EU Following The Chinese Version Of “Free Speech.”

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If you want to see just where the EU is going, then take a look at sections 1205-00 and 1206-00. Both of them say that it is a crime to “insult” the State, the Nation, the symbols of the State or Nation, or representatives of the State/Nation. Does this mean that it is considered a crime if someone writes an op-ed that is disparaging of a politician? Sure sounds like it.

Here in the U.S. we just have public excoriation for anyone that criticized the government. At least since Jan 20.

Hey, The Last Bailout Didn’t Work. So Let’s Give Them More.

Bleeding banks prompt talk of new big U.S. bailout | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Major U.S. banks are still hemorrhaging red ink, despite massive taxpayer aid, and President Barack Obama is under pressure to take a high-stakes political gamble — asking for another bailout.

Whether he would get one from a skeptical Congress is unclear, given the wide dissatisfaction with the first bailout, known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, a $700 billion fund to stabilize the banks and Wall Street.

Oh yeah, that’s going to work.

Trust Fund Babies Take Revenge On Madoff

Toilet paper hangs at Madoff mansion

Tidbits of toilet paper twisted in the wind at Bernard Madoff’s Palm Beach home Monday morning – possibly the work of some ticked off teens who lost their trust funds.Some teenage boys called The Palm Beach Post newsroom Sunday evening to take credit for the prank – one they said was sanctioned by their parents. They said they were acting in retaliation after they lost their trust funds to the accused swindler.

Sure, what the hell. Why not.

Somebody needs to pay for the fact that these people will have to work for their money.

Gee, D’ya Think?

Rasmussen Reports™: The Most Comprehensive Public Opinion Site.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of U.S. voters worry that Congress and President Obama will increase government spending too much in the next year or two, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

He’s a Democrat, of course he’s gonna raise spending.

Though I have to admit the Republicans haven’t been exactly frugal either.

Remember, Trust, But Verify

Challenges loom as Obama seeks space weapons ban

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s pledge to seek a worldwide ban on weapons in space marks a dramatic shift in U.S. policy while posing the tricky issue of defining whether a satellite can be a weapon.

Of course, Treaties are just agreements and I’m sure that we can trust foreign governments to keep their word.

The Non-Stimulus Stimulus

Looking over the “stimulus” bill I have noticed a lot of things that I wouldn’t consider “stimulus.”

A “stimulus” is something like when you were teaching your kids to ride a bike. You run along side them pushing them until they can go on their own. Once they get going they don’t need for you to push anymore and can operate on their own.

But the “stimulus” bill doesn’t seem to operate like than. In the post below I went through a lot of the stuff that is in the bill and commented on them.

A “stimulus” bill should give an initial push until the economy can operate on its own. But this bill is chock full of funding for normal recurring expenses. There’s Operations and Maintenance funds for the military. This is their normal operating funds. It’s not a “push” since they receive the funding ever year and will continue to. Where is the “stimulus” in that?

If something is truly a “stimulus” they won’t need to come back year after year to get additional funding.

This “stimulus,” as unaffordable as it is, is only a down payment on funding that will continue for decades if not centuries. That is not a stimulus.

The Big Pork Sandwich

Jamie Dupree collected a partial list of what is in the stimulus bill. Bear in mind that this is only part of the spending.

A “stimulus” is something external that starts a process. It is usually a one-time action that starts a process which will then run on its own. This “stimulus” doesn’t seem to meet that criteria. It looks to me like they just took every program that they ever had and threw money at it. They are including funding that is a recurring expense, not a one time deal.

There’s a section dealing with transparency in the bill. Supposedly we are suppose to be able to go to and see how the money is spent. I think the chances of that section surviving the Senate and the Conference report are slim and none. And Slim just left the country.

Here is a sampling of what was found:

$44 million for construction, repair and improvements at US Department of Agriculture facilties

Union Pork

$209 million for work on deferred maintenance at Agricultural Research Service facilities

Union Pork
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A New Era Of Transparancy And Openness.


Nobody’s home at the House ethics committee that’s supposed to be investigating Rep. Charles Rangel.

The panel created on Sept. 24 to probe the Harlem Democrat’s alleged ethical lapses has been virtually disbanded, after meeting only twice in four months on the matter…

That’s funny? They all seemed to be very concerned about ethics before the election.