Man Responsible For 0.12% Of Earth’s CO2?

Global warming debunked

It is time to attack the myth of global warming,” he said.

Water vapour was responsible for 95 per cent of the greenhouse effect, an effect which was vital to keep the world warm, he explained. “If we didn’t have the greenhouse effect the planet would be at minus 18 deg C but because we do have the greenhouse effect it is plus 15 deg C, all the time.”

The other greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and various others including CFCs, contributed only five per cent of the effect, carbon dioxide being by far the greatest contributor at 3.6 per cent.

However, carbon dioxide as a result of man’s activities was only 3.2 per cent of that, hence only 0.12 per cent of the greenhouse gases in total. Human-related methane, nitrogen dioxide and CFCs etc made similarly minuscule contributions to the effect: 0.066, 0.047 and 0.046 per cent respectively.

It’s kind of like peeing in the Mississippi and being told you’re responsible for the flooding 200 miles downstream.

Guess I Need To Go To Newport

I really hadn’t planned on going to Newport. But if it’s in a good cause, I guess I will.
Anti-war veterans urge boycott of Newport –

NEWPORT — When two anti-war groups showed up to take part in the annual Loyalty Day Parade in Newport, organizers sent them marching — in the other direction.

Now two weeks later, as high season on the Oregon coast heats up, Newport finds itself at the heart of a boycott that has tourists pledging to take their loyalty elsewhere.

So far more than 400 people have signed an Internet petition protesting how parade organizers handled the confrontation and promising to bypass Newport merchants.

Wow. 400 people, huh. That’s almost as many as eats at Moe’s during lunch.

My guess is that either the petition signers had no intention of going to Newport in the first place, or that they have names like I.P. Freely and Seymour Butts.

Rail’s Big Weakness

A lot of people, including those who ought to know better, are touting rail as the transport of the future. What happened in this case shows why they’re wrong.

Crash halts Portland-Seattle train trips –

Amtrak – A freight train collision disrupts passenger service between the two cities Amtrak service between Portland and Seattle could remain closed through today after two Union Pacific freight trains collided Wednesday south of Tacoma, railroad officials said. Amtrak service north of Seattle and south of Portland and the Seattle/Portland-Chicago Empire Builder run are not affected by the disruption.

So in a world where airplane flights being cancelled due to bad weather motivates Congress to get involved and show how powerful and totally clueless they area, what makes people think that the public is going to put up with their transport being shut down for days because of a single accident?

The problem with rail lines is that they’re lines. If there’s a bridge out, the track gets damaged or any other occurrence that stops the train, it stops all the trains. There’s no alternate routing, no detours that will allow you to reach your destination albeit more slowly. You’re going to be sitting on a train and you’re going to wait until Amtrak, or whoever, can gather enough buses to get you to wherever it is that you’re going.

If the breakdown is due to weather, it’s going to be even worse.

No, if you’re going to insist on traveling by public transportation, use the bus, they don’t run on tracks and can turn around. Something a train can’t do.

Thousands To Be Forced To Pay For Medical Coverage They Neither Want Nor Need.

The Legislature has voted to increase the cost of health care in Oregon by requiring insurance to pay for their birth control. Since TANSTAAFL that means higher insurance premiums which will in turn, cause more people to drop their insurance.

Drug plans will pay tab for birth control in Oregon –

SALEM — Thousands of Oregon women could get health insurance to help pay for their birth control pills under a bill that passed the Senate on Wednesday and is headed to the governor.

Having raised the price of health insurance and causing people to drop their’s, the politicians will then point to the increase in the number of uninsured as justification for bringing medicine under the direct control of the government.

Whoopee! Then we can all be blessed with the same quality care that is available through the VA.

But if they do manage to take control of the medical sector, do you think that will mean that your children will experience the same quality of care that will be available to the children of the politicians and Hollywood celebrities?

Dream on. There’ll be an escape clause for them somewhere. You don’t think that Chelsea Clinton is going to have to wait like the children of some working stiff, do you?

Ed Koch On Iraq

The war in Iraq is drawing to an end, but to the world it will be we who are the losers

What did “victory” mean in the Cold War? Did it mean invading the USSR? Did it mean bombing Moscow? No, it meant hanging tough, preventing the Soviets from expanding their base of power, until the internal contradictions and flaws in their system brought them down. The fight against terror and Islamic radicalism has the same goal… to prevent the radicals from expanding their base, which would happen if they get control of Iraq, and to maintain a tough defense until their medieval culture adapts to the modern world.

During the Cold War the pols in Washington were mostly united in support of this goal. But now the Democrats are not. There is no safety for the weak and foolish. When you seek to end a war without substantially achieving your essential goals by simply ceasing to fight, it is often a form of surrender. And that’s the way the Democrat-imposed outcome in Iraq will be understood around the world, especially by our enemies.

Internet Helps Spread Stupid Ideas Faster

Internet adds to activists’ arsenal

Fill up your car today? Guess you didn’t get the memo. The e-mail memo, that is, sent by some online vigilante who apparently hoped the gas-boycott forwards would spread like wildfire.

And so they did. The e-mail about today’s “gas-out” has found in-boxes nationwide, and newspapers from California to Pennsylvania have written about it. Some Portlanders may heed the call, but tens of thousands probably won’t.

Multiple gas boycott e-mails, first circulated in 1999, haven’t made a blip in oil consumption or lowered prices. But regardless of the gas-out’s success, the fact that somebody even tried it reflects the arrival of a new strain of American activism

Just because you can use the internet to spread stuff like this faster doesn’t mean that it is any less loony than it was before.

If you don’t buy gas today that just means you have to buy it tomorrow. I’m not clear exactly what the point is supposed to be. It is May, the weather is nice, the kids are getting out of school and more people are on the road.

Hmm. Higher demand of a limited product resulting in higher prices? I seem to have heard this song before. In fact I’ver heard it every year about this same time for more than twenty years. But we all know that it is not simple economics, It’s a CONSPIRACY!!

Whether it is a CONSPIRACY or simple economics a one day boycott is effectively meaningless. The only thing it will show is that some people really ARE that stupid.

Terrorists And Illegal Aliens – Ne’er The Twain Shall Meet?

Multitude of Sins

Consider, for example, the post-9/11 ritual of airline security. You have to produce government-issued picture ID to the TSA official. Does that make you feel safer? On that Tuesday morning in September, four of the killers got on board by using picture ID they’d acquired through the “undocumented worker” network in Falls Church, Virginia. Half the jurisdictions in the United States issue picture ID to people who shouldn’t even be in the country, and they issue it as a matter of policy. The Fort Dix boys were pulled over for 19 traffic violations, but because they were in “sanctuary cities” any cop who suspected they were illegals was unable to report them to immigration authorities. Again, as a matter of policy.

On the one hand, America creates a vast federal security bureaucracy to prevent another 9/11. On the other hand, American politicians and bureaucrats create a parallel system of education and welfare and health care entitlements by contriving in the maintenance and expansion of a vast network of fraudulent identity that corrupts the integrity of almost all state databases. And even though it played a part in the killing of three thousand Americans, leaders of both parties insist nothing can be done to stop it. All we can do is give the Duka brothers “a fast track to citizenship.”

The frantic rush to indifference on the left to the Ft Dix Jihadis is astounding. They seem to think that such a plot would never work because, as we all know, Ft Dix is chock full of beefy, heavily armed soldiers who would not be fooled by the transparant ruse of terrorists hiding in a pizza delivery truck that they see on post every day. Since our soldiers routinely engage in killing Muslim civilians in Iraq they certainly would open fire on anyone they suspected of being a Muslim here in the U.S.. Because, you know, they don’t go anywhere without a machine gun and hundreds of rounds of ammuniton, that’s the kind of people they are.

But just because half of the Ft Dix plotters were illegal doesn’t mean that any other illegal aliens are terrorists. They might be just honest, hard-working people who are anxious to achieve the American dream and have an entirely unrelated interest in Islam and explosives.

Some Things Just Cannot Be Allowed…

And it looks like supporting the troops is at the top of the list.
Pentagon Opens Inquiry of Troop-Support Group – New York Times

WASHINGTON, May 11 — The Pentagon is looking into complaints that Defense Department officials charged with building public support for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan might have engaged in improper fund-raising and unauthorized spending, officials said Friday.

The Pentagon is upset with the effort to build support for the troops? Not exactly.

The decision to open an inspector general’s inquiry came several days after The New York Times asked the Pentagon questions about the “America Supports You” effort after obtaining memorandums, and other documents from an employee critical of the Pentagon’s involvement.

So someone in the Pentagon who does not want to support the troops leaked some info to the New York Times. Since the NYT, al Qaeda and the Iraqi “insurgents” all support the same goal of American defeat in Iraq, they knew that the NYT would do its best to shut down anything that might make defeat harder.

There is only one “correct” position and it does not include winning the war.

Iraqi Official Warns Of Slaughter If U.S. Withdraws – Democrats Are Fine With That

Official Takes Case to U.S., but Skeptics Don’t Budge

WASHINGTON, May 8 — Mowaffak al-Rubaie, the national security adviser to Iraq’s prime minister, undertook on Tuesday what may have been his most challenging mission yet: trying to persuade American lawmakers who have all but run out of patience that still more patience is required.

In a whirlwind series of closed-door meetings that began with Representative John P. Murtha and ended with Senator Carl Levin — two Democrats who have been leading the charge for American troop withdrawals — Mr. Rubaie sought to make the case that an American pullout would be catastrophic.

What Mr. Rubaie faces is the indifference of the Democrats to any slaughter of what they consider a lesser race. They have made it prefectly clear that they consider Arabs in general, and Iraqi’s in particular as incapable of having a democratic form of government. What they want is someone in the mold of Saddam or Mubarek who will keep the lid on the Islamists.

The problem with that is that the Democrats, with their ususal eye for the immediate and blindness to the long term, are playing into the hands of the Islamists. Groups like al Qaeda consider the Arab governments as only slightly more desireable that the U.S. and Israel. They don’t seem to understand that the Islamic terrorists cannot be defeated with repression. They feed on it, they have to be undermined.

But the Democrats are more interested in defeating George W. Bush than they are with defeating Islamic terrorism. They are under the impression that every man has his price, and all they have to do is find out the Islamist’s. But not everyone’s price includes gold-plated toilets and fulsome flattery.

We have our chance to undermine the Islamists in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of the two, Iraq is the most important, not only for its geographic position but for its position at the nexus of the Sunni and the Shiite worlds. Afghanistan is isolated both georgraphically and culturally. They don’t really even like Arabs and don’t have much influence in the Muslim world.

But the Democrats are fine with the Iraqi’s and the Afghan’s being slaughtered. They are, after all, dusky heathens. It’s not like with the Bosnians and Kosovar Albanians. They’re almost Europeans. The Iraqi’s are just some dark skinned buggers, in a country far away. They’re just as comfortable with their massacre as they were with the Cambodians and Rwandan’s. They won’t lift a finger to stop it, but they’ll tell everyone how sorry they are afterwards.

Why Not Some Sauce For The Goose?

Interesting exchange by Peter DeFazio concerning executive compensation in business.

That is the way the rules work now. Apparently you think that is just fine. You admit that there is excessive salary being paid here, excessive compensation. No one can look at those numbers and say that they aren’t, the gentleman even admitted, greater than warranted in some cases.

Well, then, give the stockholders a meaningful remedy. That is all we are doing here. We are just saying, it is not even mandatory, just that you can have, once you get the mandatory disclosure put in place by the Republicans, we Democrats are saying the stockholders should be allowed to have a referendum on that and not have a runaround by the board or not have their capability to put a measure before the corporation denied by the board.

I have a major stockholder of Bank of America stock in my district, and he has been constantly frustrated in attempting to move forward questions about board compensation, about executive compensation, about governance. And he is a major stockholder, as are the rest of his family. But he is thwarted. It is a little bit like the old Soviet Union: They are in charge, they don’t have to listen to him. It is not democratic.

How about applying a bit of that concern about people not being allowed to make changes to the Congress?

How about a little disclosure from Congress? On things like who they are meeting with, and what they are discussing?

The Congress is supposed to be made up of “public servants” who are doing a job that the voters sent them there to do. But the only information you can get is the crumbs that they wish to share with you. They don’t tell you if they went to Hawaii to discuss the plight of the blue-billed swamp sucker at a 5 star report. They don’t let you know that the bill they sponsored was drafted by lobbyists from industry, labor unions or environmental groups.

You don’t know when they spend six seeks in New Zealand at a condo they co-own with labor lobbyists. You don’t who they discuss your business with while they are making laws that apply to all of us, or at least those of us who are not politically connected.

The current hyperventilation over executive compensation is a red herring. Setting compensation in a private business is not a concern of the government. At least it isn’t in the free world. There is nothing in the resume of most elected officials that gives them the necessary skills to do so.