Michael Yon Is Still Reporting From Iraq

There will be huge changes in Iraq this year. 2007 is truly “the year” for Iraq, for various reasons, including the upcoming elections in the United States. Barring an asteroid strike on some major city, the war in Iraq will be the most important topic in 2007. It will also be one of the most under-reported.

There are two types of media sources covering this war: the ones who are here, and those who are not. The media is Missing In Action, and reporting from afar. Yesterday, for instance, major media reported on an attack in a small village north of Mosul. None of those sources actually visited the village. I did.

I’ll bring home frontline information all year, or until something sends me home. Please support these dispatches by spreading the links.

Gee, reporting from places where you have actually been about events you have actually witnessed.

Could be the start of something.

Funding Not Going To Teacher’s Union. O Cries Foul

A $665 million police radio?

Buried deep inside the proposed state budget is a public safety communication network that would cost an eye-popping $665 million, or about $200 for every man, woman and child in the state.

The “Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network” is envisioned as a sophisticated network of towers and equipment to enable all public safety responders — state, federal, city, county and tribal — to communicate by radio anywhere in the state.

The O is usually very supportive of spending proposals. But his one does nothing to put any money into the packets of the teacher’s unions.

Worse, it proposes spending it on a Public Safety concern, one that has ties to the “War on Terror”. Never a good candidate for expenditure of the taxpayers money.

One Sign Of A Scam…

Is when the marketing and administration costs take most of the money

Portland General Electric boasts one of the most successful green power programs in the nation.

But it’s also one of the most expensive when it comes to marketing and associated costs.

For customers who pay a little extra each month for clean energy, 56 cents of every dollar goes into marketing, administration, overhead and related expenses. One-third buys the green tags that represent wind, geothermal and biomass generation.

It’s tempting to blame this on greedy big business. But it’s a common problem among environmental groups. Outfits like the Sierra Club and NRDC routinely put the majority of their funds into raising more funds. They’re private too. So don’t bother asking about pay and perks collected by those who are doing good. They’re doing very well indeed.

Can’t Teach An Old Dog

In the 1970’s John Kerry ttok the side of the North Vietamises against the United States. He met in with North Vietnamese negotiators in Paris to delvelop a strategy to hasten an American defeat. He won that one, or is should say America lost. So like and old dog he’s performing the same tricks that got him praise and snacks in the years past. He’s been trying to replicate the apporval he garnered for selling out the U.S. by taking up the cause of whatever opponent America faces.

This has inclued the Sandnistas, the Cuban communists, Iraqi “insurgents” and .now the Iranian mullahs

John Kerry is a true war hero. He has fought against the U.S. every chance he has had. I wonder if he will be as honored in Iraq as he is in Vietnam.

Jobs Cut Won’t Be Coming Back To Oregon

Freightliner is cutting production in Portland laying off 800 Union workers.

The cuts are mainly because of new environmental regulations. No one has asked the workers whether they support having losing their jobs from the efforts of the environmental lobby.

For more than a year, U.S. truck manufacturers have braced for a drop in orders as new federal emissions standards kick in. The standards, which took effect Jan. 1, require diesel engines to churn out fewer pollutants.

But while the downturn due to new regulations is expected to only be temporary, the laid off workers will most likely not be coming back to work even then. That’s because the company has decided to build a new factory. Why couldn’t the laid off workers expect to get jobs there? Because it is going to be in Mexico.

“We have sufficient capacity at our factories in Cleveland, N.C., and Santiago Tianguistenco (Mexico) for the foreseeable future,” the company said in an e-mailed response to questions.

Last month, Freightliner announced plans to build a new 1-million-square-foot plant in northern Mexico by 2009, when it expects truck demand to jump again ahead of a new federal emissions deadline.

Why Mexico?

Two reasons. Labor laws and environmental regulations. They won’t have to worry about the UAW and Mexico doesn’t give a damn about ‘global warming”. Mexico might be corrupt, but they’re not going to cut their own throats for the sake of a bunch of rich spoiled environmentalists. Only Americans are that dumb.

This must be part of Governor Ted’s plans to revitalize Oregon’s economy.

“Trickle Down” From Teacher’s Pockets?

Funny how, since the election of candidates that the teacher’s uniions poured money and support to were elected, every proposal for “reinvigoraing the economy” involves giving more money to the teachers.

Two economists, one paid for by the teachers union, agree that the best use of of funds is. to raise teacher’s salaries

But the Unions have made it clear that voters should not expect any increased performance for that money.

Hmm, when Reagan talked about “trickle down” economics all the “progressives laughed. But now they are saying that raising teachers salaries will benefit the high school dropouts that can’t find a job. Contrary to what the Democrats seem to thing, Oregon does not have a large pool of skilled and highly educated unemployed workers.

I guess raising teachers salaries will grow the economy by allowing teachers to hire more domestic servants and gardeners.That will be good for the “undocumented immigrant” community. But it’s not clear how it will benefit everyone else.

But it’s it amazing that an economist paid by the unions is willing to say exactly what they want him to. What are the chances of that?

Ann Is Seond To None In Snark

Townhall.com::I am woman, hear me bore::By Ann Coulter

Mrs. Clinton’s acolytes are floating the idea of Hillary as another Margaret Thatcher to get past the question, “Can a woman be elected president?” This is based on the many, many things Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher have in common, such as the lack of a Y chromosome and … hmmm, you know, I think that’s it.

Girl-power feminists who got where they are by marrying men with money or power — Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Arianna Huffington and John Kerry — love to complain about how hard it is for a woman to be taken seriously.

Of course, she is despised by Democrats for two reasons. One is that she is a talented writer. The other is that she’s uppity. It’s the same problem they have with Condoleezza Rice. Outspoken, opinionated women are only acceptable if they toe the party line.

In Case You Wondered What Became Of Dan Rather

Some stories are just too good to check, especially when it involves bashing Bush and Christians. Evidently no skepticism is warranted when the story has the correct elements.

They should have known to be particularly skeptical of anything put out by an environmental group since they are the 21st Century’s most powerful religion.

How Skeptic magazine was Duped by an Environmental Activist Group

Unfortunately, in our eagerness to find additional examples of the inappropriate intrusion of religion in American public life (as if we actually needed more), we accepted this claim by PEER without calling the National Park Service (NPS) or the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) to check it. As a testimony to the quality of our readers, however, dozens immediately phoned both NPS and GCNP, only to discover that the claim is absolutely false.

This gives rise to the question of how many times have they done this before without getting caught?

I didn’t notice. Was the story written by Lucy Ramirez?

Maybe It Should Have Been Called “Turki Shoot”?

100 Terrorists Killed, 50 Detained in Operation Turki Bowl

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2007 – U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 100 terrorists, detained 50, and dismantled a large terrorist group in January during Operation Turki Bowl, the senior U.S. Army officer in Iraq’s Diyala province said yesterday.

The operation, conducted from Jan. 4 to 13, occurred south of Balad Ruz in the Turki Village, Tuwilla and 30 Tamuz areas of the province. During the operation, U.S. Army and Iraqi soldiers isolated and defeated a terrorist group known as “The Council,” Col. David W. Sutherland, commander of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, told reporters via satellite connection from a news conference in Iraq.

“The group, made up of former Baath Regime members, al Qaeda and Sunni extremists, refused to participate in any political dialogue and preferred attacking innocent civilians in the Diyala province,” Sutherland said.

By the time the MSM gets through with this it will be a major American defeat.

All those terrorists will be discovered to be blind school children on their way to a petting zoo.