Ralph Peters Comes To The Same Conclusion I Did.


When reality bites back, Congress always howls for better intelligence. But it doesn’t fund the recruitment, training and retention of the people required to deliver it. When the chips are down, the money goes to the defense industry yet again. The system is broken; only a profound, talent-oriented revolution can fix it – and that isn’t likely to happen.

Only Congress can help. And Congress won’t.

A couple of day ago I wrote about this. The problem has been going on for a long time. It has been exacerbated by grandstanding politicians in Congress and in the Clinton administration. There’s no way the Democrats are going to allow a true evaluation because it would show that their policies and constant complaining have weakened the Intelligence community to the point where it can no longer accurately evaluate the danger from the rest of the world.

Remember, if the Intelligence agencies can’t tell when there is danger, they can’t tell when there’s not, either. While they got the information about Iraq’s WMD program wrong, they also failed to detect Libya’s program. So which do you prefer? Too much caution, or not enough?

Please, Please, Don’t Hurt Us! We’ll Be Good.


Last March, after Jacques Chirac, the French President, announced that he would veto any new United Nations resolution sanctioning war against Iraq, the White House saw a chance for a different sort of victory. If a majority of the fifteen Security Council members voted for a new resolution and France vetoed it, the United States could claim that the problem was not American unilateralism but French obstructionism.

Josh Marshall, lefty blogger and writer, predictably criticized the Bush for his foreign policy and involvement in Iraq.

He slams Bush for invading Iraq without the permission of France and the Club of Dictators at the UN. I remember when Democrats complained long and loud about doing business with dictators and human rights abuses. Unfortunately that position now belongs the the wrong party. He still condemns the dictators, but chastises Bush for opposing them without the OK of our betters.

He still lauds the accomplishments of Bill Clinton. Bosnia, where the UN stood around and watched the Serbs slaughter Bosnians. The UN is still there and there is still no hint of self-rule even after eight years. Kosovo, where Clinton candidate Weasly Clark developed the masterful campaign against the Serbs. It consisted of bombing Serbia and Kososvo. When asked what he would do if that didn’t work, Clark answered, “Bomb some more.” Such sensitive, insightful leaders. Strangely enough, the “ethnic cleansing” that they were supposed to stop, didn’t start until after the bombing campaign. Then there’s Haiti. Where Clinton showed his military acumen by calling General Cedras who was talking with Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell and Sam Nunn about leaving peacefully, and telling him that the invasion was in progress. Good thing Cedras wasn’t a hostage taking kind of bad guy. In fact, It’s now wondered if Cedras was any worse than Aristide. Of course, replacing a dictator with another dictator is fine, as long as the networks news doesn’t tell anyone. In Somalia, Clinton decided to move from guarding the food convoys, to rebuilding a nation. On the cheap. This little bit of cowboy action cost 18 soldiers their lives. And provided inspiration to our friend Osama Bin Laden.

Apparently, these were all victories, thrown away by that ignoramus George W, Bush.

In Josh’s world, Sep 11 was a good time for America to take stock of its flaws and apologize to the world. We had their sympathy then and could have capitalized on that by admitting our hubris to the world and withdrawing behind our borders. I guess he thinks we should keep apologizing until the attacks stop.

It’s a strange world Mr. Marshall lives in. He thinks that the bin Ladens and Husseins of the world can be mollified. If we are just nice enough and pay them enough, they will see the folly of their ways and deal with us in an honorable manner.

Read the column. He does have at least one good idea. That is that America should withdraw from the IMF and the World Bank. Quit subsidizing dictators and fools. When Mexico or Argentina’s economy tanks, don’t step in. Let them go bankrupt.

That’s one idea I can get behind.

You Gotta Be Kiddin’

Bush to seek big budget increase for National Endowment for

WASHINGTON — President Bush will seek a big increase in the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts, the largest single source of support for the arts in the United States, administration officials said on Wednesday.

I haven’t gotten over the “Drugs For Ted Turner and Donald Trump” Medicare benefit, then he came up with a way to ease Liberal guilt over hiring those illegal nannies, but an INCREASE in the NEA budget?

I sure hope this turns out to be some dirty tricks from the Democrats. If this is true, it would totally destroy my respect for Bush. Maybe a Massachusetts liberal wouldn’t be too bad. I could always leave the country.

Some Iraqis The Democrats Can Get Behind.

Iraqi Communists Make a Comeback (washingtonpost.com)

The comeback of the Iraqi Communists is one of the most remarkable political stories of the post-Hussein era. Once ruthlessly persecuted, the party has rapidly reemerged, this time as an influential, moderating force in national life.

But the message of the born-again Communists — once a textbook pro-Soviet party that spouted anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist rhetoric and followed a rigid internal hierarchy — is a call for democracy, unity, tolerance and human rights in the postwar era.

The Post knows. These Iraqis are REAL patriots.

He Ain’t Called Weasly For Nothin’

Clark, the Four-Star Businessman (washingtonpost.com)

Clark’s lobbying was one of many business activities that, by his account, boosted his income almost 20-fold in the 42 months between his resignation from the Army and the start of his presidential campaign last September. An examination of those activities, including interviews with business associates and a review of public and private documents, shows that although Clark spent only 51/2 years of his adult life in Washington, he made some of the money in a time-honored way in the capital — by trading on his name.

While Weasly Clark was in the Army, he gained the reputation for looking out for himself first.

When he left the Army, he parlayed the connections he had made into millions. Isn’t this the “revolving door” that Democrats so love to whine about? At least until it’s their turn to cash in?

He took care of himself first in the Army. He took care of himself first as a Lobbyist. Who do you think he will take care of as a politician?

Poor Bus.

Suicide Bombing Destroys Jerusalem Bus (washingtonpost.com)

JERUSALEM, Jan. 29 — At least 10 people died in Jerusalem Thursday morning when a suicide bomber blew up a packed rush-hour bus near the official residence of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The explosion wounded at least 50 people, many of them passersby.

Judging from the headline, the major concern that the Post has is for the bus. When you read the story, you find out that 10 people were killed. Once again the textbook response whenever there is any movement toward a settlement. Bombs and killing. This is the only response that the Palestinians will ever give.

Israel know that negotiation is futile, but has not lost their humanity as the Palestinians have.

Israeli national police spokesman Gil Kleiman said there have been 28 suicide bombing incidents in Jerusalem since the Intifada uprising began in September 2000. They have left 152 dead and 1,152 wounded.

Jonathan Peled, a spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry said the bombing would not interfere with the prisoner exchange. “We are releasing another 400 Palestinians with a very heavy heart because we know these 400 Palestinians are going to return very quickly to the cycle of terrorism,” he said.

“Our objective was and still is to bring all our boys back home even if the price we pay is very high.”

The Israelis continue to hope. The Palestinians continue to kill. This will continue until the day that the Israelis give in to the Palestinians and are all killed; or the Israelis give up hope and destroy the Palestinians.

I think that on balance, the Palestinians had better hope the Israelis do not give up hope. That would be the end of the Palestinians.

Any Questions, Osama?

Chicago Tribune | U.S. plans Al Qaeda offensive

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration, deeply concerned about recent assassination attempts against Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf and a resurgence of Taliban forces in neighboring Afghanistan, is preparing a U.S. military offensive that would reach inside Pakistan with the goal of destroying Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, military sources said.

U.S. Central Command is assembling a team of military intelligence officers that would be posted in Pakistan ahead of the operation, according to sources familiar with details of the plan and internal military communications. The sources spoke on the condition they not be identified.

Yet a large-scale offensive by U.S. forces within the nuclear-armed Islamic republic could be political dynamite for Musharraf.

The army general, who took power in a bloodless coup in 1999, has come under growing political pressure from Islamic parties, and his cooperation with U.S. anti-terrorism efforts is widely unpopular among average Pakistanis. Nor can Musharraf count on the loyalty of all of Pakistan’s armed forces or its intelligence agency, members of which helped set up and maintain the Taliban in Afghanistan and are suspected of ties to militant Islamic groups.

Either the Trib is putting information on the front page which could be fatal to out troops, or they are printing disinformation designed to elicit a reaction in Pakistan.

The first theory would mean that they are dedicated to the story to the exclusion of all other concerns, including the lives of American troops. The second means that they are cooperating with our government to help win the War on Terror.

Any guesses?

I know some reporters and I don’t think they would intentionally endanger the lives of American troops. But again, they’re Democrats. So who knows.

Nukes Sold To Everyone BUT Iraq.

Pakistanis Exploited Nuclear Network (washingtonpost.com)

KARACHI, Pakistan, Jan. 27 — Pakistani investigators have concluded that two senior nuclear scientists used a network of middlemen operating a black market to supply nuclear weapons technology to Iran and Libya, according to three senior Pakistani intelligence officials.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, and Mohammed Farooq provided the help — including blueprints for equipment used to enrich uranium — both directly and through a black market based in the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai, the officials said.
The middlemen, from South Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and elsewhere, allegedly also offered the Pakistani scientists’ services to Syria and Iraq. But the deals apparently never materialized, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

So, we’re supposed to believe that Abdul Qadeer Khan sold nuclear technology to North Korea and Libya but not Iraq and Syria? How much sense does that make?

This story doesn’t pass the smell test.