Don’t You Know Who He Is?

Statement of John Kerry Responding to Republican Distortions, Pathetic Tony Snow Diversions and Distractionss

After being criticized for saying that the troops in Iraq were there because they’re uneducated, John Kerry fired back. He announced that the people that are criticizing him are not the ones that are allowed to do so.

John Kerry is unique in the political world because he is allowed to pick and choose who is allowed to criticize him. This is likely due to his education in Swiss boarding schools and the fact that he can trace his linage back to the Mayflower. He is a Winthrop, you know. He also has a distinguished service record. He served 1/3 of a tour in Vietnam where he received several decorations for feats that were not common outside of the Infantry. He returned to the U.S. to continue his fight, meeting with North Vietnamese officials and using his gifts (and funds) to build up a group fighting to insure defeat for America in Vietnam. He was successful in that and went on to become an undistinguished junior Senator to Ted (KGB) Kennedy. More recently he has taken action both to defeat Saddam Hussein in the 1990’s and to reprise his post Vietnam role of working for American defeat in Iraq. Being for the war before he was against it.

He is known for not knowing when to shut up. But he emphatically knows who is and is not allowed to criticize him. During the 2004 campaign his critics were first restricted to Veterans, then Vietnam Veterans, then to Vietnam Veterans who served on the Swift Boats, then finally his authorized critics were reduced to only Vietnam Veterans who served on his Swift Boat with him. This tiny crew was, with one embarrassing exception, safely ensconced on the Kerry for President payroll.

But even after that campaign, Kerry insists that he can only be criticized by those who receive his personal permission. As for the rest? Don’t they know who he is?

I do have to give him credit though. He is one of the best campaigners for Republican control of Congress there is in this election. How does Karl Rove get him to say these things?

The Man Has A Way With Words

I have been saying for some time that if we retreat from Iraq that it would be the end of American power and legitimacy around the world. It seems simple to me, but is evidently more obscure to others.

But Mark Steyn, in his Sunday Chicago Sun-Times column, manages to sum it up succinctly.

I happened to be plugging my book on a local radio show this week just as a Minnesota “conservative” (ish) Democrat joined the herd of stampeding donkeys explaining why they were now disowning their vote in favor of the Iraq war. What a sorry sight. It’s not a question of whether you’re “for” or “against” a war. Once you’re in it, the choice is to win it or lose it. And, if you’re arguing for what will look to most of the world like the latter option, you better understand what the consequences are. In this case, it would, in effect, end the American moment.

And please don’t claim that leaving Iraq before they are ready would not be a defeat. I’m sure that the U.S. media would not portray it as such but I am equally sure that everyone else in the world would not be fooled. It would be perceived as a defeat throughout the Muslim world which would encourage more attacks, since we would have shown that we can be defeated.


Furor Over Cheney Remark on Tactics for Terror Suspects – New York Times

WASHINGTON, Oct. 27 — The White House found itself fending off questions on Friday about what Vice President Dick Cheney meant when he agreed with a talk-radio host that there was nothing wrong with dunking a terrorism suspect in water if it saved lives.

It never ceases to amaze me how, many people would rather that their family and children died a horrible, painful death, than cause a terror suspect some temporary discomfort.

There is, as always, the appeal to reciprocity.

Tom Malinowski, the Washington director of Human Rights Watch, said, “If Iran or Syria detained an American, Cheney is saying that it would be perfectly fine for them to hold that American’s head under water until he nearly drowns, if that’s what they need to do to save Iranian or Syrian lives.”

As if the governments of Iran or Syria would hesitate for a moment to do just that. Of course, the Iranians and the Syrians don’t have to worry about what the local Human Rights Watch chapter might say, and because anyone who did raise those concerns would be given a first hand look at how prisoners were treated, if they lived that long. A concern that Mr. Malinowski doesn’t face here.

But they wouldn’t really want their families to suffer instead of terrorists; they don’t expect that the victims will be their families. They’re pretty sure the victims will be someone else’s children, mine or yours, not theirs.

So, they will continue to criticize the way the U.S. does things, not because we are the worst or the most prolific violators. But because we can be safely criticized, and they need to be making headlines criticizing someone if they want to keep their highly paid jobs.

Jihad On Another Front

In any war the loser is the side which loses its will to fight.

In Vietnam the VC and NVA never won a significant military engagement. But we lost after our will to fight was undermined by groups at home.

As was illustrated by a famous exchange between Col. Harry Summers and North Vietnamese Col Tu in 1974.

When Harry told him, “You know, you never beat us on the battlefield,” Colonel Tu responded, “That may be so, but it is also irrelevant.”

It was irrelevant because we defeated ourselves. And now it is happening again.

One reason is because while we realize the value of propaganda, because it was through that front that we were defeated in Vietnam, we seem to be utterly powerless in that area.

The enemy, al-Qaeda among others, has recognized this weakness and developed methods of taking advantage of it. The recent publicizing of a captured al-Qaeda document “The Global Media: A Work Paper for Invading the US Media.” which lays out the techniques they wish to use, many of which are the same techniques used back in the 1960’s to defeat us in that war. They suggested U.S. news media to air their anti-American propaganda videos, which CNN is evidently eager to do, and use academics and the “anti-war” groups to further undermine our will to continue.

In the latest effort groups like and other “liberal” organizations have combined to underwrite a group called “Appeal for Redress” which advertises itself as a “grassroots” military antiwar organization. But as Greyhawk of “Mudville Gazette” discovered, it is actually funded and controlled by people with connections to other better known groups.

Appeal for Redress: Astroturfing

What is going on is not a “grassroots” action. It is a fifth column group which is intended to assist al-Qaeda and the Iraqi “insurgents” to defeat us. They are using Iraq as a starting point but there can be no doubt that if we are defeated and withdraw from Iraq under duress, the next target will be Afghanistan. In fact, as Greyhawk found out in his checking that Jonathan Hutto, the “Navy Seaman based in Norfolk” has previously worked for Amnesty International and took part in antiwar protests prior to joining the Navy in 2004. This would lead me to believe that Mr. Hutto’s sudden desire to serve his country was probably for less than patriotic reasons.

This approach is effective because of the First Amendment. We can’t stop them from using propaganda to further their cause in the U.S. The media, CNN, the big networks, the Washington Post and the New York Time has decided that they would rather see America’s face pushed into the dirt than support an administration that they didn’t vote for.

That’s why we lost in Vietnam, lost in Iran, lost in Somalia and, if they get their wishes, lose in Iraq and Afghanistan. After that, it is just a matter of how fast we can run and how long it will take before they decide to come after us. In WWII the Nazis and Japanese had won the war. This only changed when America was rallied and decided to fight them. But in this war, if we quit, there will be no America to be rallied. We will have squandered our reputation for nothing and there will be no one to save us.

About Time

Apparently the DOD read al-Qaeda’s proposal and realized that they have missed the boat. They suddenly realized that they can’t just give a story to the mainstream press and expect it to be reported accurately.

They have launched a website U.S. Department of Defense Update that follows up and tries to correct the misinformation that is published by the news media.

Here is one of the latest.

The New York Times on “Real Terrorists”

A “lighthearted” matter?

Oct. 27, 2006 —This week’s exchange with the New York Times isn’t the first time the Department of Defense has expressed concern about inaccuracies in a Times editorial. A September 7 editorial (“A Sudden Sense of Urgency”) asserted that, with the transfer of 14 high-value terrorist suspects to Cuba, “President Bush finally has some real terrorists in Guantánamo Bay.” In fact, those held prior to the transfer included personal bodyguards of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda recruiters, trainers, and facilitators. Another individual held at Guantánamo was Mohamed al-Kahtani, believed to be the intended 20th hijacker on September 11th.

The Times declined to issue a correction, noting that “the phrase in question was meant to be somewhat lighthearted in tone and not literal.”

What they meant was “it wasn’t meant to be taken literally unless you agree with us”.

Check out the entire exchange.

They had previous complained about an error in an editorial about Secretary Rumsfeld and troop levels. They refused to correct it and also refused to print a letter to the editor rebutting it.

They are very serious about the freedom of the press at the New York Times. What that means is that they are free to misreport and mischaracterize whatever they please and are also free to deny anyone a chance to rebut them in their newspaper. Because as Mr. Keller said when they broke the NSA wiretap story, they are the final arbiters of what will and will not be reported. If other people were qualified to make that judgment then they would have eastside luxury apartments and estates in The Hamptons too. The fact that they don’t is telling.

The “Victim” Card

It looks like the Democrats are betting on the “victim” card to help them in this and future elections. It’s a great trick. What they do is find someone sympathetic to them who is also a “victim” of some kind, or can be made to appear as one, and hide behind them.

They tried it with great success with Cindy Sheenan. Because her son died in Iraq she is held up as an exemplar of motherhood and cannot be criticized for anything she says. The same is true for the “Jersey Girls” the fact that they had family members die on 9/11 exempts them from any criticism. This way the Democrat can say anything they want without fear of contradiction because they just have Cindy or the Jersey Girls say it and then anyone who disagrees can be painted as attacking a victim. They can’t win the argument so they’re going to make sure that no one is allowed to argue.

They are doing the same with the Michael J. Fox commercials. They get him to do these commercials saying that Republicans are keeping him and other Parkinson patients from getting cures. The victim card worked as advertised this time too. I guess Rush Limbaugh said that Fox was either acting or wasn’t taking his medications when he made the commercials. This elicited a firestorm of criticism that resulted in Rush apologizing, kind of. But I really don’t understand why? Michael Fox admitted that when he testified before Congress he went off his medication to make his testimony more convincing. Why are we to believe that he didn’t this time?

The next figure that is going to be above criticism is going to be Barak Obama. He is falling back on the old Democrat standard, the “race” card. In his case there is a difference. His father was not an American black but Kenyan, which lends him a certain cachet among liberals. He doesn’t have as much baggage as a descendant of American slaves would have. But he is going to be just as untouchable as Cindy, the Jersey Girls and Michael J. Fox because he is black and, if anyone dares to criticize him, a victim. He doesn’t have the negatives that Hillary has neither does he have her connections. Which means that he will have to go along with the Kerry’s, Dean’s, Kennedy’s and other big Democrat hitters that do.

Just don’t say anything bad.

I’ll Be Watching This Closely

POW Lawsuit Could Force Kerry To Come Clean On Vietnam ‘War Crimes’ Charges

Thirty five years ago John Kerry slandered an entire generation of men who fought in Vietnam branding them as a “war criminals.” Today, much of the same thing is being said about our young men and women in Iraq.

Now, a lawsuit filed in Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas will test the very foundation of Kerry’s anti-war persona for the first time. It isn’t dubious medals or Kerry’s disputed service record in Vietnam that is being called into question. This time Kerry may finally be forced to answer for the events that launched his public career, one that made him an anti-war hero for many American liberals and a turncoat for millions of Vietnam veterans.

Read the whole thing. I, and a lot of other veterans, would really like to see the veterans that testified to being “war criminals” do so under oath. But I’m pretty sure that Kerry has the money and connections to keep them from doing so. If you read Col. Day’s entire piece you will see that they have found ways not to testify before. In fact, one guy even left the country.

It’s about time this blood libel was either proven or put to rest.

Global Boring

Climate change as moral challenge

Al Gore, the Paul Revere of world climate change, rode into Portland on Tuesday sounding the alarm on global warming.

He warned of rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers and dwindling wildlife habitat — all spurred by a ballooning burden of carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere by humans burning fossil fuel.

The event was something of a homecoming for Gore, drawing a near-capacity crowd to the Rose Garden’s 5,000-seat Theater of the Clouds. He received a standing ovation.

It seems that wherever Gore goes he attracts the fringe. Vegans and the like. The school principal kind of bothers me. There is the potential for him to expose his students to his decidedly odd beliefs. It appears that his ideas of global warming were formed more by the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” than by actual science.

But if sacrifice is needed then I would urge them to make whatever sacrifice that they think necessary. But the steps they recommend are kind of vague as are their expectations.

I think they would have better luck convincing people if they were to lay out what it is that they are proposing.

Exactly what do they want done, and how long will it take to stop and reverse global warming? There also needs to be a method of measuring the effectiveness of the measures taken. In other words, how long will it take and how will we know that we are winning?

If Gore doesn’t want Global Warming to be a political issue then he shouldn’t be proposing political solutions. But it appears to me that this pitch is just another attempt to prevent people from questioning his believes. If he wants it to be approached “scientifically” then he should welcome questions instead of trying to prevent them…That is the scientific method.

VDH On What The Middle East Has Learned

Works and Days: Middle East Madness

Lessons since 9/11

It is difficult in history to find any civilization that asks as much of others as does the contemporary Middle East—and yet so little of itself. If I were to sum up the collective mentality of the current Arab Middle East—predicated almost entirely on the patriarchal sense of lost “honor” and the rational calculation to murder appeasing liberals and appease murdering authoritarians— it would run something like the following:

(1) We will pump oil at $3 and must sell it over $50— and still blame you for stealing our natural treasure

(2) We will damn your culture and politics, but expect our own to immigrate in the thousands to your shores; upon arrival any attempt to integrate Muslim immigrants into Western pluralistic society will be seen as Islamaphobic

(3) Send us your material goods, whether machine tools, I-pods, or antibiotics. We desperately want them, but will neither make the necessary changes in our own statist, authoritarian, religiously intolerant, tribal, and patriarchal culture to allow us to produce them ourselves, nor will show any appreciation for the genius of others who can do what we cannot

(4) We ostensibly wish you to stop the killing of Muslims by ourselves and others—Milosevic murdering Kosovars, Saddam destroying Kuwaitis, Kurds, and Shiites, Russians killing Afghans and Chechnyans—but should you concretely attempt to do so, we will immediately consider your intervention far worse than the mayhem caused by others or ourselves.

It’s the same old, same old. If we act, whatever results is our fault; if we don’t act, it is still our fault. The only thing that is constant is that every bad thing is the fault of the West.

If They Speak It At Home…

It’s not an “immersion” program. It’s an excuse to not teach the kids English.

School district adds Russian immersion

At the same time, students from low-income backgrounds — especially those with families who don’t speak English at home — stand to reap benefits from language immersion, among them, retention of their native language. Fortune said districts wrestle with how to hold onto the parent base that seeks out the language immersion while reaching out to the students most in need of the programs.

So, all the Spanish speaking kids take a Spanish “immersion” course, the Chinese speaking kids take a Chinese “immersion” course and the Russian speaking kids take the Russian “immersion” course.

It would seem to me that these would be the kids that would benefit most from learning in English. But I suppose that the English “immersion” course is only for kids that already speak English.