Excellent. But Why Did It Take So Long?

U.S. Muslim Scholars To Forbid Terrorism

An organization of top American Muslim religious scholars plans to issue a formal ruling today condemning terrorism and forbidding Muslims to cooperate with anyone involved in a terrorist act, according to officials of two leading Islamic organizations.

The one-page ruling, or fatwa, will be issued by the Fiqh Council of North America, an association of Islamic legal scholars that interprets Islamic law for the Muslim community. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, said the ruling does not represent a new position on terrorism.

Not to take anything away from the Islamic scholars, but why wasn’t this fatwa issued back in Sept 2001?

There’s Just No Pleasing Some People

Budget ax cutting off access

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. — Phil Thomas has cleared, graded and repaired national forest roads for 30 years, but now he’s been eliminated. With him, so will the dirt and gravel roads Americans rely on to reach their favorite forest hunting spot, trail or campsite.

It seems like only a few weeks ago Environmentalists were whining about Bush getting rid of the “roadless area” put in place by President Clinton.

Not only that, but Bush critics have been whining for years about the deficit.

Here Bush is cutting spending and letting many areas turn into roadless areas. Are they happy? Oh, no. Why not?

Was there some funding connected with the “roadless area” designations that went into the pockets of the Environmentalist groups? Probably. That’s the only way their whining makes any sense.

Real Reporting From Iraq

The MSM has pretty much abdicated its role in reporting the war in Iraq. They persist in doing laundry list reporting. So many people killed, so many explosions, etc. Everything lumped into one article that jumps from paragraph to paragraph giving one or two line statements of what happened, them moving on without giving any context.

For context, for a feeling of what the soldiers are doing, what the Iraqis are feeling and whether are efforts are helping or not, you have to go to Michael Yon.

On Tech Central Station, uberblogger Glenn Reynolds interviews Michael.

If you’re not reading Michael Yon, you don’t really know what is happening in Iraq.

How Is This Bush’s Fault?

There must be some reason this is Bush’s fault. Everyone knows that the Arabs, Kurds and Persians are incapable of doing anything without outside influence.

Gateway Pundit: Deadly Protests Erupt in Iran

The oppressive forces of the Iranian regime have shot at the demonstrators and two of them by the names of Hayder Abdullazada and Homer Emini the son of Shehk Mohammed have unfortunately been made martyrs and an unknown number of the demonstrators were also wounded.

The Iranian regime has gathered its suppressive forces from the cities of Mianduab and Urumiye and has ordered them to go towards the city of Shnow and to attack the civilians of the city. The oppressive forces are already moving towards the city of Shino with the intention of surrounding it.

Everyone knows how peaceloving the Iranian government is. Why, they’re so concerned about Global Warming that they’re developing nuclear power in order to curtail the use of fossil fuels. the protesters must be agents paid by the Americans and the Israelis.

Watermelon In The Bible?

Miami is outraged over a “Ghetto Style Talent Show” and “Watermelon Eating Contest” put on by the city’s summer camp program.

In the midst of all the usual PC BS condemning a meaningless name and faux outrage over a type of contest that many people with less than dusky complexions have taken part in for years, there is this gem for a local pastor.

“Watermelon, back in the days, was a good food for African Americans, according to the Bible, but at the same time, it had an attachment with slavery and bondage ties,” the Rev. Carl Johnson said.

Watermelon in the Bible? I’m hardly a biblical scholar but does the bible really mention watermelon for Africans? How about fried chicken?

Whose Got The Better Connections?

The Oregonian has a story about Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto “helping our” the wife of a politically connected businessman.

I’m not going to point fingers, exactly, political connections are the currency in Oregon. The facts of a matter don’t make as much difference as the connections of those involved. Bernie knows this, he himself benefited from his connections made during his tenure as the Governor’s driver. I have to admit that I consider him an improvement over his predecessor, the budding TV star, but that is neither here nor there.

It looks to me like Bernie used his connections as Sheriff, having the final say on gun permits, etc to help force Jim Jeddeloh into treatment for alcoholism. But no good dead goes unpunished, so Jim Jeddeloh is now using his connections to get back at the Sheriff for embarrassing him. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to discover that Jeddeloh is also connected to the Multnomah County Commissioner that the Sheriff earned the enmity of when he described the Commissioners (truthfully)as his “bankers, not his bosses”. There is nothing more vicious than a petty politician mocked.

All the whining about not being treated the same as other and Bernie’s possible interest in his wife is essentially meaningless. What we’re seeing is a contest between two politically connected men to see who is the alpha pol.

Sheriff Giusto might well be outgunned here. The fact that there is an Oregonian story shows that Jeddeloh has solid connections with the Goldschmidt machine. That machine is much more powerful in Oregon than the Kitzhaber faction that Bernie is connected to.

But please, let’s not pretend that this is about anything more than personal power. The politically connected always get treated differently that the run-of-the-mill citizen and probably always will.

“Hanoi” Jane Is Back

Jane Fonda is well known for wanting “peace.” Unfortunately her idea of peace means allowing brutal, vicious dictatorships to operate without concern. By her standards there is peace in Darfur, peace in Kashmir and peace in Zimbabwe. To her “peace” is simply the lack of American involvement. The people who live there might not agree, but they’re dirty foreigners anyway.

Jane did her best to bring the power the brutal regime in Vietnam. Since they came to power they have subject their people to “reeducation camps” where prisoners are beaten, starved and killed , they have instituted policies that resulted in starvation for much of the population and their political opponents have shown a proclivity for disappearing in the night never to be seen again.

Not satisfied with helping to bring to power a government in Vietnam that is known for their brutality and record of human rights abuses, she now plans the same for Iraq. There are somewhere between 300 and 400 thousand peole that were killed and buried in mass graves by the former regime but Jane wants to put them back in charge. No problem for her, she’ll still be wealthy and connected. None of her friends or family will end up in those graves. I’m surprised that she isn’t campaigning to bring back Slobodan Milseovic or Pol Pot.

I once worked with a Vietnamese man who had escaped from Vietnam after the war. He was one of the boat people. His wife and 4 year old daughter drowned in the South China Sea during the escape. I wonder if he appreciates what Jane did for him? I kind of doubt it.

Now she is trying to do the same for the Iraqis. I wonder if they would appreciate her as much as the Vietnamese do?

I am sure that veterans of the Iraq war will learn to despise and revile her as much as the veterans of Vietnam have.

Yes, There’s A Problem, But Where Do We Go From Here?

Meth’s clutch

Before he met Tina, John Motter had a closet full of $3,000 suits. He was a superstar tax consultant, entrusted with some of Arthur Andersen’s biggest clients.

But when Motter started using crystal methamphetamine, known as Tina in the gay community, the drug became more important than success.

The long hours at the office stopped. In the clutches of the powerful stimulant, Motter spent many of his nights at gay bathhouses and sex parties in Portland and Seattle.

Sitting in a Southeast Portland coffeehouse on a recent morning, his career over, the 43-year-old Portland resident couldn’t guess how many men he might have infected with HIV.

“It’s pretty disgusting, I know,” Motter said.

Cheap and easy-to-get, crystal meth supercharges the sex drive and keeps users awake for around-the-clock partying.

This presents a problem for both the “libertarian” right and the tolerance police of the left. A vicious confluence of HIV and Meth.

HIV and AIDS are not easy to get. The methods of transmission are well know both within and outside of the gay community. There should be no excuse for getting or spreading the HIV virus in today’s society. But because many, if not most, of the people coming up positive for HIV are homosexual, there is reluctance by many to criticizing anyone who has or spreads it. They are victims and victims are sacred. But in this case a little criticism, a little less approval by their peers, might be beneficial. No criticism is viewed as approval. But Mr. Motter isn’t HIV positive today because he’s gay, he’s HIV positive because he had unprotected sex with multiple partners. He did this because he didn’t care, and he didn’t care because he was using meth. A vicious cycle if there ever was one.

Mr. Motter is not unique. In fact he is rather representative. It is common for meth users to engage in activities that would strike a normal persona as dangerous and bizarre. This is not something that is unique to the gay community, although they are among those that are being hit hardest by the meth epidemic.

So where do we go from here? On one hand we have people that decry the “war on drugs” and what it is doing to our society. They don’t like the searchs, the raids, the jail sentences for people using and making the drugs. On the other we have meth. We have those who maintain that gays are victims of society and then we have meth. We have those who proclaim that the government has no business interfering in the choices of its citizens, and we have meth.

The article tells how meth dealers set up shop in rooms in gay bathhouses. But it would be incredibly un-PC to raid such a place. It would be “victimizing” gays. The bathhouse proprietors know the dealers are there, they know what they’re selling, but if they call the cops they would be ostracized in the community. What should they do?

The anti-drug warriors say that the war can never be won, that we should just surrender and legalize narcoticsmeth can and will be used responsibly, let the addicts burn themselves out. If only.

Legalizing meth would open the floodgates. Despite the assurances of the anti-drug war warriors, there is no chance that legalization would cut down on the destruction caused by meth. The quality and availability would only increase and since legalization implys approval. use would increase also. But meth is not pot. It has a terrible effect on those who use it. They become obsessive, paranoid and prone to violence. It is not the prohibition that makes them so, it is the drug.

Where do we go? Handing out condoms at gay bathhouses isn’t having any effect. Public service messages don’t have any effect. Outlawing the cold medicines will cut down on the “tweaker labs” and might help to cut down on the number of toxic hazard sites, but it doesn’t seem to have any affect on the availability or the purity of the drug. It only eliminates the competition from other sources and makes sure the trafficking is exclusively the domain of organized gangs.

Which leaves us where? An increasing incidence of HIV infection because of unsafe and indiscriminate sex practices among homosexual males fueled by meth use. An increase in the incidence and number of crimes to feed a meth habit. The increased impact on families. Political posturing with laws preventing people from getting or using cold medicines without a prescription. The affect of which is uncertain at best.

The politicians talk about stopping the meth trade, but as far as I can see, they’re doing just enough to generate news stories.

But I don’t have any answers either.

Meth is not a local problem. It is not a state problem. It is not even a national problem. For those thinking that this is a problem that cropped up recently and was confined to biker gangs on the West Coast, I got news for you. This is a worldwide problem and has been for years. Bikers in Sweden dominate the meth trade there. In Southeast Asia meth is turned out in modern superlabs in the jungles of Burma and is smuggled all over the Far East. In Thailand they call it “Yaa-Baa” (Crazy Medicine) and it sold in tablet form mixed with other drugs such as heroin.

I’s a problem in Europe, in Russia, in the Middle East, it is a problem everywhere. But in a world where the knowledge and materials required to manufacture the drug are easy to get, where do we go? Certainly we can pass laws. But we also have laws against nuclear proliferation. There are always states that are corrupt enough to allow drug cartels to set up and operate labs in their countries, all the while frowning and making statements at the UN about the seriousness of the problem. We can’t even agree to take action against states that murder their own people, what chance do we have to get action against narco-states?

If I were a smart enough person to have solutions to the problem, I would probably be paid more than I am.

Ace Is The Man

Ace of Spades HQ askes the following question.

Let me ask British Muslims– if violent backlash did begin, and roving bands of thuggish hooligans were beating and killing Muslims in the streets, would you urge that police give additional scrutiny to non-Muslims caucasians moving through Muslim communities, or would you insist that police attempts to protect Muslims focus on both Muslims and white hooligans equally?