the Bush administration over a provision in the just-passed tax cut package that deprives millions of low-income families of a tax break for children.

The truth, of course, is that the package does not “deprive millions of low-income families of a tax break for children”. These familys pay no taxes, so are not entitled to any “tax break”. This is a tax bill, not a welfare bill. No matter, the Democrats and some Rinos think they have a chance to go on TV helping “the children”.
I would encourage everyone to write their Senator or Representative and ask if this means that we now have Affirmative Action for whites? That should be on the table. It’s true that Affirmative Action was designed to give people “of color” an advantage but if a tax bill can benefit those who don’t pay taxes, shouldn’t Affirmative Action benefit those whose skin is the wrong color? Maybe we can have student loans for people that aren’t going to school or business loans to people that are not going into business, welfare payments for the wealthy and food stamps for everyone.
Or maybe just tax breaks for those who pay taxes.

Shocked, Shocked I Tell You!

Sympathy for the wrong person

T he sympathy expressed by some people in a North Carolina town for accused terrorist Eric Rudolph exposes a perverse strain of American intolerance.

The Oregonian in all their PC wisdom is shocked to find that there are people that have sympathy for Eric Rudolph. I don’t know why. There is also sympathy in this country for the Palestinian bombers, Fidel Castro, and any communist or “socialist” dictator. There are people in America that are sympathetic to Iran and Syria, China and North Korea. Why is it so shocking that some people would support Rudolph?
He is against the encroachment of the government into private life, albeit opposing the government under Bill Clinton rather than George W. Bush. I see demonstrations all the time opposing the government. Why would this upset the Oregonian editors?
Oh, he is anti-abortion. I see. The poobahs at the Oregonian aren’t aware that there is a tremendous amount of opposition to abortion. They are not aware that around 80% of the American people support some restrictions on abortion?
The anti-gay thing? Well I admit I have a problem with him there. I happen to like gays, except for the ones that are assholes. But that is the same attitude that most Americans seem to have. They don’t like gays as a group, just the ones that they know and like. It’s unfortunate that today you can’t say anything critical of a gay person, no matter how they act, without being labeled a homophobe.
I personally don’t have a problem with the anti-government thing, nor the anti-abortion view. Hell, I don’t even have a problem with gays. What I have a problem with is bombing. This is nasty. It’s sneaky and cowardly. Come up to me face to face and tell me what you don’t like. (Ok, you can’t do that if you’re anti-abortion without being jailed) Don’t sneak around and stick bombs around where I might be walking. I don’t like Palestinian bombers and I don’t like American bombers. But just because they are idiots that use bombs to make their point does not mean that their point is invalid. The Palestinians need to have a homeland so they can wake up and kill their leaders and install someone other that tired old terrorist. That’s not going to happen as long as they bomb Israel. The tide is slowly turning against abortion on demand, but that viewpoint is not going to be helped by bombing clinics. The gay issue goes back and forth. This will only be settled when it becomes acceptable to criticize gays when they act like dimwits. That is something that is never going to be settled by bombing either.
Maybe you’re one of those that think I’m wrong, that the bombing does invalidate any cause it supports?
For that attitude, I would direct you to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin on July 26, 1970. I was stationed there at that time working in the telephone office. Early in the morning of July 26 three bombs went off, destroying a power substation, blowing a hole in the ground outside the camp reservoir and right though the floor of the telephone office. We were supposed to start working a night shift that night and I was elected to work the first graveyard shift. I didn’t show up. I was short, I was pissed off, I got shit-faced and didn’t show up. There was no one else in that end of the building. If I had been there, the bomb would have killed me as it was placed under the building directly under where I would have been sitting.
Why, who would do such a thing? Obviously someone with some fringe group, someone with a cause so extreme that only bombing could express the rage felt?
Close. The bombing was done by three active duty members of the U.S. Army. They had two extremist causes. They did the bombing in order to shut down the camp, which was used for Reserve and National Guard training, to protest the Vietnam War. They were also all members of a fringe group called the American Serviceman’s Union, that wanted to unionize the military. While I do not have fond feeling for either the anti-war crowd or union organizers to this day, I do not believe that their actions invalidated the views of countless others who held the same views.
While the support for Rudolph may shock the Oregonian, it in no way reflects on those who have the same views but abstain from violence.

Financial Mismanagement By A College President Is OK.

Violations of policies are costly to college

Lewis & Clark College President Michael Mooney on Wednesday acknowledged he violated university policy in lending $10.5 million in university money to an Idaho energy company that later went bankrupt.

Apparently Mr. Mooney, for all his education and renown throughout the faculty parties, failed at common sense. The investment didn’t pass the “too good to be true” test and violated the college rules on investments. What’s more is that the university trustees are taking no action.

“Mr. Mooney has done an outstanding job for this college other than this one decision,” Fields said.
“The man made a mistake,” said Greg Goodman, a board member and president of City Center Parking, “but he never tried to hide anything.”

What the hell is this? People everywhere are up in arms about business executives mismanaging funds, the government is trying to figure out new incantations to put in their spell…er law books to keep them from fiddling the books. Business executives are threatened with jail if they don’t personally certify figures that they have no way of knowing are completely honest. And we have a college president that made a little $10 million dollar mistake. The trustees don’t want to be too hard on him. He admits that he screwed up, but busting him would disrupt the harmony of college life and be too harsh for a academic professional.
If all this reminds you of a “good old boy” network, that’s because that is what it is. All the presidents and all the trustees scratch each other’s back. Go along to get along. What is good for those awful business men that pay the taxes and salaries of the cocooned education lobby, is not good for a gentle, slightly befuddled college president that just saw a way to make a quick buck and took it. After all, it was for the children. The money would have gone to the college and he would not have profited off of it. That makes it all different.
What really amazes me is that there is no mention of a criminal investigation. The trustees have determined that it was just a mistake and he didn’t mean to lose the money. How did they determine that. What is Mr. Mooney’s relationship with the other players in this drama.
What this case needs is a down and dirty investigation with all the participant face’s on the front page of the paper. At the very least, Mr. Mooney should be held financially responsible for the loss and he should be required to reimburse the college for losses and lost income off that money.

They Got Some Really OLD People At UCR

Senate holds final meeting

At the meeting, the senate also voted to approve a mural to be placed in the Commons. There was some concern voiced by the senate about the contents of the mural. “I see some pilgrim invaders here,” said Elisa Haro, academic affairs director. “It kind of reminds me of my colonization, and I don’t like that.”
Wow and she is still walking and talking?

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Does This Justify The War? Probably Not To Some.

Mass grave found in north Iraq [03jun03]

A MASS grave containing the remains of 200 Kurdish children has been discovered in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk, the Kurdish newspaper Taakhi reported today.
“Citizens discovered on May 30 a communal grave close to Debs, in Kirkuk. But this is different from other mass graves discovered since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s terrorist regime because it contains the remains of 200 child victims of the repression of the Kurdish uprising” in 1991, the paper said.
“Even dolls were buried with the children,” it said.
Dozens of mass graves have been uncovered all over Iraq since Saddam’s ouster by invading US-led forces on April 9.

Probably not if you are one of the “peace” crowd. According to them, the war was not justified unless WMD are found, and for some, not even then.
Our anti-war crowd are actually the worst kind of bigots. As long as the people being killed are not Americans or westerners, they see no reason to interfere. Let the bodies pile up, as long as they are black or brown, pay no attention to those that are slaughtering their own people, after all, they are their own people. The peace movement sees all the third world people as somehow being owned by their leaders. It is of no consequence if they’re killed, they’re not the same as us, they’re wogs or gooks or niggers, but the peace activists will never speak those words. They think that by not speaking the words but allowing the actions they are somehow magically absolved from responsibility.
There’s a famous quotation that goes “The only thing that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.”, that is the course that is being urged, to do nothing, to shut our eyes and pretend that it is only happening because there are no signatures on documents, as if written words alone could change human behavior. The “peace” advocates advocate for the peace of the grave, the surrender that will only lead to death. In the song “Imagine” which has become somewhat of a hymn of the peace movement there is a line, “Imagine nothing to kill or die for.” well, imagine nothing to live for.

Liberal Groups Find Fault With Tax Cuts

Middle Class Tax Share Set to Rise (

Three successive tax cuts pushed by President Bush will leave middle-income taxpayers paying a greater share of all federal taxes by the end of the decade, according to new analyses of the Bush administration’s tax policies.
The two studies focused on separate issues. Citizens for Tax Justice examined the percentage changes in total federal taxes that would be paid by different income groups through 2010. The Tax Policy Center, jointly run by the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, looked at the share of federal taxes that would remain for the various groups once those changes are fully phased in. But the studies reached similar conclusions.

This is news…why? These two groups have never found a tax they didn’t like or a program they didn’t think should be run by the government and funded by taxes. Do you think the studies of the conservative, pro-tax cut think tanks are going to get the same treatment in the WaPo? To coin a phrase…I don’t think so.

The WaPos World

A Tale of Two Baghdads (

“Everybody likes us,” Spec. Stephen Harris, a 21-year-old from Lafayette, La., said as the patrol moved through streets drenched in sun. He thinks the people want the U.S. troops to stay. “Oh, yeah,” he said, taking a slug from his canteen. His assessment of the neighborhood: “I’d say 95 percent friendly.”
To Mohammed Abdullah, standing on the sidewalk as the 10-man patrol passed his gated house, their presence is, as he terms it, “despicable.”

Notice that the WaPo reporter doesn’t delve into Mohammed’s background. What is it? Former Ba’athist? Maybe one of the Saddam Fedayeen that “melted away”? The reporter either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to say.

Haumschild’s evaluation: “Maybe 10 percent are hostile. About 50 percent friendly. About 40 percent are indifferent.”
Residents gave different numbers — at best, 50-50, and at worst, a significant majority holding hostile views. Sentiments often broke down along the religious cleavages that mark Iraq.

Again the reporter is taking “residents” word for the break down while disparaging the soldiers opinion.
What “residents”? The former Ba’athists, Shiite fanatics or former Fedayeen? We don’t know. How were they contacted and by whom? We these people that volunteered this information or were they people that were easily available because they were at a demonstration near the journalists hotel?

There were no children around on 4th Street in Yarmuk, where sentiments were distinctly uneasy. Abdullah, standing with his neighbors, insisted he would fight the Americans. “They said they came to liberate us. Liberate us from what? They came and said they would free us. Free us from what?” he asked. “We have traditions, morals and customs. We are Arabs. We’re different from the West.”

Now We’re back with Mohammed again. He didn’t see anything wrong with Iraq under Saddam and is saying that he will fight the Americans. Kind of tells you where he is coming from doesn’t it? He appears to be a major part of the story though. What is the story? That Iraqis that supported Saddam are unhappy about the invasion and overthrow of their beloved leader? The average person’s reaction would be “duh”, but not our intrepid WaPo reporters.

‘They Love Us’
At 12:40, the patrol turned a corner a block from their temporary home. “I love it,” Harris said of Army life. “Something different every day.”
The men passed the two green Bradleys and stepped through the base’s concertina wire. A soldier greeted them with cold cans of strawberry and cola soda. They stripped off their helmets, flak jackets and the uniform jackets called “blouses” and set down their weapons. Some eagerly quizzed the reporters about what Iraqis along the route had said about them.
The lieutenant announced that after two hours, they would go back on patrol.
“They love us,” concluded Ratledge, the medic.

Ah yes, the obligatory “see how stupid these American soldiers are? They actually think they Iraqis like them” paragraph.
The reporters are much smarter than the soldiers. They know that the soldiers are hated and despised. After all the Iraqis can’t be happy with the Americans, the war was wrong and all the right people opposed it. It just shows what ignorant cretins serve in the military.