America Bashing By CNN

Neal Boortz notices that our media, in this case CNN, will bend over backwards in order to bash America and by extension President Bush. Nealz Nuze December 30, 2004

In the meantime, certain people aren’t missing the opportunity to use this disaster to attack the United States and President Bush. CNN was carrying a video clip yesterday showing a disaster survivor screaming “Please tell the world, where is America?”

The yesterday referred to was Wednesday, December 29th, the survivor had no idea what American had or hadn’t done. He was just running his mouth. On the other hand there are the “journalists” that brought this scene to us.

Realize that nothing, absolutely nothing, happens on TV naturally. Everything is staged, even “live” reports. I’ve been around enough of them to know that for sure. On top of that, in this “target-rich” environment of survivors, all of whom, it can be assumed, would be more than happy to be on TV (it’s some kind of sickness). Out of all these people, the “journalist” picks this one, the one that is shouting bad things about America.

After that, back at the studios, a producer has to pick that particular piece of video, out of literally thousands of other videos, to show on the news program. That kind of eliminates any idea that it was somehow “spontaneous”.

Always remember, when you see something on TV that affects you greatly, in any manner, someone put that on the screen in order to elicit that exact response. You are being manipulated.

For A Minute I Thought, “Walter, Is That You”?

When I saw this story I thought for a minute that it was one of our stellar citizens.

India official blames quake scare on Oregon man’s ‘hogwash’ alert

An Oregon man who says he forecasts earthquakes by measuring the universe’s “dark matter” and his friend, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, may have sparked panicked evacuations Thursday in tsunami-ravaged India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

But it couldn’t be Walter, he’s dead.

Walter was an elderly gentleman that lived in Linn County. He always popped up when there was a big event. His specialty was “witching”, divining the location of different things through the use of rods that would cross each other when you were near what you were looking for.

The first contact I can remember having with him was when we were looking for someone who had driven into Foster Reservoir. He called up and told us where to look because he had “witched” it using a map. Walter was quite old even then and had difficulty walking, so he exercised his “witching” powers by using maps. At least most of the time.

One afternoon he was driving by a local high school as just “knew” that there was a bomb in one of the lockers. He drove to the local Police Dept and told them. This was near the time of Columbine, so the Police took him seriously. They evacuated the High School and pushed Walter around in a wheelchair while he “witched” each locker. It must have been a sight. No bomb was found and we didn’t hear much from Walter for a while. He did pop up to report laser cannon orbiting over the United States, but called back later to tell us the they were gone now.

Sept 11 2001, Walter reappeared. This time he was helping his country by witching the location of bombs and later, Anthrax. He called the FBI. The FBI having absolutely no sense of humor, especially in the aftermath of 9/11 called us to check him out. They insisted that we send a Deputy up to talk to Walter, even after I explained to them that Walter was 86 years old and couldn’t leave the house by himself, much less put bombs or Anthrax anywhere. So a Deputy went to Walter’s house and had a chat with him. He had been “witching” with his maps again. He couldn’t find a good map of Washington D.C. so he had an old one out of an atlas. He would put the map on the table and kind of hover over it with a couple of welding rods. When they crossed, he would peer down and try to see what point on the map they were over. Needless to say, his accuracy left something to be desired. He died here a couple of years ago. I kind of miss him because, if nothing else, he was entertaining, and a really great guy to talk too.

This is not to say that “witching” is completely wacko. When I was in Germany, our cable plant chief used to use a pair of copper rods to locate underground telephone cables. It actually worked in that case! In fact, he had me try it myself using a couple of soda bottles to hold the rods. damnedest thing I ever saw, but all I found were cables, no Anthrax.

More “Gotcha” Journalism

Justice Thomas Reports Wealth of Gifts

The LA Times breathlessly reports that Justice Clarence Thomas received $42,000 in gifts since joining the high court, much more than any other justice. The Times of course sees dark forces at work.

But if you read the entire story, you find that the majority of that seeming inordinate amount of gifts is contained in just two items, one a “$19,000 Bible from Republican donor”. I guess the political affiliation of the donor is important, if it had been from a Democrat donor, would that have made it more acceptable? The other gift is a $15,000 Lincoln bust from the American Enterprise Institute.

The bible belonged to that well known radical Fredrick Douglass and was presented to him by a friend who, the Times reports ominously, donated to the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. Disturbingly, Thomas has also collect such obvious bribes as a hundred dollars worth of cigars from Rush Limbaugh. The horror!

It would seem that the LA Times piece is just another glop pf advocacy journalism intended to spin up blue state voters with its mention of reliably hot button people like Rush Limbaugh and groups like the Swiftvets. It will most likely achieve its desired results, but is just cements the Times reputation as a mere supermarket tabloid for liberal partisans rather than a reliable news reporter.

You can keep up with the hilarious misadventures of the LA Times staff as they try to convince their readers that they are too, a real newspaper. Just read Patterico’s Pontifications. Here is his LA Times year-in-review for 2004. Part I and Part II

Another Myth Is Born

One of the things you can be sure of is that in any situation the MSM will find something about it that can be used to hammer President Bush. That has been true in every situation since his first inauguration. From the seven minutes reading to school children on Sept 11 to the “sixteen words” that turned out to be accurate after all, the press has been anxious to foment the impression of incomptetance or maliciousmess on the President’s part with no consideration given to the truth of the matter.

Washington > In Efforts to Organize Aid, Powell and Governor Bush Will Tour Ravaged Areas” href=””>In Efforts to Organize Aid, Powell and Governor Bush Will Tour Ravaged Areas

The decision to send Mr. Powell and Governor Bush, President Bush’s brother, was seen by administration officials as likely to help defuse whatever hurt feelings there might be in Asia that the president was slow to respond, at least compared with how quickly many other nations reacted to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The disaster in South Asia is no exception. The story now is that President Bush was somehow “slow” to react to the tragedy. This is based largely on the idea that he should have immediately gone on TV to “feel their pain”.

Notice the careful wording of the criticism, that President Bush was slow to respond compared to other nations’ response to 9/11. What exactly did those nations do for us on 9/11 except offer lip service? There is a lot more to marshalling actual relief to disaster victims than going on TV and spouting platitudes. Any assistance to America afer 9/11 was token and superflorous. The assistance, minimal as it was, was accepted more with an eye to not hurting the feelings of other nations than any actual need. The comparison is bogus, but as the MSM has shown time and again, that is no impediment when criticising President Bush.

Actually America’s response started as soon as the information was received. The U.S. government does not sit around with their thumbs up their ass waiting for someone direct them to do something. Plans are in place and responsiblity is delegated. Whether the President is is Washington D.C., Crawford, Texas or Martha’s Vineyard makes no difference, someone is on duty and someone initiates action.

The complaints about the President’s response is not because of anything that was done or not done. It is just small minded carping by disgruntled reporters angry at their decreasing importance in the world.

LA Times Evaluation: Needs Improvement

Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2004 — Part One: The 2004 Presidential Election” href=””>Patterico’s Pontifications: Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2004 — Part One: The 2004 Presidential Election

After reading this, you can see that in a performance evaluation, the LA Times would garner a, “Does Not Meet Minimum Standards”.

They’re sort of like a 9 year old pretending to be grown up. Cute, but not to be taken seriously.

Ruling A Defeat For Common Sense

Does part of the preparation for taking a seat on the Oregon Court of Appeals involve having your brains sucked out and replaced by sawdust?

That is the only explanation that I can come up with for this ridiculous ruling.

Ruling a victory for protesters

In a victory for political protesters, the Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday struck down a state law that makes it a crime to disobey a police officer.

The court said the law was unconstitutionally broad because police could use it against people who are lawfully attending a political rally.

Note that the ruling was because the law could be used against lawful protesters. Not “was used” but “could be used”. There are a lot of powers given to various agencies other than police that “could be” used against others for purposes other than what they were intended. Are they going to strike down every law that grants a power that “could” be used against otherwise law abiding citizens?

The Oregonian celebrates this as a victory for protesters, but it also greatly restricts the ability for the police to deal with rowdy partiers and obnoxious drunks. Remember that when you are whining for the police to “do something”.

Mental Health Had Him And Cut Him Loose

I have heard from people upset with my remarks concerning Michael Egan, the transient that was shot to death when he attacked another man in Portland. The gist of their complaint seems to be that Egan was mentally ill and that increased funding for mental health workers would have prevented his death.

Well, there doesn’t seem to be much doubt that Egan was mentally ill, but I see no evidence that increased funding for mental health workers would have made a difference.

Years before fatal shooting in Portland, suspect faced trauma of deadly violence

Multnomah County sheriff’s records show that a deputy picked Egan up from the Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center on the morning of Nov. 26. The deputy drove him to the courthouse for an involuntary commitment hearing and was eventually released. Records for the hearing are confidential.

It appears that Mr. Egan was picked up and examined by Mental Health previous to this incident. He had an involuntary commitment hearing on Nov 26 and was released. It looks like Mental Health did their thing with him but the court did not go along. I’m not clear about what increased funding would have done to change this.

As for the other man, Stemle, his lawyer is claiming mental problems, but other than a period of homelessnes and a low tolerance for noisy neighbors, there is not any evidence of that. The reporter does try to make that an issue with this rather weak statement.

Police say Stemle had become a transient. Until February 2002, he lived in a low-income hotel in downtown Portland, refusing mental health help and repeatedly complaining about neighbors making noises to drive him crazy.

Living in a low income hotel is not evidence of mental problems, nor is complaining about noisy neighbors. I imagine that he made some sort of statement about the noisy neighbors driving him crazy, but that is a figure of speech and not particularly convincing as evidence of mental problems. As for him being turning down offers of mental health help, no one presents any evidence that he, in fact, needed any mental health help.

It seems that there is an unrealistic belief that every problem has a solution and that if we had the proper laws and programs incidents like this would never happen.