Eminent Thievery

Will court curb eminent domain?

It is a depressing colloquy for anyone who believes that property rights are fundamental to liberty. But there is worse to come. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor presses Wesley Horton, the lawyer for New London, on whether eminent domain can really be deployed to condemn any property that could be put to better use.

‘‘For example, a Motel 6,’’ O’Connor says. ‘‘A city thinks, ‘If we had a Ritz-Carlton, we’d get higher taxes.’ Is that OK?’’

‘‘Yes, that’s OK,’’ Horton replies.

Justice Antonin Scalia: ‘‘You can take from A and give it to B, if B pays more in taxes?’’

Horton: ‘‘Yes, if it’s a significant amount.

Hopefully the High Court will put an end to this legalization of theft by government. but these days, who know.

Put A Boot In His Ass And Send Him Home To Mommy

Reality of Army turns idealist into a deserter

Jeremiah Adler yearned for the type of mettle-testing adventure he never found in his pacifist, vegan upbringing in the Garden Home area of Southwest Portland.

Adler watched too many movies and thought that training would be some kind of Rocky montage. When he got to the real thing he ran like a scalded-assed ape.

Whatever bullshit he spouts about not wanting to be a ruthless killer, abhorring violence and all that claptrap, the truth is that Jeremiah Adler cannot be trusted, cannot be depended on and when his mettle was finally tested, he ran away. He is not someone I want next to me, he is not someone I want working for me, and he is not someone I want to do business with. He is someone who should be despised, scorned and avoided.

Give him his discharge and send him home to his mommy, but don’t try to hold him up as some kind of pacificst hero, he’s not. He’s just a scared little boy that wanted to play soldier but didn’t have what it takes. Thank God there are so many better men than Jeremiah.

Prissy Brit Offended By Leggy Women

Tim Blair provides a link to this decidedly bizarre column in the BBC.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Tour diary: Bush in Europe

Some amazement at the warm-up act for the President at his US airbase visit before he left Germany.

Cheerleaders – scantily-dressed and provocatively choreographed – charged around the stage, shaking their assets at the assembled troops.

The trouble was, the troops had brought their wives. The audience wore the fixed expressions of people who were aware they were witnessing a bad idea in action.

Admittedly, this was an all-American affair, and cheerleading is an all-American, wholesome sport.

But these pictures were available to any TV station in the world – including the Muslim world.

American wives and families shocked by cheerleaders? My kids grew up in the Army in Germany and Japan. There were cheerleaders every weekend. In fact, one of them was my daughter. Why would they be shocked?

These were cheerleaders from the Frankfurt Galaxy, an NFL Europe team. Shocking stuff to a BBC reporter, I’m sure. But hardly to American women and children who’re made of sterner stuff.

His concern that the Americans were doing something that people in Muslim countries might object to just shows that he is not a real reporter, but a yapping poofter that will say anything he is paid to say. No need to take his opinion into consideration, it’s whatever he’s told it is. Why is he sucking up to the Muslims? What does he expect to get in return? Or is that just BBC policy?

Sub-Human Scum Surfaces At Ft. Stewart, Ga.

A Death Notice Hoax?

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Military police are investigating a cruel hoax in which a man wearing an Army dress uniform falsely told the wife of a soldier that her husband had been killed in Iraq.


“Right off the bat, she noticed some things were not right,” Whetstone said. “The individual’s uniform wasn’t correct – there were no markings or name tags. Plus, the person was alone, and she knew one person does not make (death) notifications.”

Most likely one of those anti-war people. They are sick fucks that wouldn’t hesitate to do something like this. Not to mention stupid enough to try to fool an Army wife with an incorrectly worn uniform.

Environmentalists Rally To Keep Tax Breaks

Charities Fight for Easement Donors (washingtonpost.com)

Conservation groups and historic preservation organizations have joined forces to persuade Congress to reject changes proposed last month by the Joint Committee on Taxation to stem growing abuses by easement donors.

These are the same people that show up to protest every time a business requests or receives a tax break. Then they are aghast that they would shortchange the community that way. Evidently things are different whit it’s YOUR tax breaks that are on the line.

Notice that they are not going to make a case to the public for maintaining their privileged status. No, they’re going to bring out the “Ultimate Weapon” the “Good Ol’ Boys”.

“We have to find land trust board members, donors, friends who are close friends with members of Congress — first-name basis, friends from childhood, campaign donors — who would be willing at the very least to place a phone call, but ideally to come to Washington and meet with those members of Congress and advance this important message.” Once the alliance has compiled a database of legislators’ friends, Wentworth said, “we can pull those levers when we most need them.”

You see? They have connections, they should get tax breaks; you don’t, so you should pay.

Along with the Good Ol’ Boys They are deploying the trusty “Paid Lobbyist”, just in case the back scratching route isn’t enough.

The Joint Committee on Taxation is recommending that Congress end income-tax breaks available to homeowners who give charitable organizations easements that restrict changes to personal residences or surrounding land.

That means property owners that agree to keep their historic property looking historic would have their tax breaks cut to a more reasonable level.

Everyone wants deficit reduction, they just don’t want THEIR pork cut.

Super-HIV – An Isolated Occurrence…Or Not.

Reader (nice to know I still have some) Wayne Wood sends this link to a NY Daily News report on the man reported to have a strain of Super-HIV.

He points out a couple of sentences that leave you scratching your head.

Skeptical AIDS researchers from around the world believe the case is isolated and not the beginning of a new epidemic.

“We don’t know if this is an isolated case or if there are more cases out there,” Ho told the Daily News.

So, it’s an isolated case and they know that because…? Well, they don’t really know that…but they’re experts, they know what they are doing. So trust them.


And as Wayne also points out, since the original strain of HIV was caused by Ronald Reagan and he is dead, there couldn’t possibly be a new strain.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

Al Franken, I guess.

Franken’s Little Fit by Robert B. Bluey

On Tuesday Franken was going to appear on the Michael Medved Show while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). But when he showed up he was greeted by the sight of decorated Vietnam Veteran John O’Neill.

This terrified Franken and knowing that O’Neill would make him look stupid(er) refused to go on the air if O’Neill also appeared.

Human Events has the pictures of Franken flailing around while O’Neill does what comes naturally, ignoring Franken.


Citizen Smash – The Indepundit

THE BIG EVENT will be on Saturday, March 19, in Balboa Park. This will mark the second anniversary of Iraqi Freedom, and the first anniversary of Rebecca’s now-infamous speech.

As you recall, last year at this event I felt that I was surrounded in a sea of anti-American sentiment, and was unable to stand up and denounce the seditious rhetoric of the various speakers.

This year, however, we’re going to turn the tables.