U.S. Military The Good Guys? The LA Times Isn’t Buying It.

Los Angeles Times: World mayhem as a Hollywood production

“Profiles From the Front Line,” a six-part ABC series that makes war and warriors entertaining TV, while being so worshipful that it could have been created by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

In a sense it was, for ABC says this six-month look at the U.S. Special Operations Unit in Afghanistan was made with “full cooperation” from the Pentagon and Defense Department.

Which may explain why the series creators, who include movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer, appear to have been granted greater access to U.S. military action in Afghanistan in 2002 than were the news media, whose pliability could not be assured. The show’s producers say the government did not interfere. It didn’t have to. Control is as implicit here as in “Cops,” on which Bertram van Munster, another of the creators, was once a senior producer. The rule? Play nice with your “Cops”-style close-ups or no access.