VDH Imagines 2005 With Saddam Still In Power

Saddam in 2005!

Saddam promises more bounties for suicide bombers in Rather interview

In a much publicized second interview with CBS’s Dan Rather, Iraqi’s President Saddam Hussein insisted that continual American pressure had little effect. “Look at Afghanistan. Here it is almost October 2005, and America is still fighting the Taliban, so I don’t think they will dare come to our Iraq. But we are ready to be martyred nonetheless.”

VDH imagining the world if we had not gone into Iraq when we did. Interesting.

I have often wondered what would have happened if we had not gone ahead and lanced that boil.

The war opponents have given us no idea of what they think would have happened if they had prevailed against the war.

Do they agree with what VDH thinks would have happened? Do they think the sanctions would still be in effect? The no-fly zones? Would Saddam have been transformed into a (small d) democrat or even a (large D) Democrat? If American troops were not in Iraq where would they be? Still in Saudi Arabia? Back home? Would Saddam have renewed his WMD programs or would we still be waiting for the UN inspectors to be allowed back in.

Hanson paints a credible picture, albeit not one that would gain favor with current opponents. But how do they think things would have developed if they had got their way? No one seems to want to tell us that.

Here You Go Oregonian, Investigate This!

A few days ago, the O treated us to an extensive look at the background, business and personal, of a businessman who was working with Walmart to put a store in SE Portland.

Fair enough. That is the kind of thing that newspapers are supposed to do.

But they’re kind of one-sided about it, giving us the background only on the Walmart supporter with little or nothing on the opponents.

Here’s another chance for the O to show their investigative skills and their civic pride.

Energy costs are rising across the board. This results in hard times for people and businesses. One of the reasons is the power of the “environmental” lobby to block any energy exploration within the U.S. Consequently we are having to import more and more of our energy sources from other counties.

With coal, oil, hydro and nuclear on the sh*t list, one of the few remaining energy sources that meets the increasingly picky approval of the public, is Natural Gas. It is relatively cleanburning and is available within the United States and from our neighbors in Canada rather that the Middle East.

But it has to be transported from where it is produced to where it is to be used and that, evidently, is a stumbling block.

“Developers” (that is a loaded term for many in Oregon) are wanting to build a Natural Gas terminal on the Columbia River. As with all things in Oregon, NIMBY rears its head. The terminal, which might have a positive effect on area economy, is being opposed by groups including, but not limited to, property owners on Puget Island on the Washington side of the river.

Developers detail gas site to fans, foes

Critics, many of them residents of tiny Puget Island across the river from Bradwood in Washington state, haven’t been swayed by the rosy economic forecast.

“Puget Island is a sitting duck if something were to happen with LNG tankers,” said Judy Bright, co-founder of Wahkiakum Friends of the River. “They’re talking about all the tax benefits, but none of that comes across to our side of the river. We’re taking all the risk and get none of the benefit.”

So why doesn’t the O, with all their investigative skills, give us a rundown on those supporting the terminal and those opposing it?

Are supporters just greedy businessmen unconcerned about residents and the environment?

Or are supporters wealthy landowners of high priced real estate, who paid good money for their property, are upset that the view might be ruined and don’t care about the local economy having made their fortunes elsewhere?

Landowners are only some of the critics, who are the rest?

Don’t feel compelled to investigate only the critics though, by all means, investigate the supporters too. It’s called “reporting the news.”

It didn’t take them long at all to come up with the dirt on the Walmart supporter, they shouldn’t have any problem with this. Unless, of course, the information in the Walmart story was fed to them by opponents as in the Al French story. In that case, they would show themselves to be little more that a PR outlet for PC causes.

So, Oregonian, are you a newspaper, with reporters ferreting out the truth? Or are you a collection of PR pimps rewriting press releases?

Looks Like I Don’t Know Who I Want

Well, I took this test and this is the result.

U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, appointed by
Reagan, born 1949
A Texan! Nearly nominated to Souter’s seat by
G.H.W. Bush. You’re hoping the son follows
through! Jones is considered radioactive by
Democrats, which you (and the administration)
might consider a plus!

New World Man presents: My favorite candidate for the Supreme Court
brought to you by Quizilla

Jason Has A Great Letter About The Logistics Problems Facing Katrina Relief

Jason has ended up being the “go to” guy for real information on the challenges faced by the people responding to Katrina.

He has a letter from a Marine logistics guy that puts the response in a better perspective. There are huge misconceptions about what was involved in getting relief supplies into New Orleans after the hurricane.

The old saw “Amateurs study tactics, but professionals study logistics” proves its truth once again.

COUNTERCOLUMN: All your bias are belong to us

in a non-tactical environment, you are at approx 13,000 ft of trucks or about 2.5 miles of water for a single days supply of water for the relief force and the Superdome. There is nothing to eat, sleep on, or wipe your ass with in this convoy. Just one days worth of water. Pretty impressive number? It’s worse even than that. This does not include any packaging, bracing, tiedowns, etc. to hold the water. Just 128 perfectly sealed water haulers.

Now multiply times 25 for the 1,000,000 people displaced by Katrina. And then do it all over tomorrow.

Read the whole thing. It might even make you appreciate what an awesome feat it was to move the number of troops from Kuwait to Baghdad as quickly as we did even without resistance.

Just for shits and giggles look what happened to a “journalist” who tries to argue that “It’s Not About Logistics,” obviously an amateur.

I particluarly like this comment from MajMike

in summary, any two random second lieutenants and three buck sergeants know more about the logistics prep work for a large scale troop movement than any amount of media representatives.

good job fellas!

why am i not surprised….

“Activist” Group Baffled By Elections

baynews9.com – News : Voters prove colorblind

A local activist group is going to court to try to make it easier to elect black candidates.


The lawsuit was filed last month in federal court by members of the Uhuru movement. It claims the election process in St. Petersburg makes it too difficult to get black candidates elected because after they nominate them in primary elections, they can still be voted down in the general election when the whole city can vote.

After all, what the use of having an election if they let everyone vote?

Slapped With A Meme

Analog Kid has hit me with a music meme. Probably not a real good fit for me what with being half deaf, but I’ll take a shot at it.

Q1 – How much music do I have?

That’s something I would rather not get into. My music is mostly MP3’s and I’d just as soon not have the RIAA goons kicking down my door.

Q2 – What was the last CD I bought?

People buy CDs? The last one I bought was for my wife. It’s these two, but I don’t think they have much of a following in the U.S.

Q3 – What am I listening to right now?

I have somewhat eclectic tastes. On my MP3 player right now I have a collection of various hits from the 80’s along with some Glenn Miller, Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, Ink Spots, a collection called Cafe del Mar and some Argentine tango by Astor Piazolla.

You might wonder what Cafe del Mar is. So did I. When I heard the music it took me back to 1997 when we went to visit our daughter who was in the Navy in Naples, Italy. We spent one evening in Florence, sitting on the terrace of our hotel overlooking the Arno River, drinking wine. It was great. There was a total eclipse of the moon that night and the banks of the river were lined with people. This music wasn’t playing that night, but it should have been. That’s the kind of music it is, the kind to sit on a terrace watching the moon and drinking cheap chianti by.

Astor Piazolla is Mr. Tango and tango is the about the most erotic thing you can do with your clothes on. At least if it is done right.

Q4 – Five songs that mean a lot to me?

Music is supposed to mean something? I thought it was pleasant noise for my amusement.

Umm..Billy Joel – My Life. I like the f-you attitude.
Other than that there are certain songs that I really like, but they don’t mean anything special.

Eve of War – Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

Rhapsody in Blue – that clarinet opening kills me.

Summertime from Porgy and Bess – probably one of the most covered songs in existance. I have over twenty different covers.

The Chicken Dance – very familiar to anyone who has ever been to a German Bierfest. A great tune to dance with your kids to. Makes no sense whatsoever but after a few beers, it doesn’t need to.

One just to show how much things have changed. Don’t try to play this anywhere other than when you are absolutely alone in a locked, soundproof room. Trixi Smith and her Down Home Syncopators, with Louis Armstrong, “You Gotta Beat Me To Keep Me” (“Cause Mama Loves A Hardboiled Man) recorded in the 1920’s. Allmusic doesn’t even dare list it.

Q5 – I’m passing this meme on to:

Geez, I need to send this to someone?

I’ll figure something out.

Wrong Attitude Prompts Investigation

Landowner’s past shows he’s deeper than one Wal-Mart

The Oregonian isn’t very good at the whole news investigation business. Think of how many times they have been “scooped” by Willamette Week.

They don’t seem to know anything about what local Democrat powerbrokers are up to and show no inclination to find out.

But here is a way to get the Oregonian hot on your trail, exhibit an incorrect attitude regarding Walmart, or speak out against a Democrat politician.

In 2004 we saw the latter example when the O went fishing for dirt on Deputy DA Al French after he spoke out against John Kerry’s claims of Vietnam heroism. It didn’t take long for the O to publish info passed to them by Kerry supporters resulting in French being suspended while an investigation was done.

Now a businessman has done the unthinkable. He is planning to assist Walmart in putting a store in SE Portland. Evidently this is something that is un-Portland. If this were actually true then the store would go broke from lack of patronage. But the enlightened folks of the city know that they cannot allow this to be put to the test.

The O seems to have done a thorough investigation. They have a lot on his personal and business history. They know that he is connected with a local prominent business family, but he is **sniff** only related by marriage and so is not truly one of the blood. A mere tradesman rather than a proper merchant prince.

Now we know that the O can do investigative journalism, they just won’t unless it is for a good cause.

Don’t expect similar profiles of those opposing Walmart. They are the anointed and beyond reproach.

Correction: the person that was smeared by the Kerry people is an Deputy DA named Al French, not Al Church. Item corrected.