NYT Embraces The “Domino Theory.”

South Asia’s Deadly Dominoes – NYTimes.com

WASHINGTON — The Mumbai attacks may have begun with Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistani guerrilla group known in the West mostly for its preoccupation with Kashmir. But by the time the crisis finally ends, foreign policy experts say, the fallout may have expanded to include the United States, NATO, Afghanistan and Iran.

Last time I heard the NYT mention the “domino theory” it was to ridicule anyone that believed in it.

That “domino theory” supposed that if South Vietnam fell to the Communists neighboring countries would follow. But with the fall of South Vietnam only Cambodia and Laos, coincidentally, the only countries that neighbor South Vietnam, fell to the Communists. In Cambodia with disasterous results.

But now, with the attacks in Mumbai, the NYT has discovered a new “domino theory.” One that sees danger to the entire South Asian area from Islamic terrorists. (Though they will not term them as such)

How long do you think it will take for them to realize their error and start backpedalling?

Another Constituency Paid Off

Yesterday it was an environmentalist to head NOAA, today it’s a union thug for Labor.

The American Spectator : Payback Time

Labor unions shelled out well over $100 million (pdf) in donations to political candidates during the 2008 election. More than 90 percent of that total went to Barack Obama and the Democrats. With President-elect Obama’s nomination of Rep. Hilda Solis to be his secretary of labor, the payback has begun. Solis, a liberal Democratic congresswoman from Los Angeles, is one of big labor’s best friends.

Don’t take my word for it, however. Listen to the chorus of union leaders and labor-friendly progressives praising her nomination. “Hilda Solis is an outstanding choice,” Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Applebaum said in a statement. “She has demonstrated a life-long commitment to working people and, like President-elect Obama himself, knows first-hand how unions can lift poverty wage workers into the middle class.”

AFL-CIO President John Sweeney pronounced himself — and the 55-union, 10 million-member labor organization he leads — “thrilled” by Obama’s choice. “We’re confident that she will return to the Labor Department one of its core missions — to defend workers’ basic rights in our nation’s workplaces,” Sweeney said, in a not-too-subtle dig at outgoing Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, a conservative reformer.

“The daughter of two immigrant workers and union members… she will be a secretary of labor working men and women can finally count on to stand up and fight for them,” enthused Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union. Sal Rossi, president of the United Healthcare Workers, described Solis’s nomination as “tremendous news.” The Chamber of Commerce’s vice president for labor relations could only bluster to the Associated Press, “There’s a new sheriff in town, but they’ll still have to deal with the business community and they know it.”

The business community just might decide not to deal and head for Mexico or China. I hope those union leaders can keep the promises that they’re making to their members

Who’s Counting?

Obama Expands Economic Goals as Outlook Dims – washingtonpost.com

Faced with an increasingly dire economic outlook, President-elect Barack Obama has expanded his goals for a massive federal stimulus package and now hopes to create or preserve 3 million jobs over the next two years, up from a goal of 2.5 million one month ago

So does that mean that if unemployment increases after he takes office he will be considered a failure?

Not a chance. There will be, of course, no questioning of The One.

It means that as long as there are 3 million people with jobs left in the country he will be proclaimed a success by the Ministry of Truth…er MSM.

See The USA!

Can You Still See the USA in Your Chevrolet? by Mark Steyn on National Review Online

Ah, California. The Golden State! To a penniless immigrant called Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was a land of plenty. Now Arnold is an immigrant of plenty in a penniless land. What’s the motto on the license plates? “Ah’ll be back …for more of your money!” In California you don’t have to be an orange to have your pips squeezed. The Terminator makes Gray Davis look like Calvin Coolidge. Care to terminate a government program, Governor? Hey, great idea! We’ll hire 200 people to do an impact study on terminating the Department of Impact Study Regulation and get back to you in a decade. And when Governor Girlyman has run out of state taxpayers to fleece for his ever more bloated bureaucracy, he’ll go to Washington to plead for a federal bailout of Cantaffordya.

California!The state that symbolizes the American Dream! If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere! No, wait, that’s New York. “This is the worst fiscal downturn since the Great Depression,” announced Governor Paterson. So what’s he doing? Why, he’s bringing in the biggest tax hike in New York history. If you can make it there, you’ll be paying state tax on it, sales tax, municipal tax, a doubled beer tax, a tax on clothing, a tax on cab rides, an “iTunes tax” on downloads from the Internet, a tax on haircuts, 137 new tax hikes in all. Call Albany today and order your new package of tax forms, for just $199.99, plus 12% tax on tax forms and 4% tax-form application fee partially refundable upon payment of the 7.5% tax-filing tax. If you can make it there, you’ll certainly have no difficulty making it in Tajikistan.

Adovcate For Global Warming Appointed To Head NOAA

Obama to tap OSU professor

Jane Lubchenco, an Oregon State University faculty member for 30 years, has been asked by President-elect Barack Obama to lead the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, university officials said.Lubchenco, one of the world’s leading marine biologists and distinguished professor of zoology at OSU, is well known for championing ocean reserves and for commenting on the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change on ecosystems.

In the new position, besides giving direction to the agency, she would serve as a key scientific adviser on marine and climate issues to the secretary of commerce.

However, she appears to consider herself more of an activist than a mere scientist.

Video: “Advocates for Science: The Role of Academic Environmental Scientists”, Jane Lubchenco

I was Vice President of the Ecological Society of America in 1988 when the society was challenged with crafting research priorities – figuring out what kind of areas were most important to ecologists. That activity was an exceptionally challenging one, as you might imagine, for any group of scientists to agree on what their priorities were. Something like that had never been done by the ecologists before, and yet it forced us to really come to grips with the criteria that we should be using to set priorities. The document that we produced was called the Sustainable Biosphere Initiative. It was a landmark document for the ecological community. It really made a case statement for ecology and said “These are the connections between all of these very basic things that ecologists like to do, and a lot of real-world issues that people are struggling with, but where politicians and business people and lay-folks don’t understand that these are really ecological issues.” We decided in the end that there were two criteria for setting priorities. [15:57]

One were areas where there were exciting intellectual frontiers, but that that alone was insufficient. The other criterion that was equally important was, were areas where there was important benefit to society. The fact that a large professional scientific society would acknowledge the importance of social relevance in setting research priorities was really a remarkable occasion.

“Benefit to society?” Who says what is and isn’t a benefit? That’s not a scientific question.

Under our (purported) form of government, things like that are decided in the public forum, by the people effected. Not some narrow clique of self-appointed know-it-alls who know what is best for everyone.

But under a Democrat administration we can expect that every appointee is going to have to toe the Party line. Not that most of them ever thought of doing anything different.

Yaa Baa Still Available

Oil companies vow to uphold petrolstation alcohol ban

Four oil companies have pledged to abide strictly by the ban on alcoholic beverages at their petrol stations during the upcoming New Year period.Four oil companies have pledged to abide strictly by the ban on alcoholic beverages at their petrol stations during the upcoming New Year period.

The ban has been touted as an effective means of reducing road casualties.

They do this every year and every year it has little affect.

Do they really think that people get their drinks from the petrol station? All they have to do is walk next door or to the nearest street vendor.

The much more serious “Yaa Baa” (methamphetamine) will still be easily available.

Note for confused readers: This article describes policies in Thailand, not the US. But their problem with Meth is probably worse than ours.

Transition Time

Govt House cleansed in religious rituals

Nine Buddhist monks yesterday chanted prayers to remove “bad elements” from Government House.The prayers were also intended to bring blessings on the compound, which had been besieged by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) for weeks.

Recent inspections at Government House found PAD demonstrators had performed rituals during their occupation.

A Brahma statue, revered by Government House officials, was covered in a black cloth. Some of the statue’s eyes were plastered with cement and painted in gold. Some other eyes were removed.

Black mystic symbols were also affixed to many corners of Government House, and there are other traces of rituals.

“We will perform counter-rituals to ask for good luck,” Pongsak Siriwong said yesterday as the head of the Government House building-and-security unit.

That’s what Bush should have done when he took over from Clinton. Unfortunately the bad aura that hung over the White House had its effect.

Tis The Season – Another Industry Bailout

iowahawk: SantaCorp Pleads Case For Bailout

WASHINGTON – Flanked by officials from the United Elf Toytinkerers union, SantaCorp CEO Kris Kringle today told the House Ways and Means Committee that without immediate government financial help, his firm would be forced to declare bankruptcy, lay off thousands of elves and reindeer, and potentially cancel its annual worldwide Christmas Eve toy delivery.


House Ways and Means committee chairman Charles Rangel (D-New York) motioned to end the hearings, saying that with only 7 bailout shopping days before Christmas the committee needed to move on to other industries facing emergency financial crises.

“The American economy and Christmas itself stand on the edge of disaster, It’s time for my colleagues show we are good boys and girls,” said Rangel, who is reported to have received over $6 million in campaign contributions from SantaCorp and the UET over the last two years.

A full House vote on the SantaCorp is scheduled Friday morning, where it is expected to pass by a comfortable margin. President Bush has pledged to sign any and all bailout request from Congress until the end of his term, “no queshnions ast.”

“I want to insurer the American People and the evil doers that I and the Crongress and the Hankster [Treasury Sec. Paulsen] and Big Ben [possibly Fed Chair Bernanke] and [unintelligible] and me are unineted together to approve the financial aid and regulations and federal takeovers to get our American free ennerpise system back on track,” said the President, speaking from inside his new shoe-proof plexiglas enclosure.

In concluding the hearings, Rangel gave the SantaCorp officials a personal vote of confidence.

“We believe in you, Santa,” said Rangel, handing Kringle what appeared to be a list. “As long as you continue to believe in us.”

Biased Reporting in Iowahawk Piece about Santa [Dan Collins; UPDATED]

What Iowahawk fails to mention is that SantaCorp had this labor agreement thrust upon them in the wake of the Wonka Oompa-Loompa Scandal of 1980. By whom? Congress.

The Standards Change

In a Salon article on the Obama-Blagojevich kerfuffle Joe Conason assures us there is no proof that Obama had anything to do with the Illinois Governor trying to sell his open Senate seat.

What’s Obama hiding about Blagojevich? | Salon

But there is something curious here. We’re back to the standards of proof that existed under the Clinton administration. All through the Clinton administration the mantra in the press was that there was not enough proof to show that the Clintons’ had anything to do with the various scandals that erupted regularly.

We were told that these were stories driven by partisan politics and that we should pay no attention and just “Move On.”

But during the Bush administration accusations needed no proof to be accepted as gospel. Bush ignored intelligence that would have allowed him to prevent 9/11; the Bush administration was actively involved in causing 9/11; the Bush administration and the CIA had actually planned and carried out 9/11; Bush twisted intelligence to justify invading Iraq; Bush spied on American citizens who had no connection to terrorists. Butsh authorized Abu Ghraib torture; and on and on.

The media generally accepted all those accusations and gave a platform for critics to make themselves heard. Reporters (I think it was David Gregory) actually started screaming at the Press Secretary during a press conference. But now that Obama has been elected they’re in Dyson suckup mode.

Now, for some reason, critics must prove their accusations are true instead of the target having to prove them false. I wonder what the difference is?

Excellent Idea. But The Public Employees Unions Will Never Allow It.

Let’s ‘Restructure’ Washington While We’re at It – WSJ.com

Washington’s failures are far more significant to the economy than Detroit’s. The federal government not only is over seven times larger than Detroit in annual expenditures but it also establishes the legal platform on which the entire U.S. economy operates. The legal infrastructure that Congress has provided is a huge, internally inconsistent mess, requiring businesses, hospitals and schools to negotiate a maze of legal detours. Day-to-day, teachers, doctors, business managers and government officials are unable to make sense of ordinary choices. Law has effectively removed the freedom needed to take responsibility.

About 2/3 of public employees do nothing useful. They’re timeservers who revel in building bureaucratic fiefdoms which add nothing to the achievement of their goal, (if they have one) but do allow the bureaucrats to show other bureaucrats how powerful they are. See Richard Clarke.