Why The Election Will Be Closer Than It Appears

Don Surber knows why. The Democrats are a lot weaker than they would appear from the coverage by the MSM. I seem to remember this being the case for the last three elections. As I remember, in each election the MSM was out in front predicting victory for the Democrats. In 2002 they thought they were on solid ground because, traditionally, the party in power loses seats in off year elections. But that didn’t work out too well. Now they’re hoping that they can repeat the upset that brought the Republicans to power in 1994.

Maybe, maybe not.

Don Surber: NYT lies won’t save the Democrats

I know this because the editors at the New York Times are in panic mode, going in full-court press to try to boost the confidence of the Democratic faithful. I know this because Bill Clinton took a softball question and leaped on the couch of Chris Wallace to try to rally the troops.

I know this because Republicans made Americans more secure this week by passing 1. a tough border law 2. a tough interrogation law 3. a tough eavesdrop on al-Qaeda law.

In each case, most Democrats put the rights on non-U.S. citizens above the rights of Americans. Each time. They whined about making illegal aliens climb a fence. They whined about not handing over secrets in trials of POWs. They whined about not getting a warrant before tapping Osama bin Laden’s telephone.

Talk About Burying The Lede.

The Denver Post reports that Bill Ritter, the Democrat candidate for governor, (you can always tell when they’re Democrats because the story doesn’t give his party until far down in the article, if at all.) plea bargained serious crimes by illegal immigrants down to a trespass charge so they could avoid deportation.

DenverPost.com – Deportations avoided via DA’s plea deals

The Denver district attorney’s office under gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter approved plea bargains that prevented the deportation of illegal and legal immigrants charged with drug, assault and other crimes.

The office allowed defendants to plead guilty to trespassing on agricultural land instead of the crimes they actually were accused of 152 times from 1998 through 2004. Other counties – Jefferson, Adams and Arapahoe – had only 75 convictions combined for the crime, according to court records.

So he was just helping out poor but honest immigrants who were struggling to make a life for themselves in the United States. Right? Not exactly. The real story doesn’t appear until the last part of the article. Presumably after the “jump” in the dead tree version where most people won’t read it.

In one case, a woman born in Mexico stabbed her husband in August 2002 and was charged with first-degree assault and menacing. She pleaded to the agricultural charge and received two years’ probation.

A 24-year-old man born in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, was charged in 2004 with theft and pleaded guilty to the farm charge, according to documents filed in the case by the district attorney’s office. A note in the file said “refer to immigration.”

That apparently didn’t happen, because a few months later he was arrested in a gang-related drive-by shooting and charged with attempted murder. He remains in a Colorado prison with a parole hearing set for December.

Funny how the stories involving Democrats always seem to be downplayed. Kind of like a certain former Governor and current political rainmaker here in Oregon and his “affair” with a 14 year old neighbor girl.

No Excuses For Terror

Hot Air provides a link to a documentary that appeared last week on Britain’s Channel Five. In it, a newsman that considers himself a leftist, examines the Left’s reaction to Palestinian and Islamic terror and the increasing number of people on the left that are making excuses for it. It is in 4 sections, each about 10 minutes long.

Take some time and watch it. The entire video is interesting, especially the parts dealing with Iraq and Lebanon.

Religion of Peace?

TheReligionofPeace.com – Islam: Making a True Difference in the World

We agree with the recently-released intelligence report that Iraq is a “cause celebre” for Jihadis, but so was Afghanistan before that, Chechnya before that, Bosnia before that, Somalia before that, Sudan before that, Afghanistan (again) before that, Lebanon before that, Kashmir before that, Israel before that… Pakistan, Spain, North Africa…

Well, you get the point. Islam will always find an excuse to fulfill Muhammad’s mandate to wage war against unbelievers until they submit to the Religion of Peace – and you will never hear Muslims offer a single apology for it.

An interesting site. Not one for those who wish to “understand” Islamists or make excuses for them.

So Is Breathing.


Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff on Thursday evening about the perils of climate change, claiming: Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!”

Gore is quickly sinking into self-parody. Who’re his handlers, the South Park guys?

Did he start going on about “Manbearpig” as well?

But…But…That’s Different

The Strata-Sphere » Blog Archive » Democrat Disaster

Apparently a Democrat prosecutor has leaked private phone conversations of a Rep woman candidate for state wide office to the media. So apparently it is OK for the government to listen in on phone call regarding a marital problem – and then publicize it during an election – but we cannot listen in on terrorists because that is a threat to privacy!???? Did someone slip dumb-dumb pills into the DNC water?? Gimme a break! Since when is it OK to monitor a political opponent and not an enemy combatant (but we cannot call them an ‘enemy combatant’!). We could weaken our protections so no more Democrats can run loose and monitor political opponents and leak classified material. Or we can just make sure the Dems never, ever, return to political power. At least with the latter solution we know people will still be trying to stop the terrorists instead of leaking personal details to the public.

Democrats just don’t like eavesdropping that doesn’t support their puroses. They can leak, eavesdrop or take direction from liberal lobbyists. It’s only when the shoe is on the other foot that they become concerned.

Another “Advocacy Study” ?

Studies call Klamath dam removal affordable

GRANTS PASS — Studies for a California state agency indicate that removing four hydroelectric dams from the Klamath River to help salmon would not be so expensive as feared because sediments built up behind the dams contain low levels of toxic leftovers from gold mining, farming and plywood manufacturing.

The studies for the California State Coastal Conservancy, filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, also found that only about 5 percent of the 21 million cubic yards of sediment trapped behind the dams would wash out and it all could be gone in one winter rainy season.

Let’s see if I understand this correctly. A group who supports removing the dams from the Klamath River does a “study” that, surprise, show that removing the dams would be feasible. Go figure.

But what affect will removing 4 hydroelectric dams have on the electrical market? Every summer California suffers through brownouts as it is. Is removing a clean renewable source of electricity a smart idea?

Notably the “study” doesn’t address that, it just confines itself to the question of sediment trapped behind the dam.

Removing the dams might be feasible, but not everything that is feasible is desirable.

Kennedy Demands Outing Of Covert Sources

If there was ever any question that the Democrats want us to lose the war, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, their latest hijinks should put paid to that. First they had one of their political supporters violate security laws to leak a portion of the NIE from April, then, when the White House responded by declassifying a portion of it they respond by demanding the declassification of the entire document.

White House Refuses to Release Full NIE – NEWS – Comcast.net

For Democrats, the report furthers their argument that the 2003 Iraq invasion has inflamed anti-U.S. sentiments in the Muslim world and left the U.S. less safe. Democrats continued their push Wednesday for release of the rest of the report.

“The American people deserve the full story, not those parts of it that the Bush administration selects,” said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.

Of course doing this would reveal sources and methods leading to possible death for sources at the hands of al-Qaeda and the development of methods to combat our intelligence gathering.

They show that the concern they supposedly had over the “outing” of Valerie Plame, who wasn’t even a covert agent, was just a show they put on for political reasons. Now they think they see an method by which they can damage the President. That it might also result in harm to our intelligence gathering or result in the death of covert agents seems to carry no weight in this case. The name of the game is to “Get Bush” and if that helps Osama or Saddam they’re fine with that.

The Democrat’s Are Trying To Reprise Their Role In Our Vietnam Defeat

ShrinkWrapped: The Democrats’ Repetition Compulsion

When people insist on viewing current reality through the lens of the past and cannot see how their behavior and attitudes led to disaster in the past, they tend to repeat their past dysfunctional behavior. In fundamental ways, Iraq is not Vietnam, yet in several particulars the parallels are quite apt. Much of the MSM and Academia have effectively become agents of Islamist propaganda, whether through inadvertence or by design. The demonization of the Bush administration and the defeatism of the left are also similar. Further, if the Democrats succeed in taking over Congress and cutting off funds for the Iraq War, we will have repeated the abandonment of our allies that led to so much misery and death in Southeast Asia. If we decide to give up the fight, we will consign millions to death and torment and embolden our enemies so that when we finally do have to confront them again, the death and destruction will be orders of magnitude greater.

There is much to consider in the parallels between Vietnam and Iraq; I am most appreciative for Jimmy J’s instructive work.

In 1973 the Vietnam War was largely won. The Vietcong “insurgency” had been pretty much annihilated after the Tet Offensive and the North was having to fight with regular troops. Nixon’s bombing campaigns, Linebacker I and II, and the mining of Haiphong harbor had deeply cut in the North’s war making ability. There was still a presence in the South but it was by and large isolated in pockets that the South Vietnamese could have reduced in time had they retained the air and logistical support they were promised.

But the Democrats in Congress were not in favor of continued support. They weren’t going to be satisfied with the withdrawal of combat troops; they wanted the war to be gone. That meant that the South Vietnamese had to be cut loose to face the NVA who was being supplied by Moscow and Peking. The rest is history. The Congress voted to eliminate funding for the war, effectively negating the agreements that we had made. The rest is history. The NVA offensive, the panicked crowds of civilians and later soldiers that seemed to be unaware that the Northerners were only there to help them, the camps, the starvation, the repression.

And the Democrats are so proud of having brought about so much misery and bloodshed that they’re chomping at the bit to do it again.

But that was then and this is now. In 1975 they effectively controlled the news media in the U.S. There was no talk radio, no Fox News and no blogosphere. They decided on the narrative and the media broadcast it with nary a dissenting voice to be heard.

That’s no longer the case. As Bill Clinton is discovering, the Internet knows what you said, and what was said about you. If the Democrats want to reprise their role in insuring our defeat, they’re welcome to do it.

But, that had better be the end of the Islamist threat. If we withdraw and at any time in the future it becomes a terrorist sanctuary or threatens us in any way, people will be reminded of who it was that withdrew rather than finishing the job. That’s gonna be difficult to explain.

Smokers Are Always Good Targets

Governor: Let’s raise smoking tax

OREGON CITY — Gov. Ted Kulongoski proposed increasing cigarette taxes by nearly 85 cents Monday to give health coverage to thousands of uninsured Oregon children.

It’s right from page 1 of the liberal handbook, raise the taxes of a group that is unpopular and can’t fight back.

It’s a variation on the “don’t tax you and don’t tax me, let’s tax the guy behind the tree” method.

Most smokers are not affluent, highly educated or organized, so they’re the perfect targets. It’s basically a tax on the poor and stupid.

I think it would probably provide an opportunity for al-Qaeda, who have been very active in the cigarette bootlegging business, to increase their presence in Oregon.