Those “Serious” Protesters

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New York Minutes

There were papier-mache monsters, a giant globe, whistles and kazoos, Raging Grannies and Men without Pants (in flag-patterned boxers–hmmm, is underwear the new protest outerwear?), and endless vaginal puns on Bush. Three artists from Hell’s Kitchen fashioned red-and-white-and-blue balloon hats–I wore one happily all day.

Except for unleashing their inner childishness, what does this have to do with anything?

Radical Protester Impressed By Fellow Protesters

The Oregonian today continues in its singleminded support for the Democrats and John Kerry. In their latest piece of campaign propaganda they interview Fred Faveluke, a protester with the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition.

…Faveluke said he was impressed by the seriousness and maturity of the demonstrators who sought on the eve of the Republican convention to show the depth of opposition to the war in Iraq.

They portray him a a level headed family guy who took vacation from his job to take part in the RNC protest.

First of all, why the emphasis on the demonstrators instead of the convention? The DNC coverage was light on protests and heavy on admiring remarks from whoever the reporters could find. But that was then and this is now. The news media is acting as an amplifier for the Kerry campaigns rhetoric and a fierce defender of their candidate.

The Oregonian wasted no time in using dirt fed to them by the Kerry campaign to punish one of the Swiftboat Veterans, but don’t expect that level of examination of Kerry supporters.

Mr. Faveluke Is a member of, and as he says, “has frequently participated in demonstrations sponsored by the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition.”

Portland Peaceful Response Coalition’s position on 9/11 was that the attacks were America’s own fault and they came out against taking any action against Afghanistan. Evidently they saw no problem with Osama having refuge there. But now times are different, there is a different war to be against, the Iraq War.

Now he sees Iraq as being a distraction.

Faveluke argued that the invasion of Iraq was a distraction from the real war on terrorism, which he said should involve a more committed effort to dismantle al-Qaida and catch the group’s leader, Osama bin Laden.

“Bush says he doesn’t care about bin Laden,” said Faveluke, referring to how he said the president no longer makes many references to the hunt for the al-Qaida leader. “But I’ll tell you, in this city, 10 million people do.”

How do you like that? He’s gone from protesting against going after bin Laden, to protesting that this war is a distraction from the war that he was previously protesting against.

Now that’s a position that you can get behind.

The Oregonian, of course will not go into this. Neither will they go into Portland Peaceful Response Coalition’s support of the right of Palestinian suicide bombers to kill as many Israeli women, children and elderly as they can.

That would not present them in the mature, serious, level-headed light that the paper wants them to be seen in. The truth is that Mr. Faveluke is a leftist nutcase, as are most of the demonstrators in NY. Mr. Faveluke is unusual only in the sense that he actually has a job, but that’s about it.

The New York Sun did a survey of the protesters and found this.

[O]f 253 protesters who took part in the United for Peace and Justice march found that 76% plan to vote for Senator Kerry in November’s presidential election.

The poll found that 59% of the protesters interviewed live in New York City, while an additional 21% reside in the tri-state area. Of those marching who were surveyed, 52% said they agreed with the statement that “America is overall a negative force in the world.” Moreover, 67% said they agreed with the statement that “Iraqi attacks on American troops occupying Iraq are legitimate resistance.”

Half of those polled answered yes when asked if the United States should cut off military aid to Israel. United for Peace and Justice provided marchers with blue-and-white signs reading, “Occupation: Wrong in Iraq, Wrong in Palestine. End U.S. Support for Israel’s Occupation.”

Of those surveyed, 62% said they opposed the American war in Afghanistan in 2001,and 58% said they agreed with the claim that “a few neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle who have close ties to Israel’s Likud party manipulated America into going to war in Iraq.”

It sounds like whacked out leftists to me.

Democrats Seem To Have A Problem With That Whole “Time” Thing.

Betsy Newmark notes the story that the Democrats are shopping around about one of their own, former Texas Lt. Governor Ben Barnes saying on a video that he helped George W. Bush jump ahead of others to get in the Texas Air National Guard. The problem is, he didn’t become Lt. Governor until after Bush joined the guard. Kind of like Kerry remembering Nixon making statements about Cambodia when he wasn’t President yet.

A commenter to her post even provides a link to a story from CNN during the 2000 campaign that says that

” . . . the Dallas Morning News, which also looked into Bush’s military record, reported that while Bush’s unit in Texas had a waiting list for many spots, he was accepted because he was one of a handful of applicants willing and qualified to spend more than a year in active training flying F-102 jets.”

That was then and this is now. The Kerry campaign wants “do-overs” on material that didn’t work for Gore.

Kerry Supporters Protest Free Speech

Protesters at Home of Swift Boat Backer

NASSAU BAY, Texas – Nearly 40 protesters gathered Saturday at the home of the chief financial backer of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, whose ads criticize Democrat John Kerry’s military record.

Kerry supporters seem to have a problem with the whole Free Speech thing. They scream “censorship” when anybody challenges their views and go to extraordinary lengths to destroy anyone who dissents to their view.

They have gone all out here in Oregon, with the state’s largest daily newspaper taking up their cause. The Oregonian got a “tip” from somewhere that Al French, a Swiftboat Veteran that appeared in their first ad and an assistant DA for Clackamas County, had an extra-marital affair with someone in his office. The affair happened about ten years ago, but was good enough for a front page story. They have also printed criticism of French from local veterans without revealing that the veterans were Kerry supporters.

So the protests in Texas are no surprise. It is the Democrat political machine at work. I would be surprised if most or all of the protesters were from elsewhere and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were members of one of the Democrat 527’s brought in especially for the protest. One of the Democrats strengths is their ability to round up a mob at a moments notice.

Kerry supporters chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, your stinkin’ ad has got to go.”

Oh, come on! Can’t you come up with some new material? This “hey, hey, ho, ho” crap is from the Vietnam protests. Talk about being hung up on the past.

Michael Kinsley Compares Vietnam Veterans To Drunks

George Bush’s Secret War

LOS ANGELES — Veterans of George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard unit charged today that the president had misrepresented his military service during the Vietnam War. The veterans allege that during a period when the future president was supposed to be serving in the National Guard, he was actually fighting in Vietnam.

“For more than 30 years we have remained silent,” said the head of the group, which calls itself Stiff Drink Veterans for Vermouth. But, he added, “we want to be on Larry King just as much as those Swift boat guys.”

I guess this is supposed to be an amusing parody of the Swiftboat Veterans. Does Kinsley find it amusing to suggest that the Swiftboat Vets are comparable to a bunch of drunks? Is this what he really thinks of the Swiftvets, or is that his opinions of all veterans?

Kinsley was a passionate, but fair liberal in his days on Crossfire, but he seems to have sunk into the same fever swamps that have claimed so much of the Democrat Party.

Oregon Democrats Attempt To Punish Kerry Critic

Well, one question has been answered. If you are a veteran living in Oregon and you come out against John Kerry, you had better be ready for a rough ride.

Most days, Alfred French could slip quietly out the side door of the Clackamas County courthouse and make the short walk to his office unnoticed.

But on Wednesday morning, when the graying, bespectacled prosecutor stepped outside, the television cameras converged and a single protester carrying a sign with French’s picture started to yell.

“Liar! Liar! Liar! Resign!”

Of course, the Democrats make the obligatory genuflection in the general direction of the First Amendment before taking off the gloves and beating senseless anyone who would have the temerity to oppose their chosen candidate.

Al French made a mistake. He did not make the error in taking part in the Swiftboat Veterans for truth, he did not make an error in thinking that it would damage the Kerry candidacy, he made the error of underestimating the lengths the Democratic Party would go to to destroy him for speaking out. He did not recognize that the lip service paid by the Democrat Party in support of free elections and First Amendment protections is just that, lip service.

After Church made the commercial and it started running in three states, his problems started. A group who declares that they are non-political started filing ethics complaints with the Oregon State Bar Association. His office was inundated with “activists” telling his boss, the Clackamas County DA, that he should resign because he did not actually witness the events that he said Kerry lied about.

One of the people making an ethics complaint against Mr. Church is Carole Johnson, chair of the Linn County Democratic Central Committee, who is neither a veteran or non-political. She told the local newspaper, the Albany Democrat-Herald that she “believes the issue is serious and pointed to polls showing that the ad campaign had resulted in a 18 percent drop in veterans’ support for Kerry”.

Then someone tipped off the newspaper that he had had an extra-marital affair with someone in his office.

When considered in the context of the other actions of the Kerry campaign, threatening to sue TV stations that run the ad, threatening a lawsuit against the publishers of “Unfit for Command”, trying to paint the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth as connected the Bush campaign, it is quite clear that this is in fact an attempt by Kerry supporters to destroy a critic and discourage anyone else from speaking.

The Oregonian has a piece in their Sunday paper regarding this issue. In it they explain that they were justified in the treatment they have given this story.

When the newspaper received a tip about French’s affair, reporter Stephen Beaven confronted French and he admitted it. His former boss also told Beaven that if French had confessed to it 10 years ago, he would have been fired. The fact that French lied about an offense that would have cost him his job convinced Maurer the story should be published. “It didn’t matter if it was an affair or stealing paper clips,” Maurer says. “It was because it was a fireable offense.”

French told people in the ad that Kerry was lying, “that he didn’t have credibility,” Maurer says, “It’s rational for readers to ask, ‘Mr. French, who are you and what is your credibility?’ “

This is odd since the Oregonian hasn’t previously seen fit to question the credibility of anyone who opposes President Bush or supports John Kerry. In fact, all through the article they maintain that the burden of proof or disproof lies entirely on the Kerry critics. They see no reason to question the statements of the Kerry campaign or their supporters. They do not indicate the source of the tip, they are making the case all through this article that credibility is the key. What made them decide that the tip was credible? Is it just because it could be used against a Kerry opponent? They never explore that issue.

[Reporter Noelle Crombie’s] initial story, describing French’s involvement in the ad, led editors to assign Crombie to follow Jim Rassmann, the Florence man whose life Kerry had saved in Vietnam, on the campaign trail and to assign another reporter to write a profile of French.

The newspaper in early May profiled Rassmann, but it had not revisited his account of the rescue until last week, despite the conflicting accounts by other Swift boat veterans.

The Oregonian had been aware of Rassmann since May but made no attempt to check his credibility? Why not? Why were they so sure of his credibility right off? Did they talk to his friends, his neighbors, his schoolmates? Did they interview people he worked with in Los Angeles? He worked at the Sheriff’s Department, did he ever have any complaints filed against him? (I happen to believe he is credible, but that is no reason to exempt him from scrutiny) The Oregonian gives the same pass to any Kerry supporter or Bush critic. As I wrote a few days ago, the Oregonian had an article about veterans complaining about Church and the Swiftboat commercial. The reporter did not mention that the veteran he talked to was a Kerry supporter and had even met Kerry at the airport when he visited Portland. I e-mailed him and he said that he was on vacation that week and had not seen the story. That doesn’t say much for his journalistic curiosity or his research skills. (If research was in fact done)

This has not gone unnoticed. They do lay out in their article that they have received a lot of e-mail taking them to task for their treatment of Al French and the Swiftboat Vets. They manage to deflect criticism by quoting some journalistic ethics professors, but that does not answer the question of why they feel it is necessary for Kerry opponents to prove their every word but exempt Kerry supporters from that standard.

Unfortunately the Oregonian is the major newspaper in the state. They are part of the Portland elite that look down their noses at the rest of the state as bumpkins and hillbillies. They are not going to change their coverage, especially if it means crossing the Portland power brokers who dominate the Democratic party in Oregon.

Let Me Count My Medal

Kerry citation a ‘total mystery’ to ex-Navy chief

I went and checked all my decorations to see if there were any that I had more than one citation for.

Nope. Only one for each.

How do you get three different citations, saying three different things, signed by three different people for the same medal?

The news media will get to the bottom of this as soon as they can figure out how Bush did it.