What A Crock.

“19 guys with boxcutters took over four planes and hit 75% of their targets? Now, that’s a conspiracy theory.”

I guess the conspirazoids are back, or rather they never left.

The above is a quote from Charlie Sheen on some entertainment show. The ones where they fawn over stars and try to show as many shot of young women in revealing clothing. The TV equivalent of “The Star”. Now according to Hot Air there are a lot of e-mails coming from the leftist nutcases with that quote. We’re supposed to believe that Bush & Cheney sent a crew in the middle of the night who placed tons of explosives, wired them, cut supporting structures and did it without anyone seeing them. Right?

Take a look at what it takes to bring down a building on purpose.

The basic idea of explosive demolition is quite simple: If you remove the support structure of a building at a certain point, the section of the building above that point will fall down on the part of the building below that point. If this upper section is heavy enough, it will collide with the lower part with sufficient force to cause significant damage. The explosives are just the trigger for the demolition. It’s gravity that brings the building down.

Demolition blasters load explosives on several different levels of the building so that the building structure falls down on itself at multiple points. When everything is planned and executed correctly, the total damage of the explosives and falling building material is sufficient to collapse the structure entirely, so clean-up crews are left with only a pile of rubble.

But of course, all this may be disinformation put in place to be found when someone started looking. Maybe it’s a lot easier than this. But I haven’t seen anyone claiming that it is, just that it was done so stealthily that no one noticed it while they were doing it and none of the people involved talked about it. But other people concerned about the NSA eavesdropping on terrorists ran directly the newspapers.

Well, they can take it seriously if they want. People believe all kinds of things. But don’t expect me to take anyone who believes this seriously. They’re the same kind of people that are always being abducted by aliens and given anal probes. Probably wishful thinking on their part.

There’s this guy, a lecturer at the University of Wisconsin who is incorporating 911 conspiracy beliefs into a course on Islam. Exactly how 9/11 and the Koran are related is not clear. I’ve looked at my copy and I can’t find a single mention of it. I guess he is using it to try to convince people that Muslims are victims of the big bad white Christians or something. It seems to be dogma that whenever White Christians meet up with any other race or faith, the other always loses. I guess that means that the NBA champions are evil and all the other teams are victims.

But watch him when he appears on Hannity & Colmes. He is bouncing all over the place. It looks to me like he’s tweaking. Even though he’s not a real professor, he’s teaching this course at a major University. That lends a certain weight to his teachings. He talks about the students using their critical thinking skills to evaluate the information, but, as everyone knows, college students are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They believe a lot of crap just because their professors tell them. They have no experiences to refer to in order to do a reality check.

Since the leftists regularly refer to 25 year old soldiers as “children” and maintain that they are unable to examine things clearly, I would think it obvious that college students are far less equipped to do that. It’s child abuse.

Well Duh

Rice Is Frustrated by Iran’s Response – New York Times

European officials were furious at Iran afterward, saying that their governments had been lured into talking to Iran while it was still enriching uranium and while action at the United Nations Security Council was on hold.

They should be kicking themselves for engaging in wishful thinking instead of facing the problem. Iran has never before negotiated honestly, why would they start now?

What If She Wasn’t The One Driving?

A deeply disturbing green line

“You think the car somehow lost control. But on the other hand, you think this is a pretty narrow sidewalk, and somehow the car threaded through here,” said Patrick Marshall, who lives and works on the avenue and was awakened by the pre-dawn mayhem. “To get through here, you’d need to be doing some pretty artful driving. There are a couple of telephone poles and parked cars she could’ve hit and didn’t.”

Portland police said Monday that they’ve interviewed the driver, 30-year-old Heather L. Quinter, an associate at the local Preston, Gates & Ellis law firm, where she specializes in business law and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Those interviews did not indicate she was under the influence of intoxicants at the time of the accident, said Officer Cathe Kent, a Portland police spokeswoman.

The only way this makes sense is if she let her boyfriend drive and they switched at the time of the accident. Things are usually pretty confused at the time and they might have changed places without anyone noticing.

“Global Warming” Solved.

Remember that “Global Warming” is the greatest menace to the world since Godzilla?

So why are all these national movers and shakers flying in to Aspen to wine and dine and be chauffered around in limos? I don’t suppose they got there on the Greyhound, do their Gulfstreams and Lear jets present a danger? If not, why does my SUV?

After Al Gore flew around the country to promote his “Global Warming” scare movie he jetted off to Cannes to accept his accolades for being so socially responsible. He says he is carbon neutral and therefore not part of the problem.

I figure that since I didn’t go to Cannes, don’t have a Gulfstream and have never been to Aspen, that I must be doing much more to fight “Global Warming” than Gore, Hollywood or any of the people visiting Aspen. So there is no reason for me to change my lifestyle in any way.

Problem solved.

A Message From Our New Masters

Bush or Keller? – Who do you trust? By Jack Shafer

Jack Shafer reveals what has been evident for some time. We’re in a war. The press knows it and will fight to the bitter end. But the enemy they see is not al Qaeda or Islamic fascism, it’s George W. Bush.

They recognize that there was a war, they know all about 9/11 and all that. But that war is in the past. You see, there’s a relatively unknown until now rule that wars cannot last longer than WWII.

[W]hat happens when a government defines its war as neverending, as the Bush administration has its so-called “war on terror”? As long as any jihadist anywhere threatens the West, the administration would have us believe, we must trust it and remain in a wartime crouch.

The current conflict will soon conclude its fifth year, making it longer than the war against Japan.

Wow. I was unaware of that rule. After 5 years, if the other side hasn’t surrendered on a battleship somewhere, we have to pack up, go home and forget about the whole thing? Interesting theory.

Was that why we didn’t do anything after the 1993 WTC bombing, the 1998 Embassy bombings, the 2000 USS Cole attacks? Because Islamic fascism isn’t a threat after so long? It expires like a jar of mayonnaise?

I also missed the amendment that made the entire government subordinate to your whims. Where is the amendment that says the President has to get the approval of the New York Time editorial board before he undertakes any actions?

In an open society such as ours, it’s up to the White House to convince the editors not to publish.

I see. The White House proposes and you dispose. Nice work if you can get it.

I seem to have missed the election of the New York Times editorial board (or Jack Shafer) to anything? Where do they get their awesome powers? The First Amendment?

It says the Congress shall make no law respecting …abridging the freedom…of the press. I don’t see anything there exempting you from the same laws that govern the rest of us. Just because someone is “the press” doesn’t give him the ability to commit murder or burglary without punishment. The way I see it; the government can’t put any restrictions on the press that are not also against the general public. You’re one of us, no more, no less. Get over yourself.

But also remember something Jack. These restrictions you want are on the President, not George Bush. That means that any future President be they Republican or Democrat, must be held to the same standards. If President Bush cannot do these things, neither can President Clinton or Kerry. They will have be as answerable to Fox News as you claim Bush should be to the New York Times.

And so Jack, when the next attack comes, and it will someday, and you start shrieking about missed chances and unconnected dots, expect to see your words again. Then you can explain to the families of the dead and injured, why it was more important to publish than to allow the terrorists to be monitored.

Remember also Jack that if you’re as worried about privacy as you pretend to be, that the privacy of your political enemies must be as jealously guarded as that of the terrorists.

You Know, That “Duty” Thing Is So…Demanding

There is nothing so simple that a government agency can’t f**k it up.

A Veterans Memorial in Las Angeles has the words “Beauty, Honor, Country emblazoned on the wall.

“Beauty Honor Country” or “Duty, Honor, Country” – Desecration at Veterans Memorial.

This is an obvious corruption of “Duty, Honor, Country” which was the subject of General Douglas MacArthur’s address to West Point Cadets in 1962. This is a historic and often-quoted speech.

Are we to believe that there was no one involved with this project that was familiar enough with the phrase (or the language) to spot this? Or was the whole concept too alien?

Of course, this was spotted by a politician and he is making a photo op out of it. I hope he makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

No Religious Tolerance Here.

allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Mob Stones 20-Yr-Old Girl to Death in Minna

The life of a 20yr old girl (name withheld) was prematurely terminated in Izom in Gawu Babangida Local Government Area of Niger State yesterday as she was stoned to death by irate youths for distributing inciting leaflets bordering on religion.

Trouble started at about noon when the girl whose identity is yet to be ascertained was said to have walked straight into the Jumat Mosque in Izom where she dropped the inciting letter in the Mosque.

As the letter was opened, it was discovered that it was a letter full of unprintable materials accusing both Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ and even some living and dead Pastors of some misdeeds.

Why, it’s exactly like what happens to someone in the Red States who criticizes Christianity. Those religious fanatics are all the same.