Just What Eugene Needs, Another Wackjob

EUGENE — A California newspaper publisher known for riling factions ranging from school superintendents to environmental activists is set to launch a new weekly newspaper in Eugene that promises to provoke the powerful, rattle the comfortable and please almost no one.

Bruce Anderson says he’s already sniffed out one ongoing target: Eugene’s left-leaning alternative community.

“I hope to blow the doors off this kind of sanctimonious consensus here that’s developed in the liberal progressive left and the right,” says Anderson, who calls himself an “unapologetic socialist.”

“There’s a growing class of angry, estranged people here in Eugene,” he says. “But go to the university area and there’s this idea that ‘everything is just fine here. We’re fighting the good fight.’ ”

DeFazio Is Worried.

The Congressional seat for the 4th District in Oregon has not been competitive for years. It is a safely gerrymandered seat that is occupied by the Ultra-Liberal Peter DeFazio. It was, in effect, willed to him by his liberal democrat predecessor.

I guess this election is different, DeFazio must be getting scared. I heard one of his radio ads this afternoon, in it he starts out by saying that his opponent is lying. He never explains just what it is that he is lying about, but I suppose it doesn’t matter. This is a common trick with the Democrats, when challenged they point at the other guy and scream “Liar”. It works surprisingly well.

He then goes on to snarkily accuses Feldkamp of supporting President Bush Medicare drug bill which is a “windfall” for the Pharmaceutical industry. DeFazio supports free prescription drugs for everyone from the homeless bum to George Soros, but he must have a plan for getting them from somewhere other than the Pharmaceutical Companies.

He then howls about Feldkamp’s support for the Patriot Act, which “allows secret searches of the property of American Citizens and also authorizes them to obtain your business records and library records.” Wow! These searches have been in use for years in criminal cases, they were expanded into terror investigations by the Patriot Act. Does DeFazio want to outlaw these searches completely, without exception, or does he just want to outlaw them in the case of terror investigation but allow them in other criminal investigations? He would protect us from common criminals but handle terrorists with kid glove.

I believe he also attack Feldkamp for being against importing prescription drugs from Canada. What he means is Feldkamp does not agree with outsourcing our political decisions to Canada. If DeFazio is in favor of price controls, (which he is) is should have balls enough to stand up and say so instead of hiding behind the phony Canadian solution.

Peter DeFazio has been in office for a long time, it is not clear what it is that he is supposed to have done for the people in his district. He support the radical environmentalists, gets most of his money from trial lawyers and union thugs. He has got a nice shiny new train station built here in Albany. It is going to be really nice. It will be a “transportation” center for the mid-valley. The only problem is that while Peter was giving us all this nice stuff, the railroad cut down their stops here to one a day, the bus lines quit stopping here and as for the taxi stand, all the cabs around here are radio dispatched and spend the rest of their time at home, not sitting at a “transportation center” waiting to pick up passengers from the trains and busses that no longer stop. But as per Oregon Law, it does have art. There is going to be a column or something. Just what we needed.

DeFazio is an Ultra-Liberal in what is supposed to be a safe seat. The commercial I heard was pretty vicious, the kind you expect from a 527 group, but there, at the end, was our boy Peter saying that he approved this message.

Being A Government Agency Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry.

Metro’s Chief Vows Changes

Metro Chief Executive Richard A. White took responsibility yesterday for a string of management and personnel problems, saying he and other transit officials had made decisions that “don’t make much sense” or have “misfired badly.”

White’s admission came at the start of a prepared statement in which he also disclosed that Metro is investigating whether the contractor for its paratransit service inflated performance numbers to cash in on more than $3 million in incentives.

If a private company did this the CEO would be scrambling, trying to save his hide and the company. There would be heads rolling and blood in the cubicles. Someone would pay and pay big. If the company provided services for the government, all kinds of politicians would be harrumphing and calling for an investigation.

But this is a government run agency. There will be no head rolling, there won’t even be any ears twitching or lips drying. The CEO has “taken responsibility” and because of this, it will be more of the same.

Just in case someone was thinking about taking a closer look at Metro, White preempted that by announcing an investigation…of somebody else.

Democrat Pushback

The news has been full of stories of Democrat thuggery in connection with the election. There has been the Union Goons attacking elderly volunteers at Bush-Cheney offices, phone “non-partisan” groups such as ACORN forging voter registrations, harassment from Democrats while standing in line in the early voting locations in Florida and other places. It makes the Democrats look bad.

They have the answer. They instructed the Oregonian to go out and find some Republican mischief to report. The Oregonian staff, being good little minions, did exactly that.

I personally don’t know what all the registration uproar is about. It doesn’t make a bit of difference what you register as, you can still vote for who you please, but maybe Democrat voters don’t realize that.

Last time the vote was very close. For a couple of days after the 2000 election we thought we had gone for Bush, but then a collection of previously “overlooked” absentee ballots (is there another kind in Oregon?) was found somewhere that put Gore over the top.

I’m sure that if the illegal alien-felon vote doesn’t put them over the top in Oregon, our Secretary of State will come to the rescue and “find” another bunch of “overlooked” ballots.

Getting Close.

It seems like a year ago that I posted the Bush/Cheney campaign feed at the top of my blog. The election is close now, just a couple more more days. I think Bush will take it at a walk, but there is a possibility that Kerry might win. The Democrats are preparing to claim fraud and sue if they lose. There is an idea that if the margin is big enough they wouldn’t litigate it, but I think they will anyhow.

I’m glad to see the liberal interest groups getting their non-profit status looked at. The Democrats did that to all the conservative groups when Clinton was President. I’m sure that if John Kerry is elected, he will put a stop to it though. You know the Democrats, one rule for them and another rule for the rest of the poor schmoos.

Another Republican victory, like the one the media didn’t see coming in 2002 would be great.
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Osama bin Laden Channels Michael Moore

In a recently released videotape, terrorist leader Osama bin Laden channeled al Qaeda patriot Michael Moore, saying, “It never occurred to us that the commander in chief of the country (Bush) would leave 50,000 citizens in the two towers to face those horrors alone … because he thought listening to a child discussing her goats was more important.” The al Qaeda leader made the tape after he sneaked out of Afghanistan dressed as a woman, leaving his followers to die in his place. He is now hiding somewhere in the Middle East trembling for fear that someone will give up his hiding place to the Americans.

He most certainly is not in Iraq, since there is a war there and his followers are being slaughtered wholesale. Nor is he in the West Bank territories for fear of the Israelis. Most likely he is in Pakistan, Syria, Jordan or Egypt safely far from the fighting. He is sure of finding enough corrupt government functionaries to allow him to live, if he keeps his head down and they don’t figure they might get a better deal from the Americans.

A Warning From The Blogfather.

Glenn Reynolds in his TCS column warn bloggers:

“[I]f Big Media let their position go without a fight to keep it by fair means or foul, they’ll be the first example of a privileged group that did so. So beware.” I think we’re already beginning to see signs of that backlash, in the wake of the humiliation visited on Big Media by RatherGate — and the press establishment’s general lack of enthusiasm for free speech for others (as evidenced by its support for campaign finance “reform”) suggests that it’ll be happy to see alternative media muzzled. You want to keep this media revolution going? Be ready to fight for it.

It donesn’t have the ring of “make them an offer they can’t refuse”, but it gets the point across.