Who’s In The Bag For The Banking Industry?

There seems to be some kind of meme going around that the Democrats are for helping the people who can’t pay their mortgage and the Republicans are for bailing out the lenders. These numbers from opensecrets.org might give a clue to who is in the bag for the bankers.

Commercial Banks

    Hillary Clinton (D) $1,367,684
    Barack Obama (D) $1,366,708
    John McCain (R) $860,215

NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2008 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released on Thursday, March 20, 2008.

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And Speaking Of “Glowball Warmening”; How’d That Whole “Earth Hour” Thing Work Out?

Earth Hour crashes to Earth | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Credit the public with sense. Earth Hour, hysterically promoted by The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC, SBS, Sky News and the federal and state governments, resulted in no significant fall in power usage.

This is in Australia. But I think the results would be similar in any civilized nation.
As I have said before, the public will never cut back on energy use voluntarily. The only way they are going to get their reduction is by using force. Either coercion by regulation and fines or actual physical force. Look at the progress that can be gained with an enlightened leadership.

You know, it wasn’t all that long ago that the invention of the electric light bulb was considered one of the premier acomplishments of the 20th Century. That it was technology like electricl lights, running water and automobiles changed the world from the struggle for mere subsistance into a place where ordinary people have the leisure and the wealth to indulge their desire for more than the bare minimums to support life.

Now, it seems, we are being urged to cast it all aside and return to some fabled past where we all lived in harmony with nature. A past that has never existed anywhere at any time.

Welcome to the Brave New World.

Massive Propaganda Blitz Planned For “Glowball Warmening”

This is scary. We are supposedly on the edge of a recession. Gas and oil prices are rising. The dollar is dropping. and Al Gore is going to coordinate a massive $300 million propaganda program to convince the American people that we need to shut down huge sectors of the economy in order to decrease carbon emissions by 60% (McCain) and 90% (Clinton).

Gore Launches Ambitious Advocacy Campaign on Climate

Former vice president Al Gore will launch a three-year, $300 million campaign Wednesday aimed at mobilizing Americans to push for aggressive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a move that ranks as one of the most ambitious and costly public advocacy campaigns in U.S. history.

The Alliance for Climate Protection’s “we” campaign will employ online organizing and television advertisements on shows ranging from “American Idol” to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” It highlights the extent to which Americans’ growing awareness of global warming has yet to translate into national policy changes, Gore said in an hour-long phone interview last week. He said the campaign, which Gore is helping to fund, was undertaken in large part because of his fear that U.S. lawmakers are unwilling to curb the human-generated emissions linked to climate change.

“This climate crisis is so interwoven with habits and patterns that are so entrenched, the elected officials in both parties are going to be timid about enacting the bold changes that are needed until there is a change in the public’s sense of urgency in addressing this crisis,” Gore said. “I’ve tried everything else I know to try. The way to solve this crisis is to change the way the public thinks about it.”

Private contributors have already donated or committed half the money needed to fund the entire campaign, he said. While Gore declined to quantify his contribution to the effort, he has devoted all his proceeds from the Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” the best-selling companion book, his salary from the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers and several international prizes, such as the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, which add up to more than a $2.7 million. Paramount Classics, the documentary’s distributor, has pledged 5 percent of the film’s profits to the group, and some of the money raised through the 2007 Live Earth concerts will help the campaign, along with Gore’s proceeds from an upcoming book on climate change.

Notice that the “private contributors” to the program are not named.

But further down in the article we have:

The climate alliance’s initiative, however, will not go unchallenged by climate change skeptics. Americans for Balanced Energy Choices, a nonprofit funded by the coal industry and its allies, is spending about $35 million this election to bolster support for coal-generated electricity. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based think tank that receives part of its funding from oil and gas companies, recently spent close to $35,000 to run a television ad both in the District and in scattered cities throughout the country attacking Gore, and plans a follow-up campaign. The ad argues that Gore and his allies in Hollywood use plenty of energy but that “Al Gore wants to cut our energy use, putting our jobs and our future in jeopardy.”

You see, the identity of the people funding this huge campaign for more government control of the economy are irrelevant. But the opponents “receive part of its funding from oil and gas companies” which is important.

At least Al Gore is putting part of his money where his mouth is. But he stands to gain many times that amount if he convinces enough people that we need to turn our economy over to government bureaucrats.

Scientists in Japan and Australia have worked out that decreasing carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 would mean a reduction of 88% in North America.

So remember, when your industry shuts down and you have no work and no income; when you’re standing in line to claim the generous government benefits that are sure to be provided; or when you are paying increased prices and taxes in order to provide those benefits; it’s for your own good. And “No,” Al is not going to stop flying on private jets and absolutely cannot move to a smaller mansion. That’s for the little people.

Maybe, if we really try, we can achieve carbon emission levels such as this utopia.

Green Fascism, Right On Our Borders

Earth Hour and Harvesting Green Votes

Between 8 and 9 tonight, I’ll be doing what I usually do at that time:
I’ll be out with my wife walking our two dogs 5km around our small town.Tonight, however, I’ll be looking at my neighbours’ windows to see which ones are participating in Earth Hour.

Fascism is alive and well, right next door in Canada.

So this Green Nazi will be prowling his neighborhood noting who is “green” and who is not. And no doubt he will be making a list to turn in to his Green blockfuhrer in order to determine who will be targeted should they get the power. Kind of like some demented Santa Claus, if Santa Claus wasn’t a religious based figure that is emblematic of the wastefulness of western society and the rape of Mother Earth by the pallid hordes of Capitalism.

I have an idea! Let’s all note who is participating in these “green” events and note their names so that we can make sure that they are making the sacrifices that they so fervently wish upon the rest of us.

That way, when their little weather control schemes collapse, as they will. We can point out that it is simply because they failed to make enough sacrifices. Unless, of course, they do stop contributing carbon to the atmosphere. In which case we won’t pay any attention to them because they’re dead.

Is It Gun Scare Story Time Again Already?

AK-47s Are Turning Up More in US

Figures from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, obtained by The Associated Press through public records requests, show a marked increase in the number of AK-type weapons traced and entered into the agency’s computer database because they had been seized or connected to a crime.

The number of such tracings rose even while the federal assault weapons ban was in effect and has continued to climb since its expiration.

If you didn’t know better, and most people don’t, you would think that all these criminals are walking the streets with machine guns.

But the AK47 rifles sold in the U.S. are of the semiautomatic variety, not fully automatic machine guns. The reporter, as usual, does not mention the difference. This story is a perrenial favorite of gun opponents and the news media can be expected to oblige them regularly.

Thailand’s Such An Interesting Place.

Woman arrives at her own funeral – Nakhon Si Thammarat

Nakhon Si Thammarat – Monks and guests who attended a funeral rite at Wat Lam Nao in Bang Khan district were thrown into a panic yesterday when the woman thought to be dead, and who they were praying for, appeared before them.

The sight of Duangkae Sudchu, the woman who was supposed to be in the coffin, sent many attending the rite sprinting from the scene.

It took some convincing by Mrs Duangkae before they realised that she was still alive and the body in the coffin was someone else.