Maybe The Education Department Should Go Back To School

So the Oregon Department of Education screwed up again. This time it was by miscounting the black graduation rate. Last September they screwed up the test scores for six school districts.

Obviously the Dept of Education has a problem. They have people working there that are incompetent. But nothing will be done this time either.

Why? Because their employees have a Union and the Union protects them from being punished for f**king up. If you recall the State bureaucrats union helped save the job of the child welfare worker that sat reading a newspaper while a child was being murdered during a visitation that he was supposed to be supervising. So no one is going to as much as get a harsh word for screwing up counting. Counting isn’t a skill needed to work for the State anyhow.

What this shows that whatever the Department of Education, and most likely any other State agency, tells you is probably wrong, their function is to provide safe jobs for incompetent people not accurate information on their area of responsibility.

So when they say that the graduation rate of blacks in Oregon is 57% instead of 25%, they’re probably wrong about that too. But now they can use that number to implement a program, employing the same incompetents that miscounted the first time, to raise the graduation rate. But all that will actually do is to give them an excuse to ask for an increased budget. That’s money in their pockets; that they can count.

“Conservationists” Sacrifice Your Money

Buyout will end Siskiyou grazing

GRANTS PASS — After three years of negotiations, ranchers and conservationists have agreed to terms of a buyout to get cattle off the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, which was created to protect the rare mix of plants found where the Siskiyou Mountains connect with the Cascade Range.

This sounds like something I can get behind. The ranchers getting paid for giving up their grazing rights and conservationist providing the cash. A win-win situation. But then you get to this paragraph.

Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., announced from Washington, D.C., that he plans to introduce a bill in July that would pay ranchers $814,200 if they agree to give up leases that allow about 500 cattle to graze on the monument.

The “conservationists” are not going to pay out of their pocket, they’re going to pay out of yours

That’s the way this environmental game is played. The “conservationists” talk about “sacrificing” to save the earth, but their willingness to “sacrifice” ends when you start talking about their money. They are willing to sacrifice everything you have to reach their goals, but will only make token payments themselves. This gets them bragging rights at cocktail parties and maybe even a prize from some group or another. Paid for with your money of course.

Some of them probably have summer homes in the area and are tired of having cattle intrude on their view. Remember, “A developer wants to build a house in the woods; a conservationist has a house in the woods”.

More Warrantless Surveillance

Jason notes that there is warrantless surveillance and data mining already happening in areas not related to national security.

COUNTERCOLUMN: With your host, Ali Bubba

every single stock transaction goes into a database that is regularly data mined by the government for suspicious patterns.

How long is Congress going to allow the SEC to run wild?

Obviously, more oversight is needed.

Not A Bad Idea.

Civil Liability for Leaking Classified Information

This is something that could be extended to different circumstances such as governments that ban guns being civilly liable for any gun related deaths that occur in their jurisdiction, or under universal medical care the government could be civilly liable if someone received better care because of their political connections (relatives or supporters of politicians receiving care denied to others or getting preferential treatment)

The last is particularly likely since the Patients Bill of Rights includes the right to sue your health care provider. They wouldn’t exempt themselves from that would they? (yeah, we all know they can and they will)

The War’s Over; We Lost » (FLASH) Instrument of Surrender Signed by SCOTUS

This morning, the United States of America signed the instrument of surrender with al Queda and all affiliated terror organizations. The signatories representing the United States were Anthony Kennedy, Steven Bryer, John Paul Stevens, Ruth Ginsburg and David Souter.

The reason for this unconditional surrender was that while the Supreme Court Justices “support the troops” and participate in drives to send old magazines to soldiers, they do not “Trust the Troops.”

Osama can come out of hiding now. He can even plan a triumphant tour of the U.S. He will be welcome at most colleges and would probably be given the key to the city in places like Portland, San Francisco and Berkeley. I’m sure they all consider him a hero there.

al Qaeda, the Iraqi “insurgents” and Islamic terrorists everywhere can rejoice in their victory over the “Great Satan”. Maybe Osama and Eric Lichtblau can do a joint tour speaking about how they defeated George W Bush and America.

I guess I’d better get a burqa for my wife. I’m sure it’s going to be required any day now. In the name of “diversity” of course.

What’s The Harm? They Knew We Were Listening.

Times Reveals Enigma Codes” href=””>TCS Daily – Times Reveals Enigma Codes

WASHINGTON (SatireNewsService) — Yesterday, September 11, 1943, the New York Times reported that allied cryptanalysts had been, for several years, decoding top-secret Axis war messages. The Times story revealed that thousands of code-breakers working in a suburb of London had broken Germany’s Enigma military codes. The vast operation, code-named “ULTRA”, had succeeded in regularly reading secret military orders broadcast through the German airwaves. In addition, the Times reported that American code-breakers, in an operation called “MAGIC”, had broken Imperial Japan’s highly secret military code. MAGIC reportedly had successfully intercepted thousands of secret war messages from the Japanese high command to forces in the field and at sea.

Every reporter is a potential enemy spy and should be treated accordingly, at least until they prove otherwise.

Tell Me Again Why We Should Take The UN Seriously?

For Iran, the Man Is the Message – New York Times

LAST week Iranians woke up to a startling piece of news: their government had dispatched Tehran’s notorious prosecutor general, Saeed Mortazavi, to Geneva as a member of Iran’s delegation to the opening session of the new United Nations Human Rights Council.

Iranians weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Mr. Mortazavi is one of the country’s highest profile rights violators. Human Rights Watch urged Iran to remove him at once and asked other governments not to meet the Iranian delegation while Mr. Mortazavi remained a part of it.

Well-known and widely despised in Iran, Mr. Mortazavi personifies most of the ills affecting Iran’s judicial system: lack of accountability, rampant impunity, disregard for fundamental constitutional rights, manipulation of the law to promote a political agenda, systematic use of torture, and above all, abuse of judicial powers to repress peaceful expressions of dissent and criticism.

This seems to be typical of UN bodies. It is all a big show and no substance. UN delegates regularly strain at the gnat of minor or imaginary abuses by the U.S. and Israel while swallowing the camel of governments like Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia sitting in judgment on their betters.

This amply illustrates why pronouncements by the UN should be treated with the same gravity as would the gibberings of a pack of baboons. Though this might be undervaluing the baboons.

But don’t worry; the New York Times has not suddenly been stricken with a dose of reality. This is simply a guest column. The New York Times will continue to inform us that the UN is an august body requiring the utmost deference, even if the delegates are gibbering baboons, they are “international” baboons and thus to be treated with deference.

Grandstanding and Vote Buying. It Must Be An Election Year

David Wu and Peter DeFazio are taking this election seriously. They are taking the traditional Democratic path of grandstanding and vote buying. With other people’s money, of course

They are using an obscure procedural maneuver to hold up an appropriation bill until they extract funds to pay welfare to fishermen that have been affected by the government’s measures to “protect” the salmon. (when Democrats do this it is “parliamentarian”; when Republicans do it it is called obstructionist)

So, are they against those efforts? Hell no.

They support those efforts too, and will proudly say so when they solicit votes from the groups that want to stop fishing all together.

So they want to stop everyone from fishing and protect the fishermen at the same time? That’s the government for you; first they break your legs and then they give you crutches; and tell you how lucky you are that they are looking out for you.

All on your dime, of course.

Funny thing; I have a co-worker that lives on the North Santiam River. His father-in-law is a fishing guide. He tells me that they’ve been having a lousy year because every fish they catch is a “native” salmon and has to be thrown back.

But, not to worry. The entire balance of nature can be managed by a building full of bureaucrats with a rule book. And if it can’t it’s only because they don’t have enough funding.