And You Thought The FEC Was Bad?

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BANGKOK: — PM Dr Thaksin announced today a plan to make it illegal to use the Internet while affected by liquor or a drug, or to discuss sexually explicit matters on the Internet. The proposed bill will enable the Royal Thai Police to monitor internet traffic of those who use or abuse alcohol or drugs, Dr Thaksin said. The PM was confident that bill would be passed by the parliament and said ‚ÄúThere is too much immoral activity between teenagers that begins in an internet chat room.” Adding that studies from the health ministry showed the rise in teenage pregnancies mirrored the average rise in internet use among teens in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Chonburi.

This bill follows several lately, passed by parliament to keep Thai society free from dark influences which threaten to change the culture. In recent weeks a clampdown has been ordered on high pressure water pistols as well as on advertising and promoting sexual enhancement products.

Gotta Give Credit

Bill Clinton didn’t get the nickname “Slick Willie” for nothing. He has had the uncanny ability to get out of jams that would have had other politicians in jail. His staff isn’t too shabby either. Does anyone besides me remember the FBI files? That never went anywhere because no one would talk about it. Everyone in the White House took the 5th and refused to testify. Now years later it is all but forgotten. Pretty slick.

Now we have Bill’s boy Sandy caught taking classified documents out of the National Archives and “losing” them.

Why would this matter? Because those documents involved the response of the Clinton White House to the threat of terrorism. The documents themselves are not what was important, it was the notes written on them by Clinton administration officials.

Evidently there was something written on those memos that was so devastating that it absolutly had to be covered up. And it was.

Another Successful Cover-Up

Now Sandy will get off with a slap on the wrist, Bill and Hillary can rest assured that however badly terrorism was handled by the Clinton White House, no one will ever know.

Its all kind of breathtaking, isn’t it?

I Have No Problem Believing This.

James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today has a link to a recording of a 911 call that is going around. They made a transcript of the call, and it is either shocking or hilarious depending on what view you take.

As a 911 dispatcher for 15 years I have no problem at all believing that this actually happened. Everyone in our center has taken calls that were equally or even more stupid than this.

FWIW I don’t think this call came in on a 911 line, the dispatcher answers the line, “Sheriff’s Office”. But don’t think for a minute that we don’t get calls just as stupid on 911.

Transcript in extended entry.
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Evidently Air America Ain’t What Its Cracked Up To Be

Even in the small market I live in they aren’t doing too well. One local station changed from Country format to AA. I knew of a few people that listened to them before, but since they changed I don’t know anyone who does. Of course it just might be the same as Pauline Kael’s protest that no one she knows voted for Nixon. But I have heard from people who still listen to country and they switched to another station.

The Radio Equalizer -Brian Maloney: New Liberal Talk Radio Ratings Released

New Journalistic Standard?

Doubts Raised On Schiavo Memo (

Fresh from declaring victory over CBS News and its discredited National Guard memos about President Bush, some of the same bloggers are raising questions about a strategy memo, first reported by ABC News and The Washington Post, that cast the Schiavo right-to-die case as a partisan opportunity for Republicans to stick it to Democrats.

“Fake but Accurate Again?” says the Weekly Standard headline on an article by John Hinderaker, an attorney and conservative blogger who had challenged the CBS documents.

Howard Kurtz is in full “cover” mode. He defends the stories attributing the memo to the Republicans by saying, “there is no hard evidence that the memo is fake”. This is a new standard in journalism then. Yesterday David Shaw touted journalists as “accurate” and “fair” while disparaging bloggers. Today Howard Kurtz declares that “journalists” can report anything as fact and it is up to opponents to prove them false. That doesn’t strike me as much of a standard.

As far as the truth goes:

A Democratic Senate official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the party is not publicly discussing the memo’s origin, said: “It’s ridiculous to suggest that these are some talking points concocted by a Democratic staffer. The fact is, these talking points were given to a Democratic member by a Republican senator.” Democratic aides, in turn, gave the memo to reporters, as the New York Times reported last week.

The only ones we know were passing out the memo were Democrat sraffers, where did they get it? If from a Republican Senator’s office, which one, and when?

Ebbers, Lay And Kofi

Annan cleared, criticized in report

NEW YORK — Investigators looking into the United Nations’ oil-for-food program said Tuesday that Secretary-General Kofi Annan didn’t interfere in the awarding of a contract to a company that employed his son but criticized the U.N. chief for not properly investigating possible conflicts of interest.

As peacekeeping chief for the UN, Annan sat on his hands as the Hutu militia massacred thousands of Tutsis. As General Secretary he has presided over a UN that cooperated with dictator Saddam Hussein in stealing of billions of dollars that was to be used to alliviate suffering in Iraq. He was willing to allow Hussein to ignore UNSC resolutions without penalty. He dispatched “peacekeeping” troops whose idea of peacekeeping was to rape women, children and apparently animals.

Under his tutlage the UN has not brought peace or stability anywhere they are involved. In fairness, they have not under any other leader either.

But since he is not a businessman, none of that matters. As long as he declares himself and the UN are for ‘peace”, he will not be considered responsible, regardless of what the facts are.

He mislead everyone about the UN as much as Kenneth Lay and Bernie Ebbers mislead their investors.

Fire A Protester, Hire A Veteran

Soldiers’ next mission: Get a job

About half of the latest wave of 700 returning Oregon Guardsmen didn’t have civilian jobs before they were deployed, a U.S. Labor Department official said Tuesday. Other members of the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry, which arrived home last week, lost their jobs while they were on active duty.

This is easy. Everyone has been saying how they support the troops. Anti-war protesers can show their support by quitting their jobs so the returning veterans can have them. If they are unwilling to do this, their employers can fire them and hire the veterans. If it’s OK for Playgirl to fire an editor for being Republican, it’s OK for employers to fire someone for being an anti-war protester.