The Search For Magic Fairy Dust

Strafor has an interesting column regarding what “activists” are pushing for in the area of energy and consumption. They are pretty much demanding that an energy source be discovered that has no tradeoffs. A limitless source of energy that has no waste, no risks and no pollution.

We all know what that is, don’t we? Magic Fairy Dust.

Essentially what they are demanding is that we all act together to force “industry” to develop a perpetual motion machine. They think that they can violate the laws of physics because their intentions are good. Not only do they want to violate the laws of physics, but they want to change basic human nature.

Fat chance.

Sustainable Consumption: The Push for Using Less

By Bart Mongoven

With the world’s major energy consumers seriously searching for ways to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and guarantee constant energy supplies, we are seeing the beginning of a revolution in energy production. The focus on finding new energy systems is mainly an outgrowth of economic and geopolitical concerns, in that none of the big three consumers — the United States, Europe and China — wants to continue to pay spiraling energy costs or be held hostage to foreign producers. A secondary aspect of this new interest is a search for “cleaner” alternatives.

Both the United States and China, for example, have substantial coal resources, but neither sees complete reliance on coal as a panacea because of coal’s impact on air pollution (especially in China) and climate change. Europe, meanwhile, is leading the charge on the climate change issue to the point that it appears willing to trade some energy security for new systems that seem less likely to exacerbate climate change.

After decades of struggling to bring their concerns over the air-polluting and climate-changing side-effects of fossil fuel use to the forefront, environmental activists finally are getting results. Governments and industries that are developing new energy systems will factor in climate change and air quality. In essence, however, as these secondary energy-related issues move from the drawing board to the boardroom, control over them has shifted from the activists who created and promoted the issue to the business crowd that is charged with instituting solutions. This has left the idealists searching for new ways to hold power over the direction of energy policy.
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Al Gore – The Smartest Man Alive?

Dana Milbank – Is It Wise to Be So Smart? –

As for the Bush administration’s false claims about Iraq’s weapons, he called it “shocking and much more troubling to me that our nation fell for it so easily.”

That’s what he says now.

But what did he say before?

“Iraq’s search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to completely deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power.

We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country.”

Al Gore, Former Clinton Vice-President
Speech to San Francisco Commonwealth Club
September 23, 2002

If he was so easily fooled by George W. Bush what chance does he have against al Qaeda? And how did Saddam manage to stand up to both him and Bill Clinton?

Only In Bangkok

Bangkok On High Alert For Violence

BANGKOK: — Security will be tightened in areas likely to be flashpoints for violence ahead of tomorrow’s landmark rulings of the Constitution Tribunal on the electoral fraud cases against the country’s two largest political parties.

A 13,000-strong combined force of police and soldiers will be deployed to maintain order and prevent violence, Council for National Security chairman General Sonthi Boonyaratglin said. He was speaking after a meeting of officials in preparation for judgement day.

There has been concern that supporters of the rival parties are likely to gather in great numbers in the capital and could cause trouble if they find the rulings disappointing.

So far so good. Just another government crisis in a third world country. But some of their precautions are unique.

Checkpoints will be set up on major city streets to intercept their vehicles or make arrests in case the group members showed signs of disobedience.

Elephants will also be barred from entering Bangkok at this time.

Mowing The Shag Carpet

That’s not really a double entendre’, it just sounds like one.

I’m working overtime during this Memorial Day weekend. We have beefed up patrols up around the lakes and they decided that it might be a good thing to have an “extra” dispatcher.

It has been a pretty typical Memorial Day weekend so far. This is the first year since 2002 that we’ve had good weather, so that has encouraged people to engage in holiday-like behavior.  The most populated part of Linn County is Quartzville Rd from Foster Dam up to Yellowbottom campground. Every year on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends people come here to enjoy nature by camping in every open space along the lakes and the road for 25 miles. In order to enjoy things more they bring enough alcohol to supply the Russian Navy for a week. (if you’ve ever been around Russians, you know what I’m talking about.)

Just to liven things up they also bring their guns, boats, jetski’s, ATVs and each and every one of them also have their personal stereos. With Ipods, that means that they can serenade the people in the next tent with their entire collection of Eminem recordings. 

Another reason to spend my time racking up the OT bucks. I wouldn’t go anywhere this weekend on a bet.

On the fire side, we’ve had the usual. Intoxicated drivers, intoxicated walkers, intoxicated fallers and an occasional heart attack. We have a homeless drunk that has been called in about 8 times in the last 2 nights because he likes to take naps on the sidewalk wherever he happens to be. He also likes to urinate wherever he happens to be. Sometimes he combines the two and just pees himself while napping on the sidewalk. But in Oregon, public intoxication is Constitutionally protected, besides, there’s no place to put him. The jail;s full and he hasn’t committed any crime, the homeless shelter doesn’t want him either, besides, he just walks away. So the medics get to deal with him.

We are set up so that one dispatcher does Sheriff’s office dispatch, one dispatches fire and the third (and fourth, in this case) answer phones. When doing OT I always opt for fire dispatch because there’s usually not too much to do.

It’s from a fire call that I got the title for this post. We were called by someone who heard a fire alarm going off in their neighbor’s house and called 911. We responded an engine company and they investigated. After a while they asked for a police officer to respond. It seems that the alarm was not an alarm. The residents had gone up to the lakes with everyone else, but for some reason left a lawn mower running in their house. There was no one home and, although the city police officer asked, it is not really practical for us to locate the residents up at Foster/Green Peter reservoir. Why was the lawnmower left home alone? Beats me, we’ll probably never find out. Maybe they were mowing the shag carpet before they left.

Then we got the call from a man wondering if there were any campgrounds in the area where an adult might take some boys to furnish them alcohol and molest them. We told him that all the campground we knew of had rules forbidding child molestation but referred him to the Sweet Home Police Dept. They’re the experts in our county. (That’s a joke, for those of you who are not familiar with Sweet Home’s reputation)

Don’t They Know That Torture Never Works?

I guess we’ve captured some documents showing that al-Qaeda tortures people they don’t like.

Torture, Al-Qaeda Style – May 24, 2007

According to everything I’ve read in the newspapers, torture shouldn’t be used because it doesn’t work.

Isn’t it strange that something that doesn’t work has been used for thousands of years without anyone discovering that?

I guess by using torture al-Qaeda had lost their moral high ground and can never convince the people in Iraq and Afghanistan to cooperate with them.

Jimmy Carter – History’s Greatest Monster

Jimmy Carter has been mouthing off about how GWB is a lousy President. Like he has room to talk. Some people actually remember those days. I was in the Army then and I cannot describe how low morale was. It was almost preferable that someone think we were Peruvian rather than American soldiers.

I was in Germany at the time of the Iranian revolution. I was with 5th Signal Command which at that time had some responsibility for the communications sites in Iran. We were really worried about our people and our classified equipment but couldn’t seem to get any sense of concern up the chain. A lot of classified equipment ended up being seized by the Iranians and later sold to the Russians and Chinese.

Carter has a lot to answer for. History is not going to be kind to him and history is going to judge GWB a lot better than the contemporary press. Kind of like Harry Truman.

American Thinker: Jimmy Carter Can Only Blame Himself

The aftermath of Jimmy Carter’s Iran policy debacle is still present today. The lives lost, as a result of his incompetence in dealing with Iran before, during and after the Islamic Revolution is far greater than the current turmoil in Iraq. Considering the support insurgents groups in Iraq as well as terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah get from Iran, Carter’s mistakes as President are still costing lives all over the Middle East.

Maybe it’s an Iranian supplied artillery shell used by Hezbollah to attack Israel. Or an Iraqi insurgent trained by Iran to make bombs. We must not forget the seemingly endless supply of suicide bombers in Osama Bin Laden’s, Al Qeada network. The fact is that these murderers and countless others like them exist today, not because George Bush made mistakes in Iraq, but because Jimmy Carter failed in Iran as well as turning U.S. foreign policy into a doormat for anyone to step on.

President Carter, if you want to place blame, just look in the mirror.

Buddhist’s Worries Are “Paranoid”?

Thailand set to make Buddhism the state religion – International Herald Tribune

A newspaper columnist for the Bankok Post sees the move to make Buddhism the state religion as “paranoid”.

Sanitsuda Ekachai, a columnist for the English-language newspaper Bangkok Post, wrote recently, “This national religion campaign is taking place amid widespread paranoia within the clergy against Islam.”

Hmm, do you think that maybe things like this had something to do with it?

As temples have been bombed, monks beheaded and Buddhist teachers and residents murdered in the south, Buddhism and nationalism have become intertwined. Some Buddhist leaders warn that the religion itself is under attack from what they see as an alien religion.

It’s not “paranoia” if they really are out to get you.

What Do You Think Is Going To Happen When We Start Charging Our Electric Cars?

Northwest grid feels the heat

Last summer we almost ran out of power in the Northwest. It was because of high demand and limited supply. It’s limited because no one will build the power plants and transmission lines because of (usually) NIMBY concerns. Everybody wants the power but no one wants the generating plants. Environmental activists don’t want coal fired plants because of the pollution. They don’t want Natural Gas because of the transmission problems, they don’t want the transmission lines because they’re ugly; they don’t want nuclear because of the danger and want to tear down the hydroelectric dams to save fish. In fact they are against pretty much any kind of generating facility that doesn’t use Magic Pixie Dust and emits anything except Evian water.

At the same time they are telling us that we have to swear off fossil fuels because they’re unsustainable and cause Global Warming. To accomplish this they want us to change the method of powering our cars and trucks from gas to hydrogen or electricity. Electricity is needed to make the hydrogen or it can be used to directly power the cars. But in either case it must be provided by the generating plants that nobody wants.

So what do they think is going to happen when we start plugging in our electric cars? Where is all this magical nonpolluting power going to come from?

Magic Pixie Dust. It’s the only answer.


The Thai’s Muslim Problem Might Change To Being The Muslim’s Thai Problem

Thailand: New School Versus Old School

In the past, these rebellions were put down with much violence by the Thai government. It’s not for nothing that Thailand is one of the few nations in the region to never be colonized. The Thais are tough, determined, and vicious if provoked.

The Thai’s are patient, but when their patience is exhausted it can be really bad news for whoever they’re up against. “Vicious” is an apt description. If the Thai’s like you, they’ll back you all the way, if they don’t, they’ll do anything to make your life miserable. This includes everything from minor inconvenience to murder.

Thai’s are great people. But anyone who has ever had a Thai wife or girlfriend can tell you that you need to lock up the knives when they’re pissed.