Global Warming Guru “Embarrassed NASA”

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Washington DC: NASA warming scientist James Hansen, one of former Vice President Al Gore’s closest allies in the promotion of man-made global warming fears, is being publicly rebuked by his former supervisor at NASA.Retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist Dr. John S. Theon, the former supervisor of James Hansen, NASA’s vocal man-made global warming fears soothsayer, has now publicly declared himself a skeptic and declared that Hansen “embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate claims and said Hansen was “was never muzzled.” Theon joins the rapidly growing ranks of international scientists abandoning the promotion of anthropogenic global warming fears.

Read the whole thing.

Of course, this will never get mentioned outside a few blogs on the right and Fox News. Hansen and the rest will never address it because that might lend legitimacy to what they’re saying.

If they mention it at all they will just disparage it because the source and scream “SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!” Then they’ll do their best to cut off funding or otherwise try to put the critics out of business.

That’s what passes for the scientific method in Global Warming circles these days.

People Scamming The System? I’m Shocked!

Child care loopholes lead to easy money

[A] young woman has tapped into a home-based money-making operation that netted her and her three sisters more than half a million in taxpayer dollars since 2006.And they did it with the blessing of the state.

All four had been in-home child-care providers. Collectively they have 17 children. For years, the government has paid them to stay home and care for each other’s children.

None of the women are married and this one have five kids under nine years. The fathers are never mentioned.

Her sisters also have numerous children. They swap them back and forth and collect money from the State as “Child-care Providers.” They make thousands to stay home and look after each other’s kids.

These are the same people who are normally characterized as too dim to get an education and who need other allowances because the “legacy of slavery” has so deeply affected them.

Bullshit!! They can figure out how to scam the assistance programs with no problem. They’re not dumb.

A Hint That This “Stimulus” Might Not Have Been Thought Through

Stimulus Plan: Non-Existent Unemployed Climate Modelers Get $140 Million » The Foundry

President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus plan, has morphed into an appropriations bill devoid of debate. The process forgoes any pretense of targeting unemployed people and resources.

For instance, the bill reads “Provided further, That not less than $140,000,000 shall be available for climate data modeling.” This raises the question of how many unemployed climate modelers are out there pounding the pavement.

When presented with that question, last Friday, Pat Michaels, former president of the American Association of State Climatologists stated “I don’t know one unemployed modeler.”

Whether or not another $140,000,000 for climate data modeling is a good idea, it is hard to see an immediate, economy-stimulating impact from this item.

When the “Big Dig” was required to have “inspectors” and none were available, they took office workers and made them “inspectors.”

In this case, the need to provide stimulus for “climate modelers” could provide jobs for the illegals down at Home Depot. They could just call them “climate modelers” and make them kick back part of their salary.

The climate studies usually take place a universities. Party Time!!

Pretty slick.

Woo Hoo! Welfare For Artists.

Michelle Malkin » The National Endowment for the Arts squeals for its bailout

But only for artists that suck up to the hacks that make up the NEA boards. That’s OK. They couldn’t sell anything if they had to depend on the market.

It might be good to have thousands of small businesses shuttered because of the economy. But no one who calls themselves an “artist” should suffer.

You might also consider applying for a grant from the NEA. There’s nothing that says you can’t. Who knows? You might be able to spout enough bullshit to get one.

I’m Sure There’s A Logical Explanation. Democrats Don’t Favor Lobbyists.

Washington Times – EXCLUSIVE: Stimulus has plum for lawmaker’s son

A top House Republican is demanding an investigation into whether the more than $2 billion for national parks in the House stimulus package is proper in light of the fact that the chief lobbyist for the National Parks Conservation Association is the son of House Appropriations Committee Chairman David R. Obey.

NPCA is a major player in advocating for national parks funding, and its senior vice president for government affairs is Craig Obey, son of the Wisconsin Democrat who has long been his party’s top Appropriations Committee member.

The money included in the stimulus bill that passed Mr. Obey’s committee – $2.25 billion – was about equal to the National Park Service’s total yearly budget, and would be a staggering increase and almost three times the $802 million that the Senate Appropriations Committee approved for park spending in its stimulus bill.

I’m sure the relationship has nothing to do with this. The senior Obey probably just noticed that there was a couple of billion dollars laying around, and being a tidy man, he thought it had fallen out of the Park System budget. (It was in the area) He was just trying to put it back where he thought it belonged.

Actually, I’m sure that Congressman Obey probably had no idea that his son worked as a lobbyist. You know how Democrats frown on people using family connections in government. Look how they shut out Caroline Kennedy. And Obama said that lobbyists are non grata in Democrat Washington.

It was probably just an unfortunate mistake of the kind that happens in Washington every day…or seems to these days.

Interesting Story

The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

How did we ever get to this point where bad science is driving big government to punish the citizens for living the good life that fossil fuels provide for us?

The story begins with an Oceanographer named Roger Revelle. He served with the Navy in World War II. After the war he became the Director of the Scripps Oceanographic Institute in La Jolla in San Diego, California. Revelle saw the opportunity to obtain major funding from the Navy for doing measurements and research on the ocean around the Pacific Atolls where the US military was conducting atomic bomb tests. He greatly expanded the Institute’s areas of interest and among others hired Hans Suess, a noted Chemist from the University of Chicago, who was very interested in the traces of carbon in the environment from the burning of fossil fuels. Revelle tagged on to Suess studies and co-authored a paper with him in 1957. The paper raises the possibility that the carbon dioxide might be creating a greenhouse effect and causing atmospheric warming. It seems to be a plea for funding for more studies. Funding, frankly, is where Revelle’s mind was most of the time.

But the Democrats are going to ride the Global Warming horse as far as it will go. Already they’re talking of regulating our CO2 footprints. This will allow them to regulate every facet of our lives under the claim that they’re saving the planet. And you know that the planet takes precedence over any individual…except for true believers.

Don’t get any ideas that it’s something that’s going to bite across the board. People like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi will still fly everywhere on private jets. They’re just too valuable to tie down with the same rules as they will impose on the rest of us.

California To Drive Small Gas Stations Out Of Business.

Mandate could force gas stations out of business – Pasadena Star-News

ARCADIA – Dozens, and potentially hundreds, of gas stations around California are choosing to shut down rather than comply with a state mandate that would require owners to purchase new equipment to reduce vapor emissions at the pump.
The requirement, known as Phase II in the state’s Enhanced Vapor Recovery Program, is set to go into effect in April. It requires gas station owners to individually purchase tens of thousands of dollars of equipment designed to prevent harmful vapors from escaping into the air when gasoline is pumped.

But smaller retailers say that the requirement puts an unfair burden on businesses that don’t sell enough gasoline to offset the extra cost – and that don’t contribute much to the problem in the first place.

George Fasching, owner of Fasching’s Car Wash in Arcadia. (Mike Mullen / Correspondent)first place.
Among them is George Fasching, who after 31 years of selling gasoline at Fasching’s Car Wash in Arcadia, stopped in December.

“I came to the decision that I was too small a volume operator to continue on with the expenses imposed by the bureaucracy of the state,” Fasching said.

So if you look at who will benefit by this law, you will find that it is the big oil companies.

The big guys can afford to install the equipment and the little guys can’t.

That’s California, lip service to small business and back scratches for Big Business.

South Korean Firm Finds Solution To North Korean Famine.

Reuters AlertNet – S.Korean bio firm says dog cloning to be cheaper

SEOUL, Jan 29 (Reuters) – Cloning a Chow Chow is expected to be easier and perhaps as much as 50 percent less costly, a South Korean biotech firm said on Thursday as it unveiled a new cloning technology.

If they exported this method to the North, the recurring famines there could be a thing of the past.

This might not be attractive to people in the United States and Europe. But we can’t impose our morals on others.

Another Fake Suicide “Crisis” Among Military.

Army to report record number of suicides –

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The U.S. Army will report Thursday the highest level of suicides among its soldiers since it began tracking the rate 28 years ago, CNN has learned.

The Army is expected to announce a new effort to study soldier suicides and links to post-combat stress.

Statistics obtained by CNN show the Army will report 128 confirmed suicides last year and another 15 suspected suicides in cases under investigation among active-duty soldiers and activated National Guard and reserves.

The confirmed rate of suicides for the Army was 20.2 per 100,000. Army officials were reviewing the suspected suicides Wednesday. If any of them are confirmed, the rate would rise.

Last month, Army officials said the nation’s suicide rate was 19.5 people per 100,000, a 2005 figure considered the most recent.

Actually the suicide rates for males 15-24 is 20.835. (Table 5. Number of deaths and death rates by age, and age-adjusted death rates by specified Hispanic origin, race for non-Hispanic population,and sex: United States, 2005 [Rates are per 100,000 population in specified group;age-adjusted rates are per 100,000 U.S. standard population}

That would make the military rate of 20.2 per 100,000 would be in the normal range for males in that age group. The NYT did this same thing a year or so ago with suicides among veterans. They were shown to be doing a little creative number crunching too.

I don’t have any problem with giving extra help to the military or veterans. but I do resent them trying to make them into helpless victims.

Simple Yet Effective Ways For Hollywood To Save The Planet

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » Ten Things You Can Do To Save The Planet

8. Go On a Random Killing Spree. The scientific debate is over: our current environmental mess is caused by an oversupply of human beings, and it’s high time we address these two-legged eco problems head on. Next time you’re on your way to a location shoot, do a little location shooting of your own – Biggie/Tupac style. Have the driver lower the tinted windows and pop a few caps on behalf of Mother Earth. Not only will you be doing the environment a good turn, it will earn you valuable youth market “street cred.”