Gotta Hand It To The New York Times.

For sheer idiocy that is. Just as they had the bad luck (and the bad taste) to publish an interview with Bill Ayers, a wealthy, whitebread 60’s terrorist, now teaching at Northwestern University, on the same day as the WTC was destroyed, they have now published an op-ed titled “The French Lesson” written by RÉGIS DeBRAY.
And who is Regis DeBray, you might ask? Why he is a fine fellow that used to hang around with those noble T-shirt icons, Castro and Guevara. He was arrested by the Bolivians when Che was hunted down and sentenced to 30 years. He was got off by the fearless French government.
I guess he is not finding it as easy to impress the youngsters in academia anymore and was given this gig for old times sake.
You don’t expect me to believe that even the NYT thought that he was worth listening to. He needs to put on his old sweatshirt with the peace symbol, put his gray hair in a pony tail, grab his sign and go to one of the 60’s reunion protests taking place around the country. I’m sure he’ll find someone stupid enough to listen to him there.
Link from The Corner on National Review Online