Academic Pays Price For Holding Heretical Views.

Mark Moyar, Historian of Vietnam, Finds Academe Hostile to a Hawk

Issues relating to hiring and promotion are “a constant complaint from those on the conservative spectrum in academe,” the president of the National Association of Scholars, Stephen Balch, said.

Mr. Moyar is used to opposition. A contrarian among most Vietnam scholars, he does not believe it was a mistake for America to have gone into Vietnam. In carefully argued prose using previously unexamined sources, he marshals support for the “domino theory.” His scholarship and books have received great reviews and marked him as a rising star.

In saying Vietnam was winnable, Mr. Moyar is “profaning one of the holy of holies,” Mr. Balch said

The left is notoriously intolerant of any view that conflicts with theirs. There is no room in Universities for people that question authority. At least not the wrong authority.

Not Everyone In Portland Is Stupid

Handgun license requests soar

In the two weeks since the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, Portland-area residents are looking to carry concealed handguns at a greatly increased rate.

Since the April 16 killings of 32 people at Virginia Tech University, sheriff’s agencies report that weekly requests for concealed handgun licenses have nearly tripled in Multnomah County and doubled in Washington County.

But, of course, they have to have the required law enforcement officer saying that it is not the right thing to do.

“The world’s no more dangerous today than it was the day before the Virginia Tech incident,” said Lt. Jason Gates, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. “But people see this and they panic.”

So knowing that in a situation like VT there would be no one able to save you, why exactly is it considered “panicking” if you decide to have the capability to defend yourself?

The police are there to investigate crime, not protect people. This was codified by a Supreme Court decision back in 2005. It was decided 7-2, it wasn’t even close.

Gates said concealed handguns can be carried in schools with a permit. But, he said, “I don’t know if a whole bunch of guns blazing is better” than having a solitary gunman.

“You can’t make the world a completely safe place, and certainly arming everybody is not the proper thing to do.”

Lt Gates is right about one thing, the world is not a completely safe place. It never has been, nor will it ever be. But then he segues right into the Handgun Control Inc “wild west” talking points. I’m not too clear on why having a bunch of guns blazing back at the shooter is worse than rolling over and playing dead.

Arming everyone is not the answer. But arming responsible law-abiding people is not a bad thing. It adds an element of uncertainty in the mind of the attacker. He won’t know if or who might be armed in any situation. A gun ban would make sure that no one is armed except the criminal.

This is not rocket surgery.

Iowahawk Has The Secret Plan To Disarm America

Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?

The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty. Then, special squads of police would be somehow formed and trained to carry out the work. Then, on a random basis to permit no advance warning, BLAMMO! city blocks and stretches of suburban and rural areas would be cordoned off and searches carried out in every business, dwelling, and empty building, bedside drawer, farm field, tree, culvert, bush, stalactite cave, water tower, and body cavity. The special squads would receive special training in scuba, spelunking and interrogation techniques. All firearms would be seized. The owners of weapons found in the searches would be prosecuted: $1,000 and one year in prison for each firearm. The gun owner prison should probably be put between the museum and the arsenal for efficiency, such as for guard training and so forth.

Success…I Think

While I have been off line I have not been idle. I am doing some landscaping, minor remodeling and trying to move my blog to WordPress and redo it.

Finally I have succeeded. In part anyhow. I have got my blog moved and have a new look.

I also got some of my landscaping done. I took out the flowerbeds in front of the house and put down weedblock cloth. On top of that I put filbert shells. That’s hazelnut shells for some of you.

It looks nice. And it’s low maintenace, which is important…because my wife has Rhuematoid Arthritis and I’m lazy. So this is a compromise. She gets something that looks OK and I don’t have to do the work to keep it up

Do You Think Gun Control Is The Answer?

Well, most cops don’t.

Reprinted from the March 2007 Issue of “Police” magazine

Shooting Straight
Editorial by David Griffith
The majority of cops believe responsible citizens should have the right to own handguns.

It’s a tent pole of the liberal anti-gun activists that the majority of American police officers are in favor of gun control as a means of reducing violent crime. Yeah, well our latest survey on page 14 collapses that tent.

Roughly 18 percent of more than 8500 POLICE readers responded to our gun control survey. And well, the vast majority of you feel that the people of the United States should continue to enjoy their right to ear arms. More than 88 percent of a diverse population of American law enforcement officers who read POLICE Magazine gave a thumbs up to the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

Now, to be fair, 12 percent of you would like to see tighter gun laws. Those of your in this camp believe that restricting fun ownership would reduce gun crime and tragic gun accidents.

However, the vast majority of you believe that restricting gun ownership would only take guns out of the hands of laws-abiding citizens. In other works, criminals would still find a way to acquire hand cannons and John Q. Citizen would be disarmed.

I have to admit, we kinda expected these results. But I will also swear on any number of Bibles that we did nothing to cook this survey. It is what it is, and it is the unvarnished truth.

How valid is our survey? Well, let’s take a look at the numbers. The best estimate is that there are 1 million sworn (give or take 200K) law enforcement officers in the United States. So that begs the question: Ca 1572 officers our of a pool of 8794 really speak for them all?
Statistically, yes. Hey, if 10000 Nielsen families can determine what the other 300 million Americans get to watch on TV and the profit-and-loss statements of the major networks, then 1572 cops can speak for a population of slightly more than a million other LEOs . And I’ll make this challenge to anyone who disputes our findings Poll your own diverse population of 8794 cops from all ranks and all types of agencies and see if you get different results.

Before we leave this topic, I’d like to point out one very interesting finding from our research: While 88 percent of you are steadfastly against gun control, 64 percent of you believe that gun owners should be required to take classes and be licensed like drivers.

Personally, I find this very interesting because last year I successfully completed the concealed carry class required by the state of North Carolina. And now when a friend says he is thinking of buying a gun for self defense, I hand him the brochure from the class I attended and the instructor’s business card.

I grew up around guns all my life. When I was a kid, my dad took me out into the woods that now no longer exists around my hometown of Charlotte, and he taught me how to shoot .22 rifles and shotguns. My dad thought me how to handle guns safely and to shoot for fund and sport. So I know a lot of the material covered by the class.

However, one thing among several that I did learn from by concealed carry class what why my fellow classmates wanted a permit to strop on iron.

They were used-car salesmen, realtors, and a tow truck driver. If anyone ever needed guns for self defense, these people did. They worked alone, at night, often vulnerable to the whims of complete strangers.

But believe me, it’s a good thing they took that class because they’d seen too many movies, and their ideas of when to use lethal for would never have flown in court, not even in North Carolina , where “He needed killin’” has been used for jury nullification.

My fellow students needed to learn what my dad taught me long ago. And every gun owner should know these things. After all, the real definition of the “gun control” is knowing how to shoot accurately and when and when not to pull the trigger.

I wasn’t able to find their this editorial or the accompanying survey on-line so I am taking the trouble to reproduce it here. Continue reading

Bill Whittle And The ‘Truthers’

Sorry. I’ve been busy doing other things, and really, I was spending entirely too much of my time with this blog.

So I kicked it for two weeks. That’s about the same time it took me to go from 2 packs of cigarettes a day to none in 1994. Actually that just took me one day, but it took two weeks before I managed the craving.

But in this case it just hasn’t worked. It was OK as long as I stayed busy and didn’t look at any new reports or blogs, but finally I had to look and so I’m back.

The first two place I have to go to catch up are Neal Boortz and Instapundit. If it wasn’t mentioned by either of those it probably doesn’t matter.

So while perusing back posting on Instapundit I came across a link to this posting by Bill Whittle. I would sooner miss an Instapundit posting than one by Bill. If Instapundit is the Captain Kirk of the blogosphere and Steven den Beste is Spock, then Bill is the Shakespeare. His writing is clear and flows from one thing to another building on each preceding paragraph. Truly a thing of beauty.

For this session he fires up his computer and dismantles the conspiracy nuts and 9/11 ‘truthers’.

Eject! Eject! Eject!: SEEING THE UNSEEN, Part 2

The 9/11 Truthers claim that the twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition. Okay.

Have you ever seen a controlled demolition? Shows like this are all over The Discovery Channel. Do these people realize how all of the insulation and paneling must be stripped away from the support beams? Do they not understand how these beams must be cut open and the explosives placed with great care? Have they not any idea of the amount of time this takes months and the forest of wires that runs through the structure to the detonating mechanism? Have they given no thought none? to what an enormous job this is, and how much work goes into getting these explosives exactly where they need to be?

Apparently not. They just figure someone leaves a suitcase somewhere, I guess.

Anyone who has ever ever seen what is required to bring down a building of that size knows that the site is a disaster area of det cord, pulled paneling, and huge bundles of explosives taped to the structural columns across many floors.

Has no one considered that this all had to be started after everyone went home on Monday night and before people reported for work the next day? On multiple floors of two of the busiest public spaces in the world? No one noticed this on Tuesday morning? Hey Jim, what do you suppose that huge bundle of plastic explosives is doing there where the water cooler used to be? And where do those wires go?

Well, must be some logical explanation. Lets get some coffee and bagels.

Now youre talking!

Of all the people in those buildings that morning, no one no one saw any wires anywhere? No one asked why the drywall was torn down and replaced with grey stuff duct-taped into place? None of the firemen rushing into those burning towers, checking all those floors for survivors none of them noticed the building was rigged to explode? That it might possibly be worth a small call on the radio?

My father was interred at Arlington National Cemetery in 2002. I will never forget that day. It changed my life, and it was the event that started me writing here at Eject! Eject! Eject!

The man who coordinated that service was on a hill about a half-mile from that side of the Pentagon on the morning of September 11th, 2001. He told me that they had been informed that something was going on in New York that morning. Then he heard something that he said he thought was a missile attack a roar so loud and so far beyond a normal jet sound that he looked up at that exact moment expecting to die.

What he saw emerge from the trees overhead, perhaps a hundred feet above him, was American Airlines Flight 77 as it went by in a silver blur, engines screaming in a power dive as it hit the near side of the Pentagon. He told me to my face that body parts had rained down all over that sacred field. Just like red hail on a summer day. Those body parts are buried in a special place at the base of that hill.

Now. If Rosie ODonnell and the rest of that Lunatic Brigade is right and I am wrong, then that man that insignificant Army chaplain and his Honor Guard of forty men are all liars. He is lying to me for Halliburton and Big Oil. That Chaplain and all of those decent, patriotic young men in the Honor Guard, and all the commuters on the roads who saw an American Airlines jet instead of a missile ALL of those people are liars and accessories to murder. And all of the firefighters who went into buildings rigged to explode were pre-recruited suicide martyrs dying for George W. Bushs plans for world conquest.

This is from Part 2 here is SEEING THE UNSEEN Part 1 if you missed it.

This is something along the lines of what occurred to me when I read about the reactions to the Virginia Tech shootings. Has everyone lost their freaking minds? Everyone was immediately criticizing the school for not being, in essence, omniscient.

I answer 911 calls for a living. I’ve been doing it for over 16 years. Every day people call me and tell me things which it is my job to make into some kind of coherent sense. It is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it is absolutely impossible. I have to send someone out to see what is really going on, and sometimes they can’t figure it out either. These are people whose whole job is to figure out what happened and do something about it (or not, in some cases).

The administration of VT is made up of people who have spend their entire lives pushing paper and having endless meetings. The events on that day are completely and totally outside their experience. To expect them to have immediately known that there was a serial killer on the loose and shut down the campus (if such a thing were even possible) is like expecting a gerbil to drive a stock car. It is an emotional response. Not one based on thought or reason. But it is being treated as if it were a logical response.

The world, or at least a good part of it, has lost its mind and no one seems to notice or maybe they’re too timid to point it out.

Another place we seem to have lost ground is the reaction of the students in the classrooms. The Israeli professor knew instantly what was happening and took the only possible action. He rushed the gunman and blocked the door. He knew that there was a good chance that he was going to die but also knew that they had to help themselves because no one else was there. The students that didn’t escape crouched under desks and waited to be slaughtered instead of joining the professor. If they had acted together there was a possibility that some of them might have been able to overpower the killer and save some lives. Likely some students would have been killed. As it was, they were killed anyhow and the killer was only stopped when he decided to stop.

What happened? When did we become a nation of sheep? Why was the reaction of the students to duck under a desk and hope that SOMEONE WOULD COME TO SAVE THEM? Are we teaching our children that it is always someone else’s job to take care of them? What happened to all that self esteem garbage? They didn’t even hold themselves in high enough regard to believe that they could act to save themselves?

There were people on the way, but it always takes time to get them where they need to go and that time was not available. The only people that could have helped the VT students were themselves, the professor knew that but for whatever reason, the students decided that it was better to lie down and die than to fight back.

This is not to disparage the dead or the survivors. They did what they thought was right. What bothers me is that they thought that it was the right thing to do.

No “Let’s Roll” here.

What the hell happened?

Maybe That Carbon Offset” Is Worthless

More Trees, Less Global Warming, Right? — Not Exactly: Scientific American

Apparently, these natural carbon sinks only do their job effectively in tropical regions; in other areas, they have either no impact or actually contribute to warming the planet. In fact, according to this model, by the year 2100, if all the forests were cut and left to rot, the annual global mean temperature would decrease by more than 0.5 degree Fahrenheit.

So, if you’re buying absolution by paying to plant trees, it is only good if the trees are planted in the tropics. So we’re supposed to push people in tropical countries off their land so we can plant trees to assuage our guilt?

I propose a more fitting method. We can still plant trees in the tropics but people wanting to do it will have to swap out a comparable amount of land in the U.S. That would make a lot of poor South Americans and Indonesians into American land owners.

Since most of the people wanting carbon offsets are in the wealthy parts of the country it would seem to be a good place to start. An acre of land in places like Bel Air, Brentwood or Malibu for an acre of land in the tropics.

It’s worth it to save the planet isn’t it?

It Must Be Because Of Iraq

Twin bombings in Algiers kill 30 : Mail & Guardian Online

Residents said it was the first time since the 1990s that a powerful bomb targeted the centre of the Mediterranean city, where police had stepped up security following an upsurge in attacks by suspected Islamist insurgents in the countryside.

Since we know that the root of Muslim anger with the United States is the overthrow of Saddam, this must have some connection.