This Is Probably All Too True.

David’s Children
In my area, it is a well known fact that Children’s Services is one of the most useless wastes of tax money in the entire state.
We have had a case where they tried to take an infant because his mother was giving him 2% milk, even though a Doctor examined the child and said that he was suffering no ill effects.
In another case, a worker told a mother that she needed to fence her yard (she specified the type of fence) and buy her children video games. This was to be done even though the mother was working a low paying job.
The cops I know do not think much of them. Since the murder of the two girls in the Portland area, Children’s Services has taken to faxing everything to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction. That way anything that goes wrong can be blamed on the cops. Most of the faxes are received right at 5PM Friday. Big surprise, Huh.

Arafat Encourages Children To Be Martyrs.

IMRA – Sunday, June 1, 2003 Arafat tells kids to die on Int’l Children’s Day

Israel Television Channel Two News correspondent Ehud Yaari showed a tape this evening of the meeting Yasser Arafat held in Ramallah with children to mark International Children’s Day.
Arafat devoted his remarks to encouraging the children to be
“shahid” (die for the cause), noting that one shahid who dies for the sake
of Jerusalem has the power equal to 40 of the enemy dying.
Yaari noted that Arafat said nothing in his remarks about peace or

I’m sure this is just a trick by the Israelis. Obviously they digitally remastered the tape to make it appear the Arafat was encouraging the children to become martyrs. He was probably telling them how he achieved his world renowned good looks and some interesting new uses for baby wipes. Yeah, that’s it, baby wipes.

Ranger Training Icky, Say Some Grads.

Ranger training has never been easy. Darby set the standard in 1942 while forging the first U.S. Ranger battalion….About half of Darby’s highly motivated initial volunteers didn’t make it. In the years since, this 50-percent attrition mark has continued to be the norm.

While the rest of the U.S. Army has lowered its standards to the point where seasoned war vets find today’s combat training a joke and the crusty salts who fought at Anzio, Osan and Dak To refer to what passes for most training as “an invitation to get killed,” Rangers have fought lowering the training bar and have consistently turned out hardened studs whom commanders in the field would fight to get.

That is until Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, the guy who runs Fort Benning today, was told by a few recent Ranger graduates that they were turned off by Ranger School because some of their RIs were meanies and actually yelled and cursed at them and even made them do pushups when they goofed up. Others complained in writing that they’d been sleep-deprived and that the training was too difficult.

Groan…Gimme a break! I thought the PC stuff would be gone with Clinton. This just sucks.