Democratic National Security?

The Democrats like to say they’re strong on National Security. In fact they make sure their press release included the words “tough” and “strong” so we would all know just how “tough” and “strong” they are.

But actions speak louder than words and in the House Intelligence Committee the Democrats tried to cut funding for the NSA until they found out more about the eavesdropping on terrorist phone calls.

Intelligence Office Has Swollen, House Panel Says – Los Angeles Times

WASHINGTON – The House Intelligence Committee voted Thursday to withhold funding from the nation’s intelligence director over concerns that his office, which was created to streamline operations in the nation’s spy community, is instead becoming bloated and bureaucratic.

At the same time, Republicans on the House panel defeated a Democratic push to suspend hundreds of millions of dollars in spy agency funding until the Bush administration provided more information about a controversial domestic espionage program being conducted by the National Security Agency.

The Washington Post continues to term it “domestic” spying under the principle that if you say something often enough it will be so.

The Democrats believe that anyone in the United States, citizen, legal or illegal immigrant has the absolute right to collaborate with foreign terrorists to attack America, Americans or American interests without worrying about being monitored by our intelligence system.

No, that’s not right. They do accept that they can be monitored, but only if the intelligence agency can show a judge that probable cause exists that the conversation concerns a terrorist act that is aimed at the United States, our citizens or our interests.

No fair just monitoring phone calls to known terrorist associates, they might be planning something innocuous, like a trip to Disney World.

Don’t Look For These Pictures On CNN

If you saw a story about the illegals marching in the street of our cities to protest the enforcement of immigration laws, you probably didn’t see these signs. Most newspeople are pretty sure that they are not going to be replaced by illegals any time soon and are more concerned about whether they will be able to get their low wage gardeners and nannies than with the affects of an uncontrolled influx of uneducated, unskilled immigrants.

The story was decided right off. Illegal immigrants are heroes, anyone that opposes them are racists. All news stories have been constructed to comply with this template.

The marches were organized with this in mind and the marchers were supposed to carry American flags, dress in white etc. It was as carefully constructed for a visual effect as any of the Nurenberg rallies.

The news reports are full of pictures of marchers with American flags but few if any pictures of these signs.
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What Craveness Begets

What the “Danish Cartoons”, to use the current euphemism, showed the world was not the superiority of Western ideals or the strength of a free press, but how easy it is to roll the Politically Correct who seem to make up so much of our chattering classes.

One of the few to resist knuckling under to the thugs that threatened to burn buildings and kill people that had nothing to do with the cartoons, was the Canadian newspaper the Western Standard.

Western Standard – Independent Voice of the New West.

Earlier this month, the Western Standard was sued in human rights court for publishing the Danish cartoons. It’s been ten years since I’ve graduated from law school, and I’ve never seen a more frivolous, vexatious, infantile suit than this.

But that’s the point — this complaint is not about beating us in the law. Freedom of speech is still in our constitution; we’ll win in the end. It’s a nuisance suit, designed to grind us down, cost us money, and serve as a warning to other, more timid media.

Now the Islamists have sued them for daring to publish something that was not approved by Islamic leaders.

Of course they are doing this in order to intimidate other weaker newspaper editors and reporters. They want them to think twice before publishing something that might be critical of Muslims or their leaders.

The sad thing is, it will probably work.

I’m Not The Only One That Thinks This

Buck Sargent at “American Citizen Soldier” has an interesting post discussing the reporters that are blithely selling the country out in their maddened rush to find something to pillory Bush for.

He’s done (and not done) many things that are worth criticizing..but not Iraq. Meanwhile those reporters might want to take a hard look in the mirror.


This is what many people are seeing.

Facile protestations of a greater good are not cutting it with more and more people.

Kind Of Funny

Media Matters, the liberal lobbyist blog, took exception to Neal Boortz’s comments on illegal aliens. They wanted to get the word out about what a racist Neal is. So he helpd them out. He posted a link to their posting on his website.

That generated a lot of comment on their blog, but not exactly the congratulatory ones they expected. Have to give them credit. They haven’t come up with some flimsy excuse for blocking it yet.

Yeah, I Have Come To That Conclusion Too.

Rethinking the Drug War

Getting high can be bad. Putting people in prison for it is worse. And doing the latter doesn’t stop the former.

I was once among the majority who believe that drug use must be illegal. But then I noticed that when vice laws conflict with the law of supply and demand, the conflict is ugly, and the law of supply and demand generally wins.

The drug war costs taxpayers about $40 billion. “Up to three quarters of our budget can somehow be traced back to fighting this war on drugs,” said Jerry Oliver, then chief of police in Detroit, told me. Yet the drugs are as available as ever.

There aren’t vey many people in jail for “getting high” around here. Drug possession and use will get you a cite and a sentence on the work crew. It’s the failing to show up when they’re supposed to that get most people jail time here.

Bus still, it’s a huge waste of time and energy. After all the drug raids, restrictions on cold medicine and other programs, drugs, particularly Meth, are just as available as they always were.

The govenment likes to claim progress because the number of labs raided is down. But the only true measure is the streeet price and availability of drugs. Meth is easily obtainable and there has been no big increase in the price. Marijuana is probably easier to get than a six-pack of beer or a pack of cigarettes for an underaged kid.

So what should we do? Being a cold-hearted conservative who used to smoke, drink and use recreational substances but no longer does. I have a proposal. I call it the “make it legal and let them die” plan. You would be free to use any kind of drug that your heart desires. But whith that freedom would come responsibilities. Like taking care of yourself. You can sit in your crash pad watching MTV and scarfing down your munchies, but you would be responsible for paying for that pad and those munchies yourself.

If you’re using harder drugs and destroy your health? Well, that’s your choice. You know the drill, live fast, die hard, but forget about leaving a good looking corpse. Crank and Heroin won’t let you.

First Night Shift

Last night (Wednesday) was my first night shift. We rotate every six weeks. Since it was the first night, of course, I didn’t get enough sleep. But everyone was making sure that I stayed awake.

This was a lot of fun.

Man jumps into river after being chased by police

It was also the last night that the fire department Battalion Chief was working before his retirement. We were accusing him of paying someone to do this so he could cruise around the river one last time.

don’t know if the guy is still alive. Swimming rivers is something that always works in the movies but not in real life. Especially if you’re drunk.

Democrat “Plan” Dubious

BREITBART.COM – Democrats Offer National Security Platform

The Democratic statement lacks specific details of a plan to capture bin Laden, the al-Qaida chief who has evaded U.S. forces in the more than four years since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. But Democrats suggest they will double the number of special forces and add more spies to increase the chances of finding al-Qaida’s elusive leader.

What the Democrat “plan” reveals is a lack of seriousness. Capture bin Laden? Sure. How? We’ve been chasing him thorough the hinterlands of the Hindu Kush, but he could just as easily be in Iran, Syria or even Kosovo. And don’t tell me they wouldn’t cooperate with him. They would just as long as it suited their purposes. None of which correspond to ours.

Expand Special Forces? Again, this shows a lack of understanding of the military. Probably not news to anyone. The special ops troops are the very pinnacle of the military. They are the best trained, the smartest, the most physically fit, the absolute apex of military skill. There is no way, short of lowering standards, that you can double the size of the special operation force. Not only that but the pool from which they must draw is much smaller these days than it was in the eighties. The selection for special forces is grueling. Most applicants cannot pass. After they pass that hurdle they have to get through the SF or BUDS training, which again has a very high washout rate. What expanding the special ops force would mean would be to allow people that would have normally been eliminated to be accepted. Not something that would have the results desired.

Expand the spies? OK. Remember the 1990s? Do you recall an Executive Order that directed the Intelligence Community not to use people that might have “human rights” problems? Which would include just about anyone that might have any information at all about al Qaeda. Remember the push to add people to the CIA staff. They didn’t want people that knew Arabic or an understanding of the culture of the Middle East or Islam. They wanted “diversity” meaning women and gays. That would have been fine if they wanted to make sure that people that had the necessary knowledge and skills were not eliminated because of their sexual preferences or “gender”. But that was not what happened. The CIA got a lot of new hires that were qualified simply because they were gay or female. Not a real impressive showing.

It sounds to me like the Democrats are blowing hot air in the hope that someone will take them seriously.

Democrats – Mullahs Have Common Mideast Visions

‘The Last Helicopter’

Hassan Abbasi has a dream–a helicopter doing an arabesque in cloudy skies to avoid being shot at from the ground. On board are the last of the “fleeing Americans,” forced out of the Dar al-Islam (The Abode of Islam) by “the Army of Muhammad.” Presented by his friends as “The Dr. Kissinger of Islam,” Mr. Abbasi is “professor of strategy” at the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard Corps University and, according to Tehran sources, the principal foreign policy voice in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s new radical administration.

For the past several weeks Mr. Abbasi has been addressing crowds of Guard and Baseej Mustadafin (Mobilization of the Dispossessed) officers in Tehran with a simple theme: The U.S. does not have the stomach for a long conflict and will soon revert to its traditional policy of “running away,” leaving Afghanistan and Iraq, indeed the whole of the Middle East, to be reshaped by Iran and its regional allies.

Where would he have gotten that Idea? Oh, yeah. From history.

To hear Mr. Abbasi tell it the entire recent history of the U.S. could be narrated with the help of the image of “the last helicopter.” It was that image in Saigon that concluded the Vietnam War under Gerald Ford. Jimmy Carter had five helicopters fleeing from the Iranian desert, leaving behind the charred corpses of eight American soldiers. Under Ronald Reagan the helicopters carried the corpses of 241 Marines murdered in their sleep in a Hezbollah suicide attack. Under the first President Bush, the helicopter flew from Safwan, in southern Iraq, with Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf aboard, leaving behind Saddam Hussein’s generals, who could not believe why they had been allowed live to fight their domestic foes, and America, another day. Bill Clinton’s helicopter was a Black Hawk, downed in Mogadishu and delivering 16 American soldiers into the hands of a murderous crowd.

It would seem that Democrats and the Iranian Mullahs have a common vision of the Middle East. A total and complete withdrawal of all American influence and the subjugation of all the people in a modern caliphate armed with nuclear weapons.

We’d be OK, they don’t have the technology to threaten us just yet, but I’m sure a future Democratic President could find a way to sell them missile technology. Maybe in return for some donations to his campaign or his Presidential library. (or hers) It’s not just the Chinese that can play that game.

Taheri doesn’t think that a future President would be able to do that. After the Democrats pulled the plug on the Vietnamese, hundreds of thousands died. But the Democrats were able to escape shouldering the blame because they controlled the press. The prison camps, executions and starvation that were the result of our headlong rush to leave was just not covered by the press. Now that control has been, if not broken, at least lessened to the point where the results of a sudden withdrawal would be laid at their feet. See “Christmas in Cambodia”.

Maybe they can’t achieve a retreat, but they are sure as hell trying.