An Iraqi Looks Back On 2003


2003; the year of freedom.

Before you I was mute, and here goes my tongue praying for the best,

Before you I was hand-cuffed, and here are my hands free to write,

Before you my mind was tied to one thought and here I find wide horizons and greater thoughts,

Before you I was isolated, and here I join the wide universe.

I will never forget you; you broke the chains for my people, and rid us from the big jail.

Many of my people never realized that we were in a prison, as we were born inside its walls and we knew no other world than our jail. But, we were looking through the tiny windows that were hard for the jailor to close, and we saw that our jail was not the best-as our jailor claimed- and we saw that our jailor was not the gift of god-as he tried to convince us-, but we were afraid of his prowess , and owe to the one who says
the opposite.

Mad Reporter Disease

Mad Cow and the Media (

The coverage of mad cow disease is demonstrating the tendency for reporters and editors to play up the dramatic, the frightening and the controversial aspects of risk stories, and to play down or omit altogether information that puts the risk in perspective. This fans public fears and drives demands that the government spend time and money protecting us from risks that aren’t as big as such coverage leads us to believe.

David Ropeik of the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis shows that the “Mad Cow” scare is in fact a “Mad Reporter” disease with the media reporting everything the doomsayers put out and ignoring actual scientific proof.

Tell me again how the press acts as a watchdog for the truth?

U.N. Wants No U.S Help

Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/31/2003 | U.N. nuclear agency says no U.S. help needed in Libya

VIENNA, Austria – The U.N. nuclear agency does not need American help in dismantling Libya’s nascent weapons program, the agency chief said yesterday, echoing differences with Washington over Iraq and Iran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is happy to receive U.S. and British intelligence that will assist its inspectors in Libya, Mohamed ElBaradei said.

But the IAEA does not want help on the ground.
“I am not familiar with anything they plan to do on a bilateral basis,” ElBaradei said of U.S. plans to police and scrap Libya’s covert nuclear program. “As far as I’m concerned, we have the mandate, and we intend to do it alone.”

I think the UN is afraid that if the U.S. participates, they might discover information that would be damaging to some U.N. members. They would rather go it alone and try to insure that no embarrassing information comes out.

The U.S. gets increased scrutiny when we act alone. Do you think the press is going to give the U.N. a free ride on this?

Yeah, in a WTC minute.

Mad Candidate Disease


Candidates Criticize Bush on Beef Safety (

CRAWFORD, Tex., Dec. 28 — President Bush’s stewardship of the nation’s food supply was attacked Sunday by Democratic presidential candidates who charged that the case of mad cow disease in a Washington state Holstein could have been discovered earlier if the administration had not coddled the livestock industry.

Damned right!

President Bush should have a Federal bureaucrat paid a living wage and drawing full benefits, to stand by and inspect every head of beef in the United States.

Howard Dean would! He would insure that everyone had their own personal bureaucrat to look after their safety.

They would make sure you checked the pressure in your tires before you left for work, make you wash your windows and drive in front of you in a car with flashing warning lights to insure that you were safe.

They would inspect your workplace for hazards and wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant.

They would monitor all your conversations to make sure that no “hate speech” was heard and instantly arrest you if you should utter a disputed word.

If you go to school they would vet your textbooks for inclusiveness and multiculturalism.

They would insure that your teachers or supervisors harbored no prejudicial thoughts.

They would inspect your library books to make sure that they contained no inflammatory ideas and were age and gender appropriate.

They would act to insure that gender and racial balance was achieved at every location by all people. No more Country and Western concerts with their largely white audiences.

All toys would be carefully inspected to make sure that they were appropriate and did not promote racial or gender stereotypes.

Your personal bureaucrat would help you choose your groceries wisely to make sure you are getting the proper nutrients, they would encourage organic foods, preferably a vegan diet. No more Big Macs or Outback.

Firearms would not be banned, but would be collected and kept at a central location for safekeeping. Citizens who passed a test would be allowed access to their guns between 8 AM and 4 PM Monday through Friday and the guns would have to be returned before they closed for the day. There would be exceptions for Police and Hollywood Stars.

They would accompany you to the restroom and check the stalls for cleanliness, but report you if you were offended by the man who offered to hold it for you.

They would keep you safe while traveling by closely inspecting every elderly or crippled passenger, but will turn you in for insensitivity if you inquire why the guy with the turban was not searched.

The rich would pay for everything, but still invest in business.

Problems such as Mad Cow or pollution would cause the problem industry to be shut down until the problem was dealt with. But investors would not lose money and employees would not lose their jobs.

The rich would get no richer, but the economy would be strong.

Private Industry would be heavily taxed, but there would be family wage jobs for everyone.

All children would be reading at grade level, unless they didn’t want to because it was “too white.”

We would have a society with justice for all, if you are an approved victim group.

For every problem not detected, they would have the answer; It was the fault of George W. Bush and the Republicans.

Yes, the United States would be a much different place if Howard Dean were in charge.

Headed Home

Getting ready to catch then plane back to Oregon. We’re going through Chicago again. I will let you know if they have improved. (Like that’s going to happen)

I guess I’m supposed to be terrified, as I am flying during a High security alert. But that’s nothing. I also eat beef.

Shouldn’t I be getting some type of award or something?

Merry Christmas

A fine Christmas, the kind in the stories, with snow, (it started about 7AM and is expected to leave 5-9 in) The presents were wrapped and hidden in the basement until after the kids went to bed last night. About 11PM they were brought upstairs and left under the tree. Right near the milk and cookies that were left for Santa.

About 7AM a great stirring was heard from upstairs along with the clatter of little footsteps running down the stairs. There was great jubalation when it was discovered that Santa had visited and had not only left presents, but had eaten the cookies and drank the milk.

After much rending of wrapping paper, the most dreaded part of Christmas morning appeared, the assembly of the gifts.

Grandpa, Daddy, Mommy and Uncle all took part, with much help from the kids who complained that it was taking too long. Grandma very astutely took the position that she was unable to understand the instructions and repaired to another room to listen to her present (A Harry Potter book on CD), funny how that “I don’t understand English well enough” thing pops up at times like this. After thirty-two years I’m starting to get suspicious.

We are going to Christmas dinner at my son-in-law’s sister’s house this afternoon. Both sides of his family have been in the Buffalo area for several generations, so there should be quite a crowd.