What Will Their Answers Be On The Morning After?

The leaks just keep on coming! The Democrats seem to be determined to revert to the law-enforcement model of fighting terrorism that prevailed before 9/11. That is effective if you’re aim is to prevent the same people that carried out previous attacks from carrying out new ones. Obviously this has been successful in the sense that none of the people that carried those attacks carried out any others. But since many of them were suicide attacks that is of limited efficacy.

It seems that some people in the FBI and the administration knew that the 9/11 attackers were in the country, that they were learning to fly airplanes and that Osama had discussed using airplanes to attack the U.S. The problem this presents, if you are functioning in the law enforcement mode, is that the only actual crimes committed prior to 9/11 by those who carried out the attacks were immigration violations, which we have been told endlessly, are not real crimes.

There was nothing in their actions that could have been legally used on 9/11 to prevent them from boarding those airplanes. Nor were they carrying anything that was considered a weapon at that time. No guns, no big knives, no explosives. Nothing but boxcutters. I myself flew back from Las Vegas on the night of Sept 10/11 with a folding knife in my carryon luggage. No one looked twice.

In spite of that, there are those who cling to the illusion that the correct way to defend ourselves is by law enforcement action, with all the attendant restrictions and exemptions. If FBI agents stopped someone carrying a bomb from boarding an airplane or entering a building without sufficient Probable Cause or found the bomb through a search later determined to be illegal, then the terrorist walks.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t give me warm and fuzzy feelings.

On the other hand, we have those who, like the President, consider us to be in a war and know that we have to fight it as a war. This makes some people uncomfortable.

So uncomfortable, it would appear that they are willing to leak classified operations to the press.

First we have someone leaking to the New York Times that the NSA, which monitors telephone and radio transmissions worldwide, has intercepted U.S. citizens or legal aliens communicating with known terrorists overseas.

Well, I would certainly hope so.

But many are incensed that the government would eavesdrop on terrorist communications with U.S. “persons” without a warrant. They are trying to make the case that this is an egregious violation of civil rights. But the number of intercepts I heard was 26. That’s 26 cases out of how many thousands of calls since 9/11. It hardly looks like a Gestapo type operation to me.

Now it appears that those wedded to the law enforcement model have taken exception to the monitoring of several sites around Washington DC associated with Muslims for radiation. Again they have seen fit to leak classified operations to the press, this time U.S. News and World Report.

They are crying that the President is shredding the Constitution in his pursuit of terrorists who may or may not be Muslims. In light of the history of Islamic terrorist attacks in the past twenty years, I would come down firmly on the side of surveillance myself.

In many ways, the President is the victim of this own success. There have been no successful attacks since 9/11. This may be due to counterterrorism operations, as the President’s supporters say, or it may be due to nothing at all, which seems to be the position of his opponents. But since the morning of 9/12 it has been accepted wisdom that there will be another attack. I wonder if the Democrats that are making these arguments will be anywhere to be found on the morning after that attack?

They say that civil liberties are being forfeited for the illusion of safety. But what do they think will happen to civil liberties if there is another attack. Are they going to stand up before angry voters and explain their obstructions? Or are they hoping to regain control of the government? Do they realize that they are writing the standards to which they will be held?

We Now Know Saddam Watches CNN

CNN.com – Hussein says he was beaten in custody – Dec 21, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — In an extended courtroom outburst, Saddam Hussein claimed Wednesday that he has been beaten “everywhere on my body” while in detention and has the marks to prove it.

Hussein also alleged that his co-defendants also had been beaten and “tortured” by Americans.

Saddam has been watching the news. He must have seen the debate about “torture” on the American news channels and thought that he could capitalize on it. He might be right. After all, CNN used to suck up to his government and even pay massive bribes for the honor of disseminating his propaganda. They even covered up atrocities so they would not “lose access”. They went to great length to insure that his version of the story was put out in a manner most pleasing to him. That’s not some “right-wing paranoia”. We know this because Eason Jordan told us.

With the alacrity that the press has lapped up stories of prisoners with panties on their head while ignoring hundreds of thousands of bodies in mass graves. Just when he thinks the Americans can’t get any stupider, he reads stories condemning American troops for failing to secure WMD factories next to stories condemning the invasion because no WMDs were found.

Watching the news today, it is no wonder he acts like he is still in charge. He watches as America is more and more isolated. He knows that Europe is desperate to come back and rebuild the poison gas factories, dying to sell him the centrifuges and machinery to develop his nuclear program.

Mass graves? Nothing to worry about. Maybe the Germans can teach him how to do it better. Whole villages wiped out? Nothing. The French killed thousands of their own grandparents without an effort. Saddam is a mere wannabe.

And when he looks at America? He sees powerful politicians haranguing the President and his supporters for trying to free his country. He sees them constantly finding reasons to fail and manufacturing excuses for leaving.

So he claims he was tortured? Sure. Howard Dean, John McCain and John Kerry will be more than happy to take him at his word. After all, he once was President of his country…and he’s not a Republican.

If things continue in the direction they are going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a future Democrat Congress and President McCain visiting Baghdad to make their apologies and show respect by dropping a few billion dollars in his pockets. Maybe Teresa Heinz could even donate funds to replace the shredders that were wrongfully taken..

Lileks Weighs In…Kind Of

Lileks is channeling the next Hollywood blockbuster.

Setting: the office of B., a Hollywood producer. A writer we shall call “K” enters.

B: Loved the script. Powerful. Timely. I know your agent has gone over the changes – we swapped out the Muslim terrorists for Mormon Nazis, and instead of trying to set off a nuke in New York they’re to assassinate a new Supreme Court nominee who’s pro-choice. Streisand is totally on board for the role and everyone smells Oscar. Anyway. There’s this scene here at the Department of Central Security – is that real?

K: It’s a composite.

B: Right, right, super-secret stuff. I see lots of monitors on the walls and dim lighting and James Earl Jones grabbing phones and barking stuff like “Get me our man in Beirut,” right? Except in this case it would be, I don’t know, Beirutah, ‘cause they’re Mormons. Hah! Work that in. Anyway. It’s on page 35. The hero – we changed the ex-SpecOps guy to a transsexual Navy sniper who got discharged after she came out, has a daughter who’s pregnant from a rape by a GI who came back from Iraq all bent, that’s the backstory. Anyway. She’s watching this board where they track outgoing calls, catches a call going from a terrorist in Washington to a terrorist cell in Hamburg, and she picks up and listens. Now. I have the highest respect for your talent, but, uh, don’t you think this is a little far fetched?

K: Which part?

B: You expect audiences to accept they’ll just tap a call without a court order? We want them to like these guys.

NYC Held Hostage By Union Thugs

NYC transit workers walked out on strike today. This despite the fact that they have a “no-strike” clause in their contract. I guess we can all see how binding the Union considers the contracts to be.

bt: Strike Shuts Down NYC Subways & Buses” href=”http://brain-terminal.com/posts/2005/12/20/strike-shuts-down-nyc-subways-buses”>>bt: Strike Shuts Down NYC Subways & Buses

I do not understand why unions aren’t considered illegal cartels. If I wanted to become a subway train driver, I could not do so without first joining the union, whether I wanted to pay the union dues or not. What’s the difference between that and being forced to pay protection money to the mafia? In either case, the mob or the union “protects” me (or my job), whether I want the protection or not.

Similarly, if a group of merchants got together to decide that they’re going to sell gasoline at $10 a gallon, it would be considered illegal collusion, and the merchants would be prosecuted. So why can individuals band together to fix prices for labor? They are in effect merchants of their work, and they’re colluding, via the union, to subvert the free market and set artificially high prices for what they are selling. And they are now effectively extorting the entire City of New York in order to ensure the perpetuation of their monopoly on the transit labor market.

I have long said that the only reason Unions exist is to protect the jobs of the lazy or incompetent. I’ve never had any dealings with a Union that showed me differently.

Froggy’s Not Amused

Froggy Ruminations: Eavesdropping on the Cowards

So essentially what the liberals are saying is that the US should not monitor calls from known terrorists abroad to previously unknown US co-conspirators under any circumstances. They are proposing in essence that only calls to terrorist co-conspirators who are well known and under surveillance already can be monitored. The idea that the US should put its fingers in its own ears and repeat, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!” when terrorists communicate with their agents in the US is one of the most ridiculous and silly ideas that I have ever heard. Members of the Frogosphere already know that Democrats cannot be trusted with the security of the United States, but this highly political stance cannot be mistaken as anything other than the utterly irresponsible and laughably weak gesture that it is.

Nor is Jeff Goldstein.

Time To Redeploy?

Violence Undoes A City’s Peace

An upsurge in violence shows that, even after hundreds of years, the police and city government is unable to bring peace to Boston’s troubled streets.

Year after year they sent police out in the streets to quell the violence and year after year they fail. Now might be the time to try something different.

We should apply the lessons that John Kerry, Edward Kennedy and Marshal John Murtha-Petain have learned from the U.S. Senate and set a deadline for the redeployment of all police forces from the city. It has been shown that every report of a crime involves the police in some way. Removing them from the area would be sure to bring down reports of crime drastically.

It is time that the citizens of Boston learned to stand on their own without being propped up by the police department.

Global Warming! We’re All Gonna Die!!

Our son is going to Buffalo to spend Christmas with our daughter and her family. Since he won’t be around for Christmas we decided to do our gift exchange early. So we decided that today would be a good day. We left our house in Tangent about 11:30 and drove off and on freezing rain clear up to Hillsboro. When we got to Robert’s house it was just changing to snow. Not much, just enough to lightly dust the streets. Not wanting to cook, we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner.

Big mistake.

It took us 90 minutes to make a 15 minute drive. It started snowing harder and turned icy. This in the middle of the afternoon of the last weekend before Christmas. This was what the parking lot at Red Lobster looked like once we got there.


Good dinner, then back on the road to my son’s house. this time we took the notorious Highway 217 and crawled, but it was better because there were no big hills.

I have driven ice and snow in Europe and the Eastern U.S., including that winter wonderland of Buffalo, New York. There is no big secret about driving in this kind of weather. You keep a light foot on the gas and the brake and don’t make any sudden moves. You can easily idle up an icy hill but if you step on the gas you’re going to start sliding.

It doesn’t help that ODOT doesn’t know what to do either. Or maybe they aren’t allowed to do what is needed. Every place else I have lived the road crews would use salt or some other ice melter on the roads when it snows. A little bit of snow like this in a place like Buffalo or in the Catoctin Mountain in Maryland would result in the roads being cleared in nothing flat. But here in Oregon, we worship at the altar of the “environment”. That means not using things that work because they might, might, mind you, adversely affect the environment. So when we have ice and snow, ODOT heads out with sand trucks. They spread the sand on the ice, but the only noticeable difference when they’re done is that the ice is brown. I guess they figure that if they can’t make the road more drivable they’ll just make it uglier.

It snows so seldom around here that the only people with snow driving skills are the ones that head up the slopes to ski or snowboard. The rest can’t drive in adverse conditions to save their lives. They either think you drive like there’s no snow or you creep along at a walking pace.

We had to leave to come home because my wife was supposed to work tonight. We came back across Hwy 217 at about 35 Mph and hit I-5 South. Just south of the 217 interchange there is a long hill. On the northbound side some semis had managed to get stuck and another had tried to maneuver around them. He got stuck too and ended up blocking the entire northbound freeway. Traffic was backed up for at least 5 miles…and it had just happened.

By the time we got to Wilsonville we were driving on bare, dry pavement. We managed to make it home with no problem, but after we got here we started having freezing rain again. They decided to close McDonalds rather than have the employees try to make it in, so my wife isn’t working tonight anyhow.

The Democrats Wayback Machine Set For Sept 10

JustOneMinute: Bush And The “Secret” Eavesdropping

It looks to me like barefaced news manipulation by the New York Times. It appears that they knew about this for a year but waited until it looked like the Iraqi elections might cause Bush’s popularity might rebound to release it. Why else wait until now? Except, of course, to increase the take for the reporters book which is coincidently just being published.

This seems like a mighty helpful to the Democrats political fortunes. Did anyone from the newspaper talk to anyone at any level at the DNC or any of their 527 front organizations before the publication? That would be interesting to know.

As of Sept 10, the 9/11 terrorists had not committed any crime in the United States other than Immigration violations, which we all know, Democrats do not consider a crime. Under the conditions that the NYT seems to think should rule, gathering any intelligence at all on them prior to the hijacking would have been illegal. Is that the position they want to take?

Why are Democrats so determined to turn the clock back to Sept 10? Do they think al Qaeda and their associates are just figments of some screenwriter’s imagination? That they will disappear if we just quit believing in them? Do they really think that dismantling any effort to combat them will make them appreciate what nice people we are and go back to molesting goats?

Do they really want to proclaim to the people “Vote for us. We won’t do anything that might upset the people that are determined to kill us.”? Do they really want to stand up and say, “We support the rights of terrorists right up until the moment the plane hits the building”?

Are they out of their fucking minds?

Ralph Peters Roughs Up The “Peace Protesters”


Doesn’t anyone on the left have the integrity to consider that, for all its deplorable faults, the Bush administration just might have done an admirable deed by giving 26 million souls a voice in their own future?

Our domestic left took sick leave during yesterday’s election. They’ll be back as soon as anything goes wrong. But Iraq’s third and most-inclusive trip to the polls was a reality. No amount of spin and lies can change that.