Justifying Genocide

Andrew Kenny has an amazing piece in The Spectator on the increasing slaughter of white farmers in South Africa.

It’s the fault of the Whites, of course.

Terror on the veld

Nasty things are happening in the South African farmlands 2,000 miles south of Conrad’s horror. South African farmers and their families are being slaughtered. The murders are accompanied by torture and rape. The sadism of the attacks suggests either dark perversion or systematic terror. Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has even suggested that the killing could be classified as genocide.

What is happening?

There are two opposing theories. At one extreme, these attacks are seen as being directed as part of the ‘Second Revolution’. The First Revolution was the takeover of South Africa by a black government. The Second Revolution, using terror, is the establishment of a radical black communist society and the expulsion of whites. Driving the white farmers off their land is part of this process. At the other extreme, the attacks are seen as being purely criminal and without political guidance or motives. The white farming lobby is inclined to believe the former; it points to Peter Mokaba, a prominent young ANC politician, who chanted, ‘Kill the Boer! Kill the farmer!’ to cheering black crowds. The ANC government says that it believes the latter.

Cheating Liberals. I’m Shocked, Shocked, I tell You.

The Truth Laid Bear: Ecosystem Suspensions Pending

What this means is that the SiteMeter counters for the blogs in question are flatly inaccurate: they are being inflated by visits which didn’t really happen on their pages. This also makes the Ecosystem Traffic Rankings inaccurate, defeating the whole purpose of the rankings, and is therefore intolerable.

And who are the blogs inflating their standing by cheating?

League of Liberals Members

Rush Limbaughtomy
Treason Online
Savage Cruel Bigots
The Mahablog
Hell on Halliburton
League of Liberals

I’m sure all the liberals reading will be shocked at this.

Thanks to Instapundit for pointing to this

The Good News Is Bad News

The Productivity Paradox

Despite the economy’s stunning 8.2 percent surge in the third quarter, the staying power of this economic recovery remains a matter of debate.

The problem is, that the wrong person is President. All this would be good if Al Gore were in the White House and the Democrats controlled Congress, but they don’t. The Republicans control both houses of Congress and George W. Bush is the President. So the good news must be bad news.

Pretty standard for the Democrat controlled New York Times. This is good news, but….

The “Good Old Days”

An Uncivil Action: The High Costs of Rising Incivility on Capitol Hill

“There was a great deal of civility when Bob Michel was in the minority and Democrats were in the majority,” said Grover G. Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative advocacy group. “Every day Bob Michel got up and lost and didn’t mind, and the Democrats won and they didn’t mind.

Things were sooo much more civil when the Democrats had absolute control. In those days, the Republicans could complain, but the New York Times could just ignore them with no recrimination.

Nowadays, you have a more even split in Congress, that and things like Fox News make the absolute control that the Democrats enjoyed impossible.

But that doesn’t stop the DNC controlled NYT from pining for the civility of yesteryear when presumably, the trains ran on time too.

No Surprises Here.

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

At the United Nations, the lives of Israeli children are worth less than the lives of Palestinian children, Israel’s ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman said Wednesday after he was forced to withdraw a resolution calling for the protection of Israeli children from terrorism.

Gillerman withdrew the draft after a group of states from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), led by Egypt, demanded the inclusion of amendments that, if adopted, would have turned the draft into an anti-Israel resolution.

That Sure Worked Well, Didn’t It?

For the past decade, a group of countercultural “burned-out lefties” have been trying to change that to “Buy Nothing Day.”

Kalle Lasn, editor-in-chief of Vancouver, B.C.-based Adbusters magazine, says it’s time to re-examine our materialistic, consumer society. And he says Buy Nothing Day is part of that effort.

This Friday (Nov 29), which is the traditional start of the holiday consumer shopping frenzy, is also a little known holiday called “Buy Nothing Day.” Buy Nothing Day was created by the Adbusters Media Foundation, a global network of activists who publish Adbusters Magazine and operate an advocacy advertising agency from their home base in Vancouver, British Colombia.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (AP) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said Saturday it hit a single-day company sales record during the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving shopping sprees, taking in more than $1.52 billion nationally.