What Does It Mean?

For those who have been wondering. I am a practicing Buddhist, but I am not some hippy-dippy lose who thinks that if only I realize the truth, that everything is going to change.

We’re dealing with people here. Fallible, confused, deluded people. Am I any better? Who knows?

Since before the enlightenment of Buddha we have been trying to discern “the truth” the problem is that “the truth” in the Gaza Strip, India, and America have been incompatible with each other. One person’s truth is another person’s myth.

Is it going to change because I realized it? Not a chance.

Existence, the world, the universe, is defined by out perception, and our perception is different for each individual.

But perception is a screen, a filter, through which all our ideas are strained.

For MY truth, MY perception it is this. That existence is like the ocean. Each person, each individual perception, be it a tree or a temple is like a wave on the surface of the sea. It is there, it is real, but it is temporary. When the wave or current, or person ceases to exist in its limited time it sinks back into the reality of the sea. It is not dead, it is not gone. It was and it is no more, but it is not gone. It is part of the whole, the sea

I realize that the analogy is not perfect, that there are many that may find fault with it. But there it is.

Am I a genius? Hardly.

Have I achieved enlightenment? In about a thousand more lifetimes, maybe. If I am lucky.

If you think you have the answers, you’re either deluded or enlightened. If you know you have the answers, then you are deluded. If you wonder, welcome.