National Security? The Greenstapo Or The Obama Jugend?

Is U.S. ready to serve? —

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said Wednesday. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”He said he would make federal assistance conditional on school districts establishing service programs and set the goal of 50 hours of service a year for middle school and high school students.

Does anyone remember the Chinese “Cultural Revolution”?

Who is going to direct this flood of fresh-faced eager beavers intent on doing good? Are their futures going to depend on the level of enthusiasm they display for the goals of the State?

We’re going to have hordes of high school and college student being forced to do what exactly? National Security? That’s just scary. A national security force made up of largely untrained high school and college students? Is this going to include some type of political indoctrination? Whose politics? Are they to be used to find and correct violations of the EPA’s proposed “Clean Air” regualtion of all greenhouse gas emissions? A Greenstapo?

What if you don’t want their help or if you don’t want to participate? Are there going to be reports to a central authority commenting on your lack of revolutionary fervor? Are government services going to be withheld from those who fail to show sufficient dedication for the good of all?

You know, with Obama’s penchant for empty speeches, slogans (Yes, We Can!), stylized mass rallies, and a following of Obamatons shambling in his wake, he is getting scarier all the time.

If you don’t think that should be a concern for you. Think about such an organization with a President Gingrich or Hillary in charge.

Unintentional False Info OK

SEC opens probe to prevent spread of false info

Cox said the probe will provide an opportunity to make sure brokers and investment advisers have “appropriate training for their employees and sturdy controls in place to prevent intentionally false information from harming investors.”

They’re going to stop false rumors? How, exactly would they do that?

This proposal imagines a level of control that just doesn’t exist in the real world.

Refresh My Memory. What Is The Al Qaeda System For Handling Murder And Conspiracy Complaints?

Logistics, secrecy, hamper Guantanamo trials | Reuters

Lawyers for the five men accused of plotting the hijacked airliner attacks on the United States say the complaints brought last week before the war court in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, exemplify the trouble the men face getting a fair trial before the first U.S. military tribunals since World War Two.

“There is a big problem with the system,” Mohammed, the Pakistani who has allegedly admitted to planning the September 11 attacks from start to finish, told the court.

Mohammed and four others, Walid bin Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa al-Hawsawi, face conspiracy and murder charges in the 2001 attacks that triggered the Bush administration’s global war on terrorism.

Maybe we should follow the same procedures that Mohammed followed in the trial, conviction and execution of Daniel Pearl?

Obama Snubs Soldiers..Veterans

Obama likes and respects the military. He just doesn’t want to take questions from them.

Remember….Hope…..Change….Don’t bother me.

Obama Won’t Commit to Event at Military Base –

A coalition of military groups is planning a nationally televised town-hall-style meeting with the presidential candidates near Fort Hood, Tex., the largest active-duty military installation in the country. But so far, only Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee, has agreed to attend.CBS has agreed to broadcast the meeting live from 9 to 11 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, Aug. 11. The candidates would face questions directly from an audience of 6,000 people, made up of veterans, service members and military families from the base.

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, the presumptive Democratic nominee, has not agreed to participate.

“Senator Obama strongly supports America’s veterans and military families and has worked hard on their behalf in the Senate,” said Phillip Carter, director of Mr. Obama’s veterans effort and an Iraq war veteran. “While we unfortunately had a previously scheduled commitment on the date proposed, Senator Obama looks forward to continuing the dialogue he’s been having throughout the country with veterans on how we can better serve our men and women in uniform as they serve us.”

Actually the sponsors of the event suggested some dates and were willing to work with the campaigns on scheduling.

Carissa Picard, managing director of the Fort Hood Presidential Town Hall Consortium, said she had suggested Aug. 11 and asked the campaign to suggest other dates if that was not convenient, but after several conversations she had not been able to work anything out.“I’m having extreme difficulty getting the Obama campaign to commit to this event, and we do not understand why,” said Ms. Picard, whose husband is deployed in Iraq. “We made it very clear to them that if they would commit to the event, we would work with them on dates.”

The organizers released details about the event in hopes that it would pressure the Obama campaign to agree to the event.

“This was a decision that was made with tremendous difficulty, to publicize it,” Ms. Picard said. “We were at a point where we had no other option. We got the impression that they could talk us to November.”

I imagine that Obama’s handlers were terrified at the thought of him appearing unscripted.

Some Things Are Just Impossible To Parody

Roger L. Simon » Beyond Parody: Gore and Friedkin at La Scala

William Friedkin will direct the premiere of the opera “An Inconvenient Truth,” which will debut at La Scala in Milan on May 11, 2011.

I used to think that the only people impossible to parody were Maoists. (I still don’t know if this site is real or a parody.)

However, it appears that the “global warming” crowd and Al Gore are joining them.

Parody is the art of making someone look ridiculous by taking their words and actions to an extreme. But what can you do when they are already so extreme that there is no way to make them more ridiculous?

Set them to music…I guess.

And If You Don’t Have A Degree, You’re Just SOL

Governor plans to boost economy with eco-friendly jobs –

“There’s a tremendous opportunity in this region for green technology,” the governor says in an interview with The Oregonian. He rattles off advancements in renewable energy, green construction and electric cars. “These are high-tech jobs,” he says, and there are lots of them on the horizon.Oregon’s 5.6 percent unemployment rate hovers close to the national average of 5.5 percent, leaving the impression that the state has dodged the devastating economic trauma brought on by the last recession. Less than four years ago, the state had one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

The Gov might talk to his Unemployment Dept and find out exactly who those unemployed Oregonians are before he starts making all those neat plans. He doesn’t say how many of these marvelous industries are going to depend on a government subsidy to operate at all.

Not a problem, I guess, if you know and contribute to the right people.

The “green” jobs are going to take special skills. Skills that those who are graduating High School unable to read their diplomas probably won’t have. The construction jobs he talks about are a payoff to the Unions for their support. I mean, the Gov has filled his staff with Union lobbyists. Even his Chief of Staff and assistant COS are union lobbyists. He knows who sends people to man the phone banks, provide the crowds in TV spots and whose ‘contributions’ find their way to the right people.

But how many people do you know that work in construction? Once a building or bridge is built, what happens next? Replacing a bridge isn’t going to create any jobs after it is built. It’s just going to handle the traffic that the old bridge did, maybe a little more.

If you’re not a Union Member or if you don’t have the skills needed to fill one of those “green” jobs, you have to complete with the illegals for what’s left. And I wouldn’t count too much on tourism, the price of gas is going to be putting a huge dent in that.

Remember, a business that has better pay and benefits than Walmart doesn’t do you a bit of good if you don’t have the qualifications. The ‘activists’ that always show up to protest that the jobs don’t pay enough, don’t raise the pay of the people that would have taken those jobs. They just change the people that get the jobs.

Sounds Like A Plan To Me – Energy bill out of gas

“Right now, our strategy on gas prices is ‘Drive small cars and wait for the wind,’ ” said a Democratic aide.

The problem with the energy and conservation plan of the Democrats and the Environmental lobbyists is that it all sounds very noble and caring, everyone is for it, in concept. They are all for the idea of sacrificing to save the planet and all that. The problem that arises is that while people agree with the concept, they don’t like it when it is applied to them.

They might conserve a little, if it doesn’t hurt too much. They want their gas, at a reasonable price, and want someone else to do the heavy lifting on conservation. The Democrats can blow smoke but they’re afraid of actually trying to accomplish anything. If they do they’re going to either piss off the environmental wackos, who provide a lot of their funds, or theiy’r going to piss of Joe Sixpack who wants to take his RV and boat to the lakes. So they just talk and talk, but do nothing.

Forged Press Passes For Code Pink?

I guess the wackoes at Code Pink used forged press passes to get close enough to heckle President Bush on the 4th of July.

Because they’re stupid, they’re even bragging about it on the Daily Kos. (Don’t forget to archive that page in case they disappear it) I wonder if they would be so approving if it was President Obama? No doubt that would be different because, you know, he’s a Democrat and, while he is equal, he is a little more equal than anyone else.

I wonder what the Secret Service thinks about this? I would find it hard to believe that someone has’nt brought this to their attention. I had a friend that worked White House Communication Agency from Johnson to Carter. He told me that the Secret Service Agents have their sense of humor surgically removed as part of their training. They are not likely to view the use of forged press credentials to get close the the President lightly

Randgrithr might find herself having to answer some tough questions.

Stand by for much whining about the Bush thugs crushing dissent.

The Talkmeister Provides A Little Schooling On What “Taxing The Rich” Might Mean For YOU.

We don’t get Neal Boortz here in Oregon. At least not at any time when I might be able to listen. (Those cops and firefighters seem to think I should listen to them instead)

But I check his site every morning for his take on the news. He has a way of explaining things, which he refers to as the “Church of the Painful Truth”, that lays things out in terms that everyone can understand. Or has he refers to it, “those of you who attended government schools.”

Here is his explanation of what is going to happen when the Obamamessiah raises taxes on “the rich.” Nealz Nuze Today’s Nuze

There are 23 million small business owners in America who file their business income taxes as an individual taxpayer. These small business owners employ people … tens of millions of people. In fact, the small business owners of this country provide way more than 70% of the private sector jobs out there. When Obama talks about raising taxes on people who make more than $250,000 a year he’s talking about raising taxes on the man or woman who writes your paycheck. Now … would you care to spend a few of your precious minutes thinking about the logical consequences of raising taxes on your employer? Do you think they’re just going to cut back on the money they take from their business operation? Oh yeah, sure they will. Now I know that you’re government educated, but surely you can see that these people are going to adjust to their increased tax load by cutting back on business expenses. You don’t expect them to cut their own pay, do you? Hey! It’s their business! They started this thing, and they don’t intend to see the lives they’ve built for themselves be diminished by some Democrats tax dreams – so expenses get cut. Now — guess what you are? There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You, my friend, are a business expense. Are you going to be the business expense that gets cut? Perhaps so … and then what happens? The evil rich have now they have taken away YOUR job, and you hate them even more. Hint: It wasn’t your job, it was theirs.. when it became a financial burden, they dumped it.

Mugged By Reality

TigerHawk – Gas pump conservatives

If you hang on the right you are well aware of old jokes about the personal transformation to conservativism. “A conservative is a liberal who… (1) has to meet a payroll, (2) has been held up…” and so forth. Well, at least on the question of drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas, a conservative is a liberal who wants cheaper gasoline. The Pew Center’s latest survey reveals that it is self-identified liberals who have most changed their attitude about drilling. Indeed, a slightly higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans now say that more energy production is important.