Better Roll Back Those Tax Cuts.

Yahoo! News – Consumer Spending Jumps 0.8 Percent

WASHINGTON – Flush with extra cash from tax cuts, America’s consumers treated themselves in August and spent with gusto, good news for the economy’s revival.

Thus far, consumers are spending enough to keep the nation’s cash registers humming and the economy’s rebound chugging forward.

The economy grew at a 3.3 percent rate in the second quarter of this year, and economists are predicting that it is now gaining even more momentum

Look for Democrats to tell us that this recovery is the wrong color or something.

Pretty Feeble, Mr. Zakaria

While defending the UN colonial administration in Kosovo, Newsweek writer Fareed Zakaria inadvertently shows that the left’s claims of U.S. companies underpaying their workers abroad are incorrect.

Here’s a Bet for Mr. Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld’s other criticism is that these international administrations have produced distortions in the economy. In East Timor, he notes, international workers are paid 200 times the average local wage. In Kosovo, a driver to aid officials makes 10 times the salary of a university professor and the U.N. pays its local staff between four and 10 times the salary of doctors and nurses.

Rumsfeld should get out more. Were he to travel most anywhere in Asia or Africa, he would notice that people who work for Western corporations or nonprofits make vastly more money than locals. This is because of the enormous difference in wages between the West and the developing world, and because Western firms pay their employees abroad on a Western scale.

This is a distortion of what Mr. Rumsfeld said. He was not attributing the damage to the developing country to the high wages and luxurious lifestyles of the UN colonial administrators and their private sector counterparts, but to the UN’s practice of paying locals huge wages for menial work. This undermines the local professionals. After all, why bust your hump being a doctor, lawyer or starting a business when you can make double or triple that being a driver or clerk for the UN bureaucrats.

Smear Job On Veterans

Veteran Indicted on Sex Charges (

The fact that this person is a veteran has nothing to do with the story, so you have to wonder why they emphasize this fact thoughout the piece.

Not content with smearing President Bush and the Republicans, they are now expanding their propaganda war to veterans.

I guess this makes them somehow more popular with the left, but it doesn’t do a thing for the millions of veterans who are not and never were pedophiles.

Repent What?

Jim Hoagland in the Houston Chronicle takes a look at Bush’s UN speech and finds fault with both Bush (big surprise) and Kofi Annan. – Hoagland: Two world leaders passing in the night

Buried in the column is this sentence, which I find strange and somewhat insulting.

Bush’s points were all valid. But he seemed unnecessarily unrepentant, and a trifle defensive.


What, exactly, was he supposed to repent?

His sins of not being sufficiently deferential to the august body?

Was he supposed to apologize for removing a murderous tyrant?

Maybe he was supposed confess to his heresy in believing that the UN Security Council resolutions should actually be enforced?

Repent indeed. The members of the United Nations should themselves repent for their weak-kneed, craven pandering to the world’s dictators.


U.S. Urged To Modify Approach to Postwar Iraq (

The Bush administration should end Defense Department control over Iraq’s civilian reconstruction effort and rethink other aspects of the U.S. occupation, a panel of specialists told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday.

Experts? Specialists?

If you read the story, you will see that everyone quoted used to work for the Clinton Admisistration. How does this qualifiy them as “experts”?

This is close enough, for the Washington Post. They support the overall premise of the Post’s coverage that the Republicans are usurpers and that Democrats are the rightful rulers of the United States.

Democratic Uber Alles!

Pass It On

Frank J has taken a break from his never-ending battle with monkey and ninja to address something more serious.

He has noted, as have we all, the unrelenting negative coverage of the war in Iraq. Although 90% of the country is peaceful and appreciative of Americans, the reporting makes it seem as if all the Iraqis hate us and are sniping at us from every corner.

In an effort to combat this Frank J is setting up this blog where the soldiers can tell their stories.

The Alliance: Time for Bloggers to Fight a Front in the Real War

Although I am retired Army, I have not kept in touch with anyone from my Army days with the exception of my old Sergeant Major. I have e-mailed him a link to the page and asked him to forward it to everyone in his address book that might be able to help, and if you know anything about Sergeants Major, you know that it is a lot of people.

Well, Bush Pledged $15 Billion?

AIDS Funding Is Still Insufficient, U.N. Says (

Despite recent increases in spending to fight AIDS in Africa, the funding of such efforts by 2005 is projected to be about half of what will be needed by then, according to a new U.N. report released yesterday.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Bush pledge $15 Billion to combat AIDS in Africa? I think I heard something about that.

If that’s not enough, I guess that beings as this is the United Nations (plural) then other member nations should be looking at ponying up some dough.

I know. That’s not very kind and compassionate. Or is it? The United Nations has a habit of making promises that it expects the United States to keep for it, if they can pledge our money in places like Kosovo and the West Bank, then I wouldn’t think that there would a problem with us pledging their money.

OK, Chirac, Putin, Arafat, (especially you Arafat) time to pay up. You want to pose as world leaders? OK. Then pay world leader prices. Let’s see how they like their money being funneled into someone’s off-shore retirement account.