We’re Back To Summer of 2001. 9/11 Is No More

Sharks Bite 3 Swimmers In 3 Days – Orlando News Story – WKMG Orlando

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — Swimmers were again cleared from a New Smyrna Beach Monday after a third swimmer in three days was bitten by a shark and treated at a hospital.The latest victim was the ninth recorded shark bite of the year in Volusia County, putting the number of bites ahead of the record breaking “Year Of The Shark” in 2001, according to beach records.

This was the big story before 9/11. Now it’s new again.

Doing Very Well Indeed

Gore investment body closes $683m fund

The investment vehicle headed by Al Gore has closed a new $683m fund to invest in early-stage environmental companies and has mounted a robust defence of green investing.The Climate Solutions Fund will be one of the biggest in the growing market for investment funds with an environmental slant.

The fund will be focused on equity investments in small companies in four sectors: renewable energy; energy efficiency technologies; energy from biofuels and biomass; and the carbon trading markets.

Hmm. Do you suppose that Hillary or Obama will propose seizing Mr. Gore’s ‘excessive profits’ for the common good?

Not a chance.

It’s an excellent investment strategy to use connections in the government to force a demand for your product.

What was that comment about the Hawaiian missionaries?

“They came to do good, and did very well indeed.”

I guess it applies to ‘green’ missionaries as well.

Dollars And Treachery Will Win Every Time.

There’s a saying in military circles that “Captains study tactics; Generals study logistics” meaning that the best troops and tactics in the world cannot prevail without the proper supplies.

I’ve been saying for some time that one reason for our smaller footprint in Afghanistan was due to necessity. This is because Afghanistan is a landlocked country and, while somethings can be airlifted in, most supplies have to come from ports in Pakistan. The other possibility would be Iran, but that is out of the question for obvious reasons.

Now, it looks like al-Qaeda and the Taliban have notice the same thing.

Asia Times Online :: South Asia news, business and economy from India and Pakistan

KARACHI – The Taliban and their al-Qaeda associates, in what they considered a master stroke, this year started to target the Western alliance’s supply lines that run through Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Their focal point was Khyber Agency, in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas, a key transit point for as much as 70% of the alliance’s supplies needed to maintain its battle against the Afghan insurgency.

The spectacular blowing up on March 20 of 40 gas tankers at Torkham – the border crossing in Khyber Agency into Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province – sent shock waves through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-led (NATO) coalition. So much so that it made a deal for some supplies to transit through Russia, a much more arduous route.

But NATO and the CIA,have not been idle either.

They have learned the customs and language of the area. That would be bribery and treachery.

The next time the Taliban cam calling, there was a surprise waiting for them.

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban immediately called an emergency shura in North Waziristan to review the situation. Al-Qaeda’s investigations revealed that the CIA and Pakistani intelligence had got to Namdar and paid him $150,000 in local currency.The immediate result is that Taliban operations in Khyber Agency have been cut off. This in itself is a major setback, as the attacks on supply lines had hit a raw NATO nerve.

In the broader context, Namdar’s betrayal vividly illustrates the dangers of traitors within the ranks of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The fear is that the various peace deals being signed now between the Islamabad government and selected tribal leaders could lead to a whole new batch of betrayals.

A word of caution though. Turning coats is an ancient custom in these parts. Just because someone supported us this time doesn’t necessarily mean he will next time.

Bribery and treachery can work both ways.

Repeat After Me, “Oh My God, The Big One’s Coming!”

‘The big one’ is looking even bigger- OregonLive.com

I have developed an earthquake drill which can be adapted for use in practicing for any disaster.

Everyone should run outside screaming “Oh My God, The Big One’s Coming!!! We’re All Gonna Die!!!”

They should do this while waving their are wildly in the air and running into traffic.

This drill can be adapted to prepare for earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, forest fires, or urban riots. In fact, it is an all around useful tool that can insure the proper level of panic in any situation.

Must Not Be Much Of An “Expert.”

Eugene police say 3 bikers targeted agent, detective- OregonLive.com

Packard, a regional expert on outlaw motorcycle gangs for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, steered his unmarked Ford Explorer down a dirt road as he and Burroughs searched for DeLoretto’s home.

Suddenly they spotted their suspect behind the wheel of a Ford Ranger pickup, which was headed toward them. Packard backed out of the narrow lane and drove to Salem, where by chance he parked in front of the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club’s former clubhouse, according to Eugene police Detective Matt Herbert.

Crimes Against Who?

In the NYT Review of Books there is only one question regarding any book that treats 9/11 as an attack and the supporters of the ideology that spawned it as criminals. Which of far-left critic will they allow to trash the tome.

In this case they call on Leon Weiseltier of The New Republic. Did you ever notice that they never seem to call on any of the writers in National Review to review books blaming America for all the evils of the world up to and including the weather?

In this case, Leon sharpens his pen and digs in, immediately finding such obtuse thinking as “Amis enjoys the moral element in contempt, and he is splendidly unperturbed by the prospect of giving offense.

By all means, let’s not give offense!

And Leon recoils in horror at other characterizations, such as “what is gained by preferring “horrorism” to “terrorism,” except perhaps a round of applause?” I first read “horrorism” as “heroism” which may change the meaning, but would probably not have changed the reaction.

Mostly he is just upset with Martin Amis for not taking the position that is now required by the intelligencia. That of excoriating America while brushing off the acts of our enemies as somehow justified.

The Second Plane – Martin Amis – Book Review – New York Times

Democrats Working To Decrease Fuel Prices? Who Would Be Stupid Enough To Believe That?

The Democrats are using Youtube to try to get the word out that they’re working to decrease the cost of gas.

YouTube – Rep. DeFazio – Democrats Press Solutions for Gas PricesGosh, and I thought the Democrats were championing the cause of Glowball Warmening? I thought the idea was to reduce our “carbon footprint” by using less fuel?

Isn’t decreasing the price of fuel going to encourage more use? How is making it cheaper to fill up my SUV going to help?

No matter. The Democrats just hope that no one is going to notice the contradiction.

The “solutions” that he talks about are laughable on their face.

Close tax “loopholes? Decrease subsudies?

He never explains how, exactly, increasing the costs of doing business will result in decreased prices at the pump. It must the that “underpants gnome” accounting.

    1. Increase costs for oil companies.
    2. ?
    3. Decreased fuel prices!

How about making complaints to the WTO? What is that supposed to accomplish? The WTO doesn’t have any mechanism to force OPEC to quit setting the price of oil. The only thing they can do is authorize the U.S. to impose tariffs to retaliate against them. Are we going to retaliate against OPEC by putting a tariff on oil?

I fail to see how that would do anything to decrease the price of fuel at the pumps, would probably INCREASE it and raise the price of other goods. That’s a best case. At worst it would impose both price increases and shortages. Anyone besides me remember the gas lines?

The Democrats are hoping you don’t.

The other ‘solution’ that the Democrats are pushing is exactly the same solution they have for every problem. More government regulation!

Yeah. That’s the ticket. A horde of bureaucrats that have never had anything to do with the energy industry in their lives are going to tell the businessmen how to run it. Either that or they’ll hire some lobbyists from the environmental lobby to do it. Like they would do anything except destroy the industry.

Start printing the ration books. Your use of fuel will be restricted fairly under a formula that takes into consideration your income, family size and your fealty and devotion to the Party. If you’re really good they’ll let you use as much as Al Gore does on a weekend, but it’ll have to last you for three months.

Reports Of Political Meddling Attract Politicians Wanting To Meddle

JS Online: EPA scientists face political meddling

The survey results show “an agency under siege from political pressures,” said the Union of Concerned Scientists’ report, which was publicly released Wednesday and sent to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson.The online questionnaire was sent to 5,419 EPA scientists last summer; 1,586 replied, and of those, 889 reported that they had experienced at least one type of interference within the past five years.

Actually that works out to about 16.5% of the total. But “almost half of those who answered” sounds scarier

Note also that they don’t say that they are receiving political pressure to downplay concerns. The “Union of Concerned Scientists” is a political group that sells “Glowball Warmening” theology. So they might well be talking about pressure from groups like them or other Al Gore connected groups.

Be that as it may, if the intent was to decrease the amount of political “meddling” in the EPA, it evidently didn’t work.

On Wednesday, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) wrote to Johnson to tell him to be prepared to respond to the findings at a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing next month.

Uh, isn’t Waxman a politician? And isn’t he threatening to “meddle” in the affairs of the EPA?

But this all is just establishing precedent for the next Democratic administration. So far it has been established that a President cannot expect members of the State Dept follow his wishes on foreign policy, that he cannot set priorities at the Justice Dept, that he is not allowed to counter false stories spread by his politcial enemies and now, that no one execpt the Environmental Lobbyists are allowed any input to the EPA.

We’ll see how well they follow their own rules.