Haven’t We Heard This Before?

The Crypt: Hoyer worries McCain might leak his veep choice to hit Dem convention – Politico.com

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer reacted angrily this afternoon to rumors that John McCain would leak his running mate selection during tonight’s last session of the Democratic National Convention.

“It’s mean-spirited and it’s beneath John McCain. It is consistent with what Karl Rove is advising,” the Maryland congressman told Politico.

Oh yeah. Remember “they’re going to mention I’m black”? Sounds like they’re the ones that are setting up a meme. I’m not aware that Karl Rove or anyone else hinted about leaking McCain’s VP choice during Obama’s speech.

Wait a couple of days, it’s going to become gospel among the nutroots that McCain considered leaking his VP choice during Obama’s acceptance speech.

After Katrina, Even A Heavy Dew Leads To Panic

Officials may evacuate New Orleans as Gustav nears

NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Cities all along the Gulf Coast are hoping that what’ll again be Hurricane Gustav won’t bear a resemblance to Hurricane Katrina.But with the third anniversary of Katrina looming, they’re also not taking any chances.

Then maybe they should consider moving the entire city to someplace other than the Gulf coast. Tropical storms and hurricanes are a normal occurance there. Katrina was a Cat 4 hurricane, a Cat 3 when it hit New Orleans. The damage to the city was due to breached levys, not wind.

If they’re going to do this every time a tropical storm or hurricane of any size approaches, things are going to get real expensive real fast.

Some People Are Just Not Equipped To Make It Through The Day

Up, in the sky: Black helicopters startle Portlanders

Jennie Logsdon-Martin was at the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower on Monday evening when black helicopters swooped by her 12th-floor room, slamming a window shut with the force of the wind.She looked out and saw a helicopter so close “you could see the guys’ teeth,” the Tillamook resident said. “It was just scary.”

Logsdon-Martin wasn’t the only one alarmed. One guest began crying, and others anxiously watched as the helicopters landed and took off at nearby office buildings, she said.

The sudden appearance of black helicopters carrying apparently armed men and buzzing around Portland generated dozens of calls to emergency dispatchers and the mayor’s office from residents and visitors.

It’s nothing to worry about, city and federal officials insisted Tuesday. And, by the way, you might see more of the same tonight.

Startled hell. It absolutely panicked some people.

It used to be that conspiracy nuts were relegated to the fringes of society. No more.

Now the mere sight of military equipment or exercises terrify people. There’s no actual reason to be scared. Anyone who has been around the military would know instantly that a few armed men in a small helicopter are not enough to actually accomplish anything major. But most people don’t have any experience with the military and they watch too much TV.

When I was a kid and we saw fighter jets overhead and convoys on the road, we thought it was really cool. But the constant stream of doom and gloom, accusations of misconduct by our Armed Forces, which never seem to actually amount to anything, have taken its toll.

The propaganda war that has been waged against us by people who claim to have our best interests at heart is nothing short of astounding. The number of people who swallowed it all is even more worrying.

But it is fun to watch them squeal and run in circles, isn’t it?

Well, They Are His Biggest Fans.

Barack Obama’s nomination was a key moment in TV coverage

It was a meticulously organized peace offering done at a crucial time. Clinton stepped to a microphone on the convention’s floor at 6:47 p.m. EDT, when ABC, CBS and NBC were in the midst of their evening newscasts. All three newscasts carried the event live on the East Coast, along with the cable news networks. (ABC broke into regular programming in non-Eastern time zones, while CBS and NBC didn’t).

Almost immediately, network anchors and pundits – tipped off by some of the genuine emotion they saw in the room – took a step back to recognize the historical import of a black man being nominated by a major party as its candidate for president.

Since the news media is his biggest supporters it is not surprising that they wet themselves over his nomination.

Obama Picks Wealthy (part time) Oregon Investor For Convention Speech

Obama gives Portland energy investor a convention speech spot

A Portland venture capitalist who specializes in green energy investments has been given a coveted primetime speaking slot at next week’s Democratic National Convention.Nancy Floyd, 53, says she’s not all that politically active but got a call a few days ago from Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign inviting her to address the convention Tuesday night.

Of course it helps that she’s a female and in an approved business.

But isn’t she trying to get rich? In fact, she may already be rich. Aren’t we supposed to be against those who have “won life’s lottery”?

She might not be politically active but might want to keep it in mind in order to make the list when the tax breaks and subsidies are being handed out

Floyd is the founder and managing director of Nth Power, a venture capital firm that puts money into wind power, solar energy and biofuel company startups. The firm, with $420 million under its management, is based in San Francisco, but Floyd works mainly out of her home in Portland’s West Hills. She commutes to California weekly

What are the profit margins? We know that a profit margin of 9-10% is unconscionable because that’s what the oil companies are getting.

Commutes to California weekly? Does that mean she’s only a weekend Oregonian?

And how much CO2 does she generate weekly with this commuting? Is this the “green lifestyle” that us in the lower orders are supposed to emulate?

Energy has become a flashpoint in the presidential race. Republican candidate Sen. John McCain has come out strongly in favor of new offshore oil drilling as a way to boost U.S. supplies. Obama favors using existing oil leases and more efforts on conservation and renewables.

Sahar Wali, spokeswoman for the Obama campaign, said Floyd was chosen to speak because of her 30 years experience in the renewable energy industry.

“Floyd is an entrepreneur who will speak to this issue critical to our national security,” Wali said. Diversifying energy sources is key to Obama’s plan “to break our dependence on foreign oil and provide relief to American families struggling to deal with the energy crisis.”

Yeah, the Republicans want to exploit our own resources while trying to develop new ones. Democrats want to depend on either on technologies that are not practical for large scale development, or on a previously unknown technology that’s going to magically appear out of nowhere.

Wind and solar have not shown the promise of delivering enough energy on a sustained basis to replace the coal powered generating plants we have now. How are they going to supply enough for the future?

That doesn’t even address the transportation issue. If we’re not going to use gasoline, what are we going to use? Neither electric or Hydrogen powered cars will be practical without huge increases in our electrical generating capacity and there is nothing is going to appear out of nowhere to supply that electricity.

 So how long will it be before I can fill up my pickup with wind and solar energy? We know from the rhetoric over the past 5 years that it cannot take longer than 4 years, the length of WWII, without being judged a failure.

And how long before the ‘renewables’ are able to turn a profit without the tax breaks and subsidies? Isn’t that what the Democrats like to refer to as “Corporate Welfare”?

Steyn Is Right. By Midcentury It Really Will Be “America Alone”.

Americans play Monopoly, Russians chess

The United Nations publishes population projections for Russia up to 2050, and I have extended these to 2100. If the UN demographers are correct, Russia’s adult population will fall from about 90 million today to only 20 million by the end of the century. Russia is the only country where abortions are more numerous than live births, a devastating gauge of national despair.

Under Putin, the Russian government introduced an ambitious natalist program to encourage Russian women to have children. As he warned in his 2006 state of the union address, “You know that our country’s population is declining by an average of almost 700,000 people a year. We have raised this issue on many occasions but have for the most part done very little to address it … First, we need to lower the death rate. Second, we need an effective migration policy. And third, we need to increase the birth rate.”

The Russians are going to be overwhelmed by their Muslim population just as Europe will be.

The Russians are trying to stave off this collapse by trying to bring ethnic Russians living in the “Near Abroad” into the Russian Federation. But it is too late.

Russia’s birth rate has risen slightly during the past several years, perhaps in response to Putin’s natalism, but demographers observe that the number of Russian women of childbearing age is about to fall off a cliff. No matter how much the birth rate improves, the sharp fall in the number of prospective mothers will depress the number of births. UN forecasts show the number of Russians aged 20-29 falling from 25 million today to only 10 million by 2040.

Russia, in other words, has passed the point of no return in terms of fertility. Although roughly four-fifths of the population of the Russian Federation is considered ethnic Russians, fertility is much higher among the Muslim minorities in Central Asia. Some demographers predict a Muslim majority in Russia by 2040, and by mid-century at the latest.

By that time, America will have a white European/Hispanic majority who will carry no guilt for the excess of their ancestors.

It really will be “America Alone.”

Olympic Uniforms Recall America’s Racist Past?

Some people see a racists lurking everywhere.

Olympic Couture

The biggest sports-related news stateside has been the redesign of the U.S. uniforms by Ralph Lauren, who took the reins from Canadian company Roots. Lauren has built an empire by becoming the unofficial outfitter of the American Dream, marketing an idealized image of America’s former ruling class to the nation at large. However, the WASP aesthetic he sells—think of characters from “The Great Gatsby,” clothed in tennis whites and delicate tea dresses—has come to represent a classist and racist set of ideals, hardly representative of the current multicultural social fabric of the United States. A strange choice then, to redefine the U.S. team’s visual identity in this way, even as it marches further away from the 20th century, when WASP power reached its peak. But if one stops to consider America’s shaky status as the world’s preeminent superpower, Lauren’s nostalgic, retro creations begin to make more sense.

He does go on to characterize Russia’s uniforms as revealing their Cold War nostalgia and Canada for having uniforms that were “culturally inclusive” and “eco-friendly” while giving the impression of “being more “aspiring rap star” than “champion athlete.””

I think the uniforms were more of a Rorschach blot, revealing more about the critic than the clothing.

Based on nothing more than appearances and personal prejudices, which is about the same criteria he used to pass judgment on the uniforms, I would say that Sameer is a talented young man whose main qualification for this job is that his overwhelmingly wealthy white bosses can spend their weekends at The Hamptons patting themselves on the back for being so “progressive”.

Oh dear, that sounds slightly judgmental, doesn’t it?

“Nuance” Is MIA In Georgia

Report from Tbilisi by Michael J. Totten, City Journal 20 August 2008

The Russian soldiers called him and asked where he was going, if he was going to the American side.”

“The Russians said this to him?” I said.

“My husband said he was going to see his family,” she said. “And the Russians said again, ‘Are you going to the American side?’”

“So the Russians view you as the American side, even though there are no Americans here.”

“Yes,” she said. “Because our way is for democracy.”

Senator John McCain may have overstated things a bit when, shortly after the war started, he said, “We are all Georgians now.” But apparently even rank-and-file Russian soldiers view the Georgians and Americans as allies. Likewise, these simple Georgian country women seem to understand who their friends and enemies are. “I am very thankful to the West,” Maya said as her eyes welled up with tears. “They support us so much. We thought we were alone. I am so thankful for the support we have from the United States and from the West. The support is very important for us.” She tried hard to maintain her dignity and not cry in front of me, a foreign reporter in fresh clothes and carrying an expensive camera. “The West saved the capital. They were moving to Tbilisi. There was one night that was very dangerous. The Russian tanks were very close to the capital. I don’t know what happened, but they moved the tanks back.” And my translator, whose husband works for Georgia’s ministry of foreign affairs, made a similar guess that the West helped save the capital. “The night they came close to Tbilisi,” she said, “Bush and McCain made their strongest speeches yet. The Russians seemed to back down. Bush and McCain have been very good for us.”

Evidently the Russian know on one level that we have no military forces available to counter them. But on the other hand, with Bush’s history, they are never sure.

They’re nervous about Bush and McCain because they don’t know exactly what they’re going to do and they both have history of standing up even when it would be safer to back down.

Funny, the Georgians didn’t say anything about how Obama’s ‘nuance’ helped them.