Yeah, I’m Still On Vacation; But This Was Just Too Good.

Reason Foundation Commentary: Have You Hugged a Hummer Today?

Spinella spent two years on the most comprehensive study to date – dubbed “Dust to Dust” — collecting data on the energy necessary to plan, build, sell, drive and dispose of a car from the initial conception to scrappage. He even included in the study such minutia as plant-to-dealer fuel costs of each vehicle, employee driving distances, and electricity usage per pound of material. All this data was then boiled down to an “energy cost per mile” figure for each car (see here and here).

Comparing this data, the study concludes that overall hybrids cost more in terms of overall energy consumed than comparable non-hybrid vehicles. But even more surprising, smaller hybrids’ energy costs are greater than many large, non-hybrid SUVs.

It won’t really matter. Environmentalists are almost as fanatical in their beliefs as some Muslims, and just as willing to make sure that everyone else follows them.

Stumbling Across Truth

Ward Churchill, also known as Chief Blowhard, who mocked the victims of 9/11 as “little Eichmanns”, continued his disparagement of those victims in an appearance at Baltimore’s Mid-Atlantic Radical Book Fair. During a speech where he blasted the University of Colorado for planning to fire him, (He doesn’t like the “power structure” but he sure loves their money) he also equated the oppression of smokers to the oppression of minorities, labeled those who have been critical of him as “Nazis” and UC to WWII Nazi universities.

He repeated the usual leftist talking point which were uncritically accepted by the audience of well-heeled “radicals” but he crossed the line with some of them when he launched into a joke about the 9/11 hijacking.

After some polite applause and soft laughter, Churchill blurted out a joke regarding what he perceived as the hilarity over how passengers on the 9/11 flights were “easily” hijacked by terrorists and flown into the World Trade Center.

“You do remember, the incident which the terrorists overpowered the stewardess on the aircraft and tweezed her eyebrows with his tweezers, until she screamingly submitted to fly the plane into a building remember that one?” Joked Churchill. “Tweezers… tweezed into submission.”

A smattering of nervous laughter followed, but at least one person in the audience was left with an entirely different reaction.

“I was disgusted by that statement,” said Peter Fotopoulos, an attendee from Churchill’s home state of Colorado. “It shows all that talk he made about mourning the suffering and deaths of Iraqi Children – that was the excuse he has given all along for his statement. Yet here he’s actually laughing about the mass murder of American citizens, including children, on those hijacked planes. Since when does any humanitarian do that – laugh about people being murdered? It was absolutely disgusting of him to do that. I had a friend who was killed in the World Trade Center. Ward’s exploited not just my friend’s death but now the murder of the flight’s passengers; he’s been laughing all the way to the bank.”

“Maybe what we’re seeing is Churchill finally speaking his mind unfiltered, and it’s not a pretty picture,” said Grant Crowell, a producer with the documentary film company Walking Eagle Productions (WEP), who attended of Churchill’s speaking event. “It’s a radical departure from his own writings, which may now come across as just feigned humanitarian outrage, especially when he shifts towards mocking murdered American citizens, including children.”

It may come across as manufactured humanitarian outrage because it is.

Churchill’s outrage is nothing more than an act put on to garner acceptance (and bucks) to support his decidedly unoppressed lifestyle. He’s selling snakeoil off the back of a wagon and the “radicals” are eagerly buying it. Will this change their minds?

Not a chance. As another Churchill once said, “”Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened.” I’m sure they will do the same.

Not Just Opposed; On The Other Side

I have always been of the opinion that the “left” are nothing more than fascists with a new paintjob. Scratch one and you see all the same seething delusions which are the hallmark of those groups.

But rarely have I seen it played out so blatantly as it is in the comments of this posting on The Huffington Post.

Some of this stuff is right out of Julius Streicher.

Huey Long was supposed to have said in answer to a question about whether fascism would ever come to America, “if it does, it will come disguised as anti-fascism”.

They’re Heerre!

Kos isn’t any better

Before Plame Was “Stolen Honor”

If you want a preview of Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame’s politically inspired lawsuit, you have to look no further that the suits against the makers of “Stolen Honor”.

Still Battling

A controversial documentary titled Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, about Sen. John F. Kerry’s anti-Vietnam War activities in the 1970s that was released just before the 2004 presidential election sparked at least five politically charged lawsuits.

Now there’s only one.

In recent weeks, lawyers for the plaintiffs have dropped three libel suits brought by anti-war veterans who said they were falsely portrayed in the film made by journalist Carlton Sherwood.

Sherwood was also hit with a copyright infringement suit in New York that accused him of unfairly including clips from another film and photos from a book. But that case was dismissed last year.

Now the only remaining suit is a defamation and civil rights suit brought by Sherwood himself against Kerry and his Pennsylvania campaign manager, John Podesta, that accuses them of conspiring to stop the film from being shown.

They dropped the suit because they would have to be deposed under oath and been exposed as frauds. But in statements the attorney for the plaintiffs revealed that the lawsuits were not filed because of their merits, they were filed in order suppress criticism of John Kerry during the Presidential campaign.

But Beasley said Campbell decided to drop the suit because he had achieved many of his goals in bringing it by highlighting the controversy and persuading one area theater not to show it.

So the whole thing was not about being “falsely portrayed” it was about silencing critics of John Kerry.

These guys are just some small time bit players who were used by the Democrats to try to squelch criticism of their candidate. They have probably been well rewarded since I doubt if they could have afforded the legal fees otherwise.

Likewise with Joe and Val. They are bit players who are being used, willingly but still used, to attack the Bush administration. They also are being well rewarded with the attention they crave and probably some financial support as well, through a well laundered source of course. Maybe they will do well in cattle futures?

This is a pattern with the Democrats. Has anyone looked up Craig Livingstone and seen how he is doing? How about Kerry’s “band of brothers”? It would be interesting to follow all the money trails. But it will never happen because any reporter that did so would be ostracized from the journalist community.

Look for the same thing to happen with the Plame suit that happened with this one. They will make a lot of noise, the Kos kids and the MSM will make a lot of accusations, but when comes the time that they have to answer questions the suit will be dropped because it will have served its purpose of highlighting the (manufactured) controversy.

A Sensible Provision

Senate bill seeks more pay for aliens

The Senate immigration bill would require that foreign construction laborers here under the guest-worker program be paid well above the minimum wage, even as American workers at the same work site could earn less.

Why is it sensible? Because it insures that legal citizens or residents will have an advantage over illegals.

The main thing that attracts illegals to the U.S. is the pay, and the main thing that makes illegals attractive to employers is the pay.

So, this provision requiring that illegals get paid more than legal workers would do for illegals what American labor unions have been doing for American workers; price them out of the market. No jobs, no attraction, and people stay in Mexico and try to do something about their corrupt unresponsive government.

They Still Get It Wrong

The whole Plamegate ruckus has now been shown to be a lot of hot air and nothing of substance. But one thing has been accomplished by all the news reports. The entire premise for the initial trip to Niger has been misstated so many times that the falsehood has been accepted as truthful. Even in a not-unfriendly posting about the end of the controversy, it is stated wrongly.

ScrippsNews| Give light and the people will find their own way

For those outside the Beltway who haven’t been paying attention with the same diligence as those inside it, Wilson is a former minor ambassador who got sent to Africa to determine the accuracy of American and British claims that Saddam Hussein was buying uranium for weapons of mass destruction, a major justification for the invasion of Iraq. Wilson reported the allegations unsupported, angering the administration from Bush down, and setting off a furor about who sent him to Africa. In an apparent effort to refute his report, it was disclosed to the press that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA and may have had a hand in his assignment.

That’s not what was claimed and not what was investigated. The whole thing was over the famous “sixteen words” that is: “the British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa“. Nothing was said about Saddam actually purchasing the uranium, only that British Intelligence believed that he had sought to do so. That was actually confirmed by Joe Wilson when he verbally reported back to the CIA unless you think that Iraq’s top nuclear guy was wandering around Niger trying to make a deal to buy goats.

There is a considerable difference between seeking something and actually procuring it. I have been seeking a good 6 cent cigar, but have been unable to procure one.

But it shows the power wielded by the press. In this case they have consistently misstated what was said and succeeded in convincing everyone, including other members of the press, of something totally false. But don’t look for any acknowledgement of that from them.