A Triumph For The Lazy And Imcompetent

GOP’s loss looks like organized labor’s gain

SALEM — The 2007 legislative session could go down as one of the sweetest in years — perhaps decades — for organized labor in general and public employee unions in particular.

Pro-labor bills, bottled up session after session by Republican majorities in the Legislature, have begun to move. Union lobbyists are taking delight in the new political trifecta: a Democratic governor who used to be a labor lawyer, and union-friendly Democrats in charge of both the House and Senate.

As they say in the military BOHICA (Bend Over. Here It Comes Again)

The primary function of labor unions in today’s society is to protect the jobs of the lazy and incompetent. Any union employee that shows initiative and imagination is quickly warned not to make the other union members look bad and subjected to subtle and not so subtle pressure if they persist.

This doesn’t matter in the Public Employees Unions because those jobs can’t be moved out of State or to another country. But increasing the price of doing business in Oregon, while offering the promise of endless regulation designed to feather the nests of Union members in the private sector will just make China and India just that much more attractive.

Having a union-friendly State isn’t going to mean much if the businesses find other pastures to be greener.

Signs Point To Rove – Cheney In Anna Nicole Death!

Chief: Smith Died of Accidental Overdose

DANIA BEACH, Fla. (AP) – Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental drug overdose after she was found unresponsive at a hotel, authorities said Monday.

“We found nothing to indicate any foul play,” said Chief Charlie Tiger of the Seminole police department.

No signs of foul play. A verdict of accidental death. How conveenient.

Sure signs of involvement of either Dick Cheney or Karl Rove, if not both. I’m sure that the geniuses that masterminded 9/11 and warped time to plant false storied of Iraqi WMDs before they were even in office would have no difficulty in arranging Anna Nicole’s death leaving no evidence. I’ll bet they have even arranged alibis by being somewhere else at the time she died.

What other proof do you need?

Isn’t It Interesting That It Takes An “Alternative” Newspaper To Do This?

Willamette Week sent a reporter to the protest this past weekend posing as a pro war counter protester. Just to see what would happen.

But the limits of some Portlanders’ tolerance quickly became apparent from protesters’ comments:

“I think you should get the hell out of here before you get killed.”

“Why are you even here? Just leave.”

“Look, kids, that’s the guy who likes the war. He’s bad.”

“Nice shirt. Nice tie. Fascist.”

“You look just like a fucking Republican. The only thing missing is your head up Bush’s ass.”

The most common suggestion was to enlist in the military and go fight the war. Dozens of protesters branded me a “chicken hawk,” as did a local blogger who posted photos after the rally.

Funny. Many of these same people will tell you that we should stop the killing in Darfur, where we have no troops at all.

But none of them seems to be buying tickets to Sudan to do that. But they like to call others “chicken hawks”.

But although the O had a reporter there, there was no story about the “F** the Troops” sign or the burning of a soldier in effigy.

(I wore a freshly ironed blue shirt and tie. The Oregonian, which noted my presence as a counter-protester in its next-day story about the rally, correctly quoted the sign but called the shirt color white.)

I wonder how many other stories that they have decided not to report because it would interfere with the agenda?

Just When You Thought She Couldn’t Get Any Stranger…

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Rosie blows the lid off the British sailor hostage crisis

Rosie thinks the capture of British sailors by Iran is part of a setup. She is sure that the Iranians, those marvelous people who execute people for being gay, would not have taken them prisoner unless they were provoked.

“Gulf of Tonkin?”

She also thinks that 9/11 was an inside job by the Bush administration.

If the Democrats win in ’08 I look forward to her being replaced by Ann Coulter.

I mean, they want an outrageous administration critic to boost ratings. Don’t they? If the administration changes then Rosie will be just another tiresome media cheerleader. No shortage of those.

She’ll have to go back to playing the clubs.

Fiscal Responsibility?

All that talk about “fiscal responsibility” is only talk.

Democrat’s Propose the Largest Tax Increase in American History

The Democrat’s budget calls for a tax increase of every tax bracket, slashes the child tax credit, raises the death tax, and reinstates the marriage penalty. And this is just a sampling, there is more. In all, the Democrat’s plan will cost taxpayers over $390 billion in the next 5 years.

Purging The Politically Unreliable

Looks like Lonnie Roberts is the next target for the liberals.

Chief of staff calls the shots for easygoing county commissioner

When Lonnie Roberts shows up to work — after a 7 a.m. wake-up call from his top aide — he plays computer solitaire, listens to conservative talk radio and banters with staff. But Roberts, who earns $80,000 a year as a Multnomah County commissioner, doesn’t even set foot in his office on nearly half of work days, records show.

You can see why. He listens to talk radio and doesn’t blindly follow the party line. This O story is obviously a shot across the bow from the Oregon Democrat Party. The O wouldn’t have done it without their approval. Looks like the party is looking to purge its officeholders of the politically unreliable.

Try finding out what time other politicians, ones that are not on the Democrat’s sh*t list, arrive at the office, who they see and what they talk about. You’ll run into a wall real quick.

And you won’t hear any complaining about the Governor’s COS calling the shots. He’s a union lobbyist and they want him calling the shots.