We Wouldn’t Want People To Get The Wrong Impression

CNN covered the killing of the 12 Nepalese using the following quote

Jaish Ansar al-Sunna, which claimed August 23 to have kidnapped the 12 Nepalis, said they were killed “for their cooperation with the United States in fighting Islam and its people.”

But the headline and story from Skynews says”


A statement on the website said: “We have carried out the sentence of God against 12 Nepalese who came from their country to fight the Muslims and to serve the Jews and the Christians … believing in Buddha as their God.”

Reuters and the AP both use the same quote as CNN elsewhere in their story but CNN does not use the quote that Reuters and the AP use.

CNN does not want to say anything that would detract from the whole “Religion of Peace” thing.

Why doesn’t the press characterize these executions as what they are, war crimes and human rights abuses? That is exactly what these killings and the suicide bombings in Iraq and Israel are, why not call them that?

Because that would destroy the story the media wants to tell. It wouldn’t be very effective to support the Iraqi “insurgents” if they are war criminals, would it?

Kerry Supporters Don’t Handle Criticism Well, Do They?

CNN.com – Police arrest 400 people in various protests – Aug 31, 2004

Outside the Fox News Channel studios in midtown Manhattan, police in riot gear used barricades to contain around 1,000 demonstrators staging a “shut-up-athon” to denounce what they called the network’s right-wing slant.

Oh, what is a tolerant and liberal person to do when he hears speech they disagree with?

Why, demand censorship, of course.

Kerry’s Old Buddies Still Around

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti- Imperialist is part of a network of anti-imperialist veterans who are proud of our resistance to U.S. aggression around the world. In the 1970s, to be a Vietnam veteran was to be against the war. That proud legacy must be carried forward into the new millennium. As veterans, we have been to the edge and seen the viciousness of Amerikkka unmasked. We have no doubt that the bastards who sent us to war will use their nuclear arsenal, along with unspeakably cruel conventional weapons, to maintain their empire, And now, with their war and occupation of Iraq and their so-called war on terrorism, do you?

Seeing America spelled with three K’s just takes you back to the good old days, doesn’t it?

I wonder if anyone has told these fools that Abby Hoffman is dead, Jane Fonda has apologized and Vietnam has moved toward Capitalism by hiring John Kerry’s cousin. Maybe these guys can take a trip to Cambodia and tell the stacks of bones how lucky they are to have missed being exploited by America. Maybe they could visit the mass graves in Iraq and explain to their relatives how much better things were with Saddam in charge.

Maybe someone should hand these people a calender. The Vietnam War is over, thanks in large part to the efforts of people like them. Peace did not break out after the Americans left, hundreds of thousands were executed in Vietnam, thousands of others were imprisoned in conditions much worse than Abu Ghraib, and the plans of the communist leaders in Cambodia resulted in the worst orgy of slaughter and human rights abuse since the Nazi death camps. But none of that matters, because it was not AmeriKKKa that did it.

If This Happened In Florida, Democrats Would Claim Fraud

D.C. Guide For Voters Marred by Omission (washingtonpost.com)

A voters’ guide published by the D.C. elections board and mailed last week to more than 100,000 District households appears to instruct recipients to report to the wrong polling places for the Sept. 14 primary elections, an error that could lead to mass confusion on Election Day.

If this were Florida, they would be screaming that the Election Board was secretly controlled by Republicans and demanding an investigation. But it’s not Florida, it’s Washington D.C. and the board members were picked by Democrats. Move along now, nothing to see here.

Portland: Envirnmental Regs For Thee, Not For Me

Seek cash for Big Pipe, board advises Portland

“The PURB believes that Portland customers alone cannot shoulder what is most recently estimated to be a $1.4 billion (sewer overflow) price tag — or anything approaching this amount — any longer,” the review board’s memo said.

The environment movement’s support in Oregon, like most places is clustered mainly in urban area. In the case of Oregon, this means Portland. For years they have supported ever-growing restrictions on logging, farming and any use of land other than leaving it untouched. This has had a disastrous effect on rural Oregon. The unemployment in Oregon has been the worst in the nation or close to it, for years. Especially in rural Oregon. This is due largely to “environmentally sensitive” policies coming out of Portland.

All the while, the protectors of the environment have been pouring raw sewage into the Willamette River every time it rains.

They have been directed by the Feds to clean it up, which resulted in “big pipe” a project to upgrade the sewer system to prevent pollution.

So what does the environmentally conscious city do now? They decide to fight the regulations while looking for someone else to stick with the bill.

I guess they’re only “environmentally sensitive” when someone else pays the price.

Iraq Veteran: Iraqis “Stifled” By America

200,000 in N.Y. Protest Bush (washingtonpost.com)

Kelly Doughtery, who walked between the broad shoulders of her male comrades, had returned from Iraq in February, after serving a year with the military police. She came here from Colorado.

“I saw that people were hoping their lives would improve, and we didn’t allow that,” she said. “When you invade and occupy a country, it stifles people’s ability to help themselves.”

Hmmm. There are at least 300,000 people in mass graves in Iraq that attempted to “help themselves”. That is much more “stifling” than anything the Americans did.

In Kelly’s world, some people want to have murderous dictators that will torture and kill them if they show any signs of disagreement. It’s a lifestyle choice and is no business of the United States.

Kerry’s “Plan” For Iran

Politics News Article | Reuters.com

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – If elected U.S. president, Sen. John Kerry would offer Iran a deal allowing it to keep its nuclear power plants if it gave up the right to retain bomb-making nuclear fuel, said Kerry’s vice presidential running mate in an interview published on Monday.

That worked so well with North Korea didn’t it? And if they tell you to go piss up a rope, as they surely will, what is Plan B?

If Iran rejected this proposal, Kerry would ensure European allies were prepared to join the United States in imposing strict sanctions against Iran, said Edwards.

Wow! Plan A is a repeat of a strategy that didn’t work in Korea and Plan B is a repeat of a plan that didn’t work in Iraq. This policy will surely be a big hit with France, Germany and Russia. It would breath new life into their sanction evading industry. Maybe Kerry can get a Oil-for-Food program going so the UN diplomats could reprise their money skimming roles. Everybody would be happy.

What genius. It’s a good thing Kerry is so much smarter than Bush.

This election is not between Kerry and Bush, the election is between Sept 10 and Sept 12.